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Beautiful Dream (Beautiful #2)

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Luci Cunningham had a heart-wrenching affair with her high school chemistry teacher. Beautiful Torment told the story, ending with Luci, now a college senior home on winter break, bringing her sister a paper she forgot at home. Walking through the doors of her old high school is jarring, especially now that she's only finally starting to overcome her broken heart. The last thing she told Josh Harrington was to never speak to her again, so when she runs into him in the hallway, she's caught off guard. Sparks fly, but it's probably just old feelings resurfacing. Luci is still furious with his past lies and deceit, but he surprisingly asks her out on a date - the one thing she wanted throughout her senior year of high school. She's someone new, and the pain Josh inflicted remains in the forefront of her mind. However, Mr. Harrington doesn't take no for an answer, and we soon learn he is dead set on winning her back, no matter the cost. But, can Luci forgive? Find out what happens in Beautiful Dream, which picks up the day after Beautiful Torment ends.
This book is part of a series, therefore, you should read Beautiful Torment (which is the first book), prior to reading this one.
Warning: This book contains explicit language, sex scenes, and is intended for ages 18 and up.
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Beautiful Series by Paige Laurens

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Nostalgia Part III (January 2005)


If you can wear stockings, and within ten minutes not rip them, then you’re my hero. Personally, I can’t do it. They always tear!

I throw my latest nylon victim off to the side, before sliding into another pair - the very last pair I own, mind you. I zip up my boots (again), and give myself a once over in the mirror. My hands shake as I tug down on my almost short brown dress, before hooking the buckle in the middle. My hands travel up, pulling on the sleeves, until they are brushing through my newly blonde highlighted brown hair, placing it back into the ponytail I just took it out of.

Maybe I should put on more blush, or less lipstick, or maybe a different shade all together? Or, hell, maybe I should change into something else entirely? Actually, now that I’m really looking, I think my hair looked better down.

I undo the ponytail as I glance towards my bed, or in the general direction of it. I can’t really see it with the pile of clothes on top. The blue digits on the clock catch my eye. It’s dangerously close to 6:30, and I have to get a move on or I’ll be late, and I hate being late.

I linger for another few seconds, debating, thinking, well aware that this is possibly the best and worst thing I’m about to go do. I wonder, for the umpteenth time since yesterday, if I should cancel, but my feet start moving, making me leave my bedroom before I gain any sense of rational.

“Luci!” Mom’s shout takes me out of my dream-like, reflective state.

“Yeah?” I make my way down the hallway, towards the upstairs landing.

“Oh!” She exclaims when I come into view, surprised to see me all dressed up. “You look nice!” Her smile reaches her eyes and it lights up her face. “Where are you off to?”

“Um,” I hesitate, descending the stairs. “I’m going out with an old friend.”

I’m not about to tell her the truth now, two and a half years later. Or, make that ever. I can’t ever tell her the truth.

“A friend,” she repeats, still smiling.

No, Mom, I think. I’m going out on a date. Nope, not with my current boyfriend from school in Boston, who’s away while we’re on winter break, but with my once high school chemistry teacher. Yes, the one I secretly had sex with on a daily basis throughout senior year. The one who broke my heart so badly it left you and Dad thinking the worst. Yep, that very one!

“Luci?” Mom waves her hand in front of my face, snapping me out of my daze.

Stupid Josh Harrington.

“Yeah, sorry,” I mumble. She’s not too taken aback, and for the first time in what seems like forever, she’s actually happy and relaxed as she regards me. It’s probably from seeing me giddy, ready to go out, and not sitting locked in my room like I usually am. I’m sure she’s pleased that I’m doing something normal, like the old me would.

I’m growing back into her, slowly.

“Well, have a good time with your friend that has you getting dressed so beautifully,” she smiles, and I start for the door. “And call if you’re going to be after 11, just so I don’t worry.” I nod, grabbing my coat and bracing myself for the freezing late January air.

My car rumbles to life as I back out of the driveway, and I grab onto the steering wheel tighter than usual, my head spinning and heart swelling.

I’m about to see him. The one person I never wanted to see again. The only person I’d ever hope to see again. The one who broke my heart when I found out he was married, and his wife about to have a baby.

I told him to never speak to me again. That was the last thing I said to him, until yesterday. Yesterday, my sister Gracie had me drop off a paper she left home, and out of all the many people at the high school, I see him.

I should’ve said no when he asked to get together tonight, but I was so stunned by our sudden encounter that I couldn’t get a damn word out. He always had a way of rendering me speechless, and clearly that hasn’t changed.

Of course, I’m mad at myself for agreeing to this. I really should’ve said no. I should have told him how I’ve moved on, and that I’m seeing someone now.

Well, sort of.

Nevertheless, I should have thought about this new guy, and I curse him yet again for always taking up so much of me. My life is finally getting back on track, and how dare he mess it up again! I won’t let him, and I refuse to think back to last night, how all I could do was replay his words in my head.