Black Skulls (Bloody Black Skulls MC #2) Read Online T.O. Smith

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A past so dark, and she can’t run from it.

Amelia is doing her best to stay alive.
Her world is dark; it’s tainted.
It holds nothing but bones and blood–carnage.
A club struggling, a family he can barely breathe around.
All Cole has known is the club. He lives it, breathes it.
He knows the kind of darkness that lies in a man’s soul when he wears that cut.
Cole thinks he’s seen it all, but when he finds Amelia bloody and unconcious, he hasn’t even begun to see the worst.
He’ll burn the world down to the ground for her–to hell with the consequences.
Someone wants to send a message, but Amelia’s not opening her mouth.
She’ll die before she tarnishes this club, before she drags Cole into her darkness.
But when everyone is turning against her and Cole is the only person she can rely on, she may not have a choice.
Because these people aren’t going to kill her . . .
They’re going to break her.

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I nodded my head at the prospect when he set a beer in front of me. He tapped the bar in acknowledgement, and I quickly lifted the bottle, bringing it to my lips.

We were having a party to welcome Katie back home, the president of the Bloody Royals MC. We had parties here at the clubhouse all the time, but this one was bigger since the Bloody Royals’ president was coming home from prison.

Katie had just spent nine years inside for murder, arson, and assault of a police officer. The only reason she got out after only nine years was because of her ‘good behavior’. There was no doubt in my mind that she had managed to find some way to bribe the judge into letting her out early. Katie was a hell of a work of art, but she was a damn good president and an even better briber.

“Katie's back!” I heard one of the prospects announce

Everyone started whooping and hollering, excited over Katie's return to the Bloody Royals and the Black Skulls. Most of everyone had missed her, especially Travis, her husband. He had been a real dick since she had gotten shoved into the back of that cop car nine years ago. Katie's time inside had twisted her family in all kinds of ways.

Heather—their youngest child—who was now sixteen, could pretty much just be labeled as a club whore since Travis had given up on trying to get her back in line. She loved getting dick as much as she loved sucking cock.

Clayton—their middle child—who was now twenty, was a no-good piece of scum. Normally, the family of the president would be someone with a title, but Clayton was so strung out on drugs that no one knew what to do with him besides stick him in the garage to work on cars all day and hope he wasn’t too fucked up to injure himself.

Then, there was Colton—their oldest. He was another story entirely. At fourteen, he had watched his mother get wrestled into the back seat of a cop car. We all thought he was doing okay. Hell, most of the time, we still did. Cole let his emotions out through retaliation against other clubs and in club women.

At sixteen, I was “lucky” enough to be one of those women that he used on a rough night. Don't get me wrong; the sex was great, but he was out of my bed right after it happened, and he never spoke of it again. Cole was a real dick, and most of the time, I daydreamed of knocking him down a peg or two. However, there were still times that I wanted to be sixteen again and have him fuck me into his mattress.

When the crowd cleared out from around Katie and her family, I walked over to where they were standing. I wasn't planning on holding a lengthy conversation with any of them. I wasn't much of a person for long conversations to begin with. Not to mention, I knew Katie and I would clash heads before we ever held a decent conversation.

I smiled at Katie as I walked up and hugged her. I had to show respect because of her title. She and I just had more differences than anything else. She was a hard person to argue with, but I managed to find myself in some kind of heated conversation with her most of the time.

Instead of ruining my night, I figured I would just be kind to her. “It's good to have you back,” I said, plastering a smile onto my face.

She smiled, looking around her. I knew she was happy to be home. Hell, five months inside was a lot for me, too. I had only been out three weeks, and I was still ecstatic to be back here. I never wanted to go back to that hell hole they called jail again.

“It's good to be back,” she told me, bringing her attention back to me. “Nine years inside is damn boring, especially when everyone there is too damn afraid to start any shit with you.” Travis cut her a dark look. “There was the occasional stupid person who tried me, but they quickly learned their lesson.” She cocked her head to the side. “Say, didn't you just get out a few weeks ago?”

I muttered a curse, refusing to meet Cole’s eyes, knowing he was going to be pissed about not knowing. Cole believed in protecting family, and the clubs were family. Keeping secrets was a big no.

No one but my mom, dad, and Travis knew about me going inside, and now, I guess Katie knew, too. I had gone inside for arson and gotten out on good behavior. I was blowing up another club’s warehouse, and some girl saw me and ratted me out to the cops. I’d told Travis not to retaliate and that I would just suffer the consequences of getting my ass caught. He hadn't been happy about it, but I knew it was a better decision for the clubs.