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Biker's Law

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Stone is the president of the Lords of Chaos, the second and youngest MC in the small Midwest town where he grew up. From a very young age he’d heard the stories of his dad. A man of vision who’d helped start the first MC in town, and how his partner at the time Clyde Drexel had double-crossed and murdered him. There was never enough proof, but the locals were convinced.

Now thirty years later, Stone, who has thwarted Drexel at every turn, is the president of his own club. The two men never see eye to eye on anything so it’s a bit of a shock when Drexel turns up dead and his only daughter finds herself on the enemy’s doorstep seeking protection.

Chloe Drexel is away at school when she gets the news that her dad is dead. In the days leading up to his death she’d been receiving cryptic texts and phone calls, but none surprised her more than the one ordering her to seek out his sworn enemy for protection on the event that something should happen to him.
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Chapter 1



I heard the noise outside just minutes after she came rushing through my door. I knew who she was, what I didn’t know is what the fuck she was doing in my air space. She looked spooked and without being told, I knew she was in trouble.

“Give me the quick version.”

“You know who I am?” I quirked my brow at her and she got pissy. “Something I can do for you?”

“Look, I need your help-please don’t let them take me-I’ll die if you do.” She rushed all of that out in one breath.

“And why should I care?” I could see by her reaction that she wasn’t expecting that answer. The noise outside was getting closer and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before they were here. I knew it wasn’t my boys because they had no need to be here without me calling them in.

“Because, maybe contrary to popular opinion you are human.” What the fuck? I should throw her ass out my house but she looked like about fifteen and I couldn’t see me throwing someone that young to the wolves. I was a bit confused because I was under the impression she was older but what the fuck I know? I try not to think about that family too much.

The noise had finally reached my front door. What the fuck? “Stay in here.” I gave her a look and retrieved my glock before stepping outside.

“You can’t go out there alone…” She tried pulling me back from opening the door.

“Kid, if you thought I was such a punk bitch, why did you come to me for protection?” I opened the door after pushing her out of sight. “Stay. You came to me now let me handle it.”

What the fuck? My enemies were lined off in my front yard. “Stone, I believe you got something that belongs to me.” That’s Sanchez, a gangster wannabe with more hair than brains.

“What the fuck would I be doing with something that belongs to you mutt?” I hate dealing with these fucks, anything that dumb should not be trusted with a firearm and I had no doubt they were all strapped.

“We know she came here. Now just hand her over and we’ll be on our way.” I heard the door behind me open and sighed. Fucking females don’t ever listen for shit. Shoulda tied her ass to a chair.

“You, get the hell back in the house.” She gave me one of her looks but took her ass in the house. I turned back to the men that were gathered in my driveway.

“What the fuck do you want?” I folded my arms and stared down Sanchez who was obviously the one who was in charge. Already, I could hear the engines of my guys’ rides two streets over. Nosy ass woman doesn’t waste any time. I tell her to stay out of shit she calls out the posse.

“We don’t want any trouble but we’ve got a problem here Stone.” I could see he was getting nervous. They all were, with good reason. I guess they hadn’t thought this shit through.

“Yeah, and what would that be?”

“The girl, you know who her dad was, we can’t let you have her.” I didn’t even bother answering his stupid ass on that score, but there was something I really wanted to know before I decided if to let his ass go on breathing.

“You been craving the smell of pine Sanchez?” He squinted at me in confusion. “What?” Fucker was starting to sweat and my crew wasn’t even here yet.

“That’s the only reason I can figure for you having the balls to show up here. Is if you’re ready for a pine box. You must be ready to meet your leader in hell. You miss that fuck that much I can help you out there.”

I held my hand up to halt my boys when they pulled in behind the enemy and caged them in. I should’ve known that shit wasn’t gonna work. I’m their leader; I taught them everything they know yet they always think they have to protect my ass. Fuckers dismounted, weapons drawn.

“Danny, stand down.” He’s my right hand and the craziest one of the bunch. He’s also my biggest fucking headache. Or he used to be up until about ten minutes ago.

That’s when she showed up. Full of piss and vinegar and crazy as batshit. Now I have these assholes in my face with their shit. What the fuck?

I don’t know this pain in the ass from a hole in the ground, but she’s female, she’s in trouble and she came to me for help.

Her sperm donor, a bigger pain in the ass, had made my life a living hell for the past ten years, until someone ended his stupid ass a week ago. They knew it wasn’t me because it’s not my style to do shit in the dark. I’d have offed the motherfucker in the middle of his club on a bright sunny day. At least I’d worked hard over the years at getting people to believe that. I’d built my reputation for a reason and it was all coming to a head now.