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Baby Maker (A Real Man #17)

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Jenika Snow

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There was only one woman I wanted, and I’d been secretly lusting after her for years.
My sister’s friend. That first time I saw Calissa was like a right hook to the face, taking me down until there was nothing left. She was my world.
She’s too young for me, too innocent, but that won’t stop me from making her mine. There’s no stopping it, no controlling this possessive, primal need to claim her.
I’d have Calissa no matter what, as my woman, my wife ... with my baby inside of her.

It was a forbidden desire to want your best friend’s older brother, but it was my reality. Tex was big and strong and a successful owner of a security company. He was definitely all man.
I’d thought he’d never see me as anything more than his sister’s friend. How wrong I was. No more longing gazes or fantasies we were together.
He knew what he wanted out of life and apparently that was me ... pregnant with his child.

Warning: This hero really knows what he wants and that's the heroine and getting her knocked up! But no worries, this story is still sweet--even if it is filthy--and you still get that Happily Ever After.
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She was the only one who made my heart race, who made me want more out of life. She was the one I breathed for, whom I would fight to the death for. Calissa was the one I’d been in love with for so long I didn’t know anything else aside from that.

And she didn’t even know any of this.

I tipped my beer back as I stared at her. My dick was hard, and every possessive bone in my body wanted to go up to her, toss her over my shoulder, and take her back to my room. It wasn’t just sex I wanted, though. I wanted Calissa as only mine.

I wanted my baby inside of her, wanted to watch her grow big because she was pregnant … because of me.

And some guy was currently talking to her, no doubt trying to get in her pants, make her his.

This low, almost primal and animalistic growl left me at that very thought. I finished off my beer and lifted it for the waitress to come and take.

The sports bar where Calissa worked was busy for this time of night and day of the week. I didn’t get seated in her section and should have demanded it, but I’d accepted where they placed me because at least I got a good view of her, could watch her, protect her, if need be.

The tension slowly eased from me when she waved off the guy speaking to her. He walked away and I loosened my grip on the edge of the table, not realizing I’d been holding it so tightly.

Being twelve years older than Calissa, I always stayed away from her, knowing it was for the best. But something in me changed, this need to be a father, to have Calissa as the mother of my children, rode me hard. It took control of me.

Maybe it was the fact I was in my thirties now? Maybe it was the fact my biological clock was ticking. Or maybe I was just so in love with Calissa, so obsessed with her that I wanted to make her mine by putting my baby inside of her?

She leaned against the bar, presumably waiting for an order of drinks. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at her, seeing how her shorts molded to her ass. They were too short, fucking Daisy Dukes. I didn’t like that. The possessive side of me wanted to drape a blanket over her, keep her locked away so no other guy could see what she looked like. It was irrational, but was my reality. I have been that way for years.

I’d known Calissa since she was a teenager, and hung out with my little sister, Megs, both of them getting into trouble constantly. But I can’t deny that Megs was a bad influence, probably pressuring Calissa into doing half the shit they did. It wasn’t until Calissa’s eighteenth birthday, when the girls had celebrated it together, that I saw Calissa as a woman.

I don’t know why that one night was the pivotal moment, making me see her as not just my sister’s best friend but as mine. Now, a year later, I was done waiting, done trying to talk myself out of going after her. What was the point when she was all I thought about, the only person I wanted?

Hell, I hadn’t even been with a woman since well before Calissa came into my life, since before she moved to town and became best friends with Megs.

At first, my celibacy was for personal reasons, feelings of not wanting to give myself over just for the sexual gratification of a few hours. I focused on school, then on work, on building my business, Brasher Security, and making it the best it could be, not just in town, but statewide. But then that celibacy turned into a promise to myself, one to Calissa.

I stayed celibate because I wanted her, only her. Hell, no other woman did it for me. There was no thinking about other females, looking at other women. Shit, I barely even spoke to other women anymore, not unless it was necessary. The only one I wanted was the one I probably didn’t even deserve. But that wouldn’t stop me from going after her, from claiming her. That wouldn’t stop me from making her my woman, my wife, the mother of my children.

Call it barbaric, primal or even cocky. I didn’t give a shit what it was called. It was the truth. My truth.

I followed her with my gaze, watched as she grabbed the bottles off the bar and gave them to another table behind her. Then she went into the back room, disappearing from my sight. I stared at the man who was speaking with her, a smug grin on his face as he said something to one of the guys he was with. I found myself moving over to the bar where he was at, not realizing I was even doing it until I stood just a foot from him.