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Bad Idea (Stonewall Investigations Miami #1)

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Max Walker

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Gabriel ‘Fox’ Morrison is starting a brand new chapter in his life. He spent years drifting after his time in the military and finally felt ready to settle in one spot. This leads him to becoming the head detective of the recently opened Stonewall Investigations in Miami. His first case is one that not only hits close to home, but the result could have huge repercussions for more than just him and his client.
It’s a case so big, he decides to enlist some help. Jonah Brightly is ending a huge chapter of his life. Him and his girlfriend have zero spark and his professional career is in shambles after an on-work incident leaves him with more than a physical scar. A new job as a private detective would be a lifeline he so badly needed.
He goes in for his interview and meets Fox, the man who changes everything for him.
Both of them are rocked by an unexplainable force, and both are left questioning everything they’ve known in its wake. As they form a bond through working together on the case, they learn there’s much more that brings them together than holds them apart. But can they keep fanning the flames of their newfound passion or will they be consumed by the growing fire?
Bad Idea is the first book in the Stonewall Investigations- Miami series. It's a full-length, steamy gay romance novel.
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Stonewall Investigations Miami Series by Max Walker

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Max Walker Books

1 Gabriel “Fox” Morrison

Miami. The city of vice. City of sex.

It was my city, and it was my vice.

Another vice of mine? Stuffing my dick down some random guy’s throat in the bathroom of Club Trinity. The stalls were cramped, dimly lit. They didn’t have any of the gaps at the bottom, providing some semblance of privacy while also making the stall resemble a church confessional.

Made sense, seeing as how someone was down on their knees. Except no one was doing much confessing tonight.

Music pounded from outside the bathroom, drumming in my veins, mixing with the shots of rum I had just downed.

I needed this. I needed this buzzed-headed, clearly CrossFit-obsessed man down on his knees, lips wrapped around my cock. I needed the lust-filled gaze as he looked up at me, begging for me to come, his hands milking me. It was a simple and euphoric way of getting the stress off my shoulders. Opening up a new investigation agency wasn’t exactly easy, and neither was the case that had fallen on my lap a few weeks ago.

“Mhm, fuckgargs—” The man’s words got slurred as I stuffed my entire size inside his mouth, sliding down his throat. The sensation was enough to push me close, my balls tightening against me. I groaned as my fingers dug into the back of the man’s head. He looked up at me, eyes watering, mouth stuffed with my dick, and I fell right over the edge.

“Give it to me,” he said around my cock.

“Oh shit,” I managed to grunt. I dropped my head back and unloaded, shooting my come straight down the man’s throat. He swallowed it up like it was his last supper.

I did exactly as he asked, gave it all to him.

Quivering, I stepped back, come still dripping off the head of my dick. The man—Axel was his name, I remembered now—got up to his feet and wiped his big lips, smiling. He was sweating through the white-and-blue tank top he wore, the straps looking more like strands of hair with how thin they were, clinging to his big, veiny chest.

“That was fucking hot, dude.”

“Thanks,” I said, the stall suddenly feeling more and more cramped. I turned and unlatched the door. My body was feeling good, and my mind wasn’t far behind. I wanted to get home and get some rest so I could hit the ground hard tomorrow. I didn’t get what I wanted tonight, which meant I’d be coming back.

“Hey, wait,” Axel said, stopping me before I left the stall. “You want some?”

He pulled out a tiny, clear bag from his incredibly tight jean pocket. Inside the bag I could see the bright green pills I had come searching for.


“I just bought it,” he said, opening the bag with the care of a jeweler examining a rare gemstone.

Well maybe I was getting what I wanted tonight after all…

“From who?”


“Who did you buy it from?” I put my back against the stall door. Neither of us was getting out until I had my questions answered. This was what I had come to the club looking for, and everyone I had talked to kept their mouths shut or just didn’t know what I was talking about. Apparently, a six-foot-three guy with a short haircut and a built frame immediately got people thinking of undercover police.

I mean, they weren’t that far off.

“I have my hookup. This is the pure shit, too. The brand-new stuff, dude. Everyone’s going crazy for it. My dealer said I can’t get this anywhere, like anywhere. It’s like a Club Trinity exclusive, shit.” He opened the bag and dug a finger in, but I grabbed it before he pulled the pill out.

“Hey, what the fuck!” He tried to snatch it back, but I dodged, turning and taking a closer look at the pills. Outside of the door, the sounds of the club were thumping. Guys laughed and sang as they washed their hands, while girls shouted, “Fierce!” and “Yass, queens!”, toilets flushing at a nonstop rate.

“Let me see it for a second.”

The pill itself had no signature other than the bright green color and the tiny print on the center, made to look like a dragon scale. It looked like a fucking SweeTart. Except this wasn’t a candy. This little pill had already taken ten lives, and the grim reaper was lined up for a magnitude more if someone didn’t put a stop to this.

“All right, you done acting like a narc? Holy shit… are you a narc? It’s not mine! I found it in my pocket! Someone must hav—”

I turned back to face him. The cramped space was growing humid. Sweat beaded across my forehead. “Relax, I’m not a narc.” I crossed my arms, keeping the bag of Dragon away from Axel’s reach. “I’m trying to set up a distribution channel.” I slipped into my cover story as if it were a second skin. “I want to make this shit explode. I need to know who’s selling it first, though, before I figure out how to franchise it.”