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Bullied by Her Mafia Man

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Sam Crescent

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Laura Davis hates Marcus Giovanni. For as long as she’s known him, he has hurt her and gone out of his way to humiliate her. There was no way she was ever going to marry him. But forced down the aisle, she has no choice. The mafia won’t take no for an answer, and any fight she shows is ignored. She is now a Giovanni and at his mercy.

Marcus never wanted to marry Laura. Why would he? She’s nothing like the placid, submissive women of his world. She’s a fighter—and now he has to get her pregnant. To make sure her family’s fortune returns to the mafia’s control, he has to have a son with Laura. Only, Laura has gotten under his skin, and when he looks at her, he no longer sees a problem but a beautiful woman—and Laura sees there is more to Marcus than the mafia bully she remembers. All this time, he’d pushed her away, and she was right there, in front of him.

When his newfound happiness is threatened, Marcus has no choice but to protect the girl he once bullied and pushed aside. Will he make it in time?
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Chapter One

“Hell no! This can’t be happening. There is no way in hell I’m ever marrying him.” Laura Davis wanted to scream. She couldn’t stop herself from speaking. The words kept tumbling out of her mouth as if they had a mind of their own. She had to shut up. In her father’s eyes she saw the fear, but there was no way she could be quiet about this.

Marcus Giovanni was a monster. He was only three years older than she was, but all of her life he’d made her miserable. He was a bully purely because he was a mafia brat, nothing more. She hated the connection her family had to the local mafia, but she wasn’t part of it, nor would she ever be.

Her parents assured her when she was old enough to understand the truth, she would always have her own choices. Never would she be made to follow in their footsteps, and right now, she was being told differently by The Boss. She didn’t know him by any other name.

“Sweetheart, you have to do as they say,” her father said.

“No. I don’t. You promised me. I’m not marrying him. Ever.” She turned to Marcus and wished there was some easy way to wipe the smug smile off his face. He was handsome, sexy even, and she hated him for it. The girls at school often swooned whenever he was near, and it always made her sick, because he knew with a click of his fingers he could have anyone he wanted, and always did. She remembered the times she would walk into the bathroom to see him either screwing a woman, or getting a blowjob. She would never marry him.

“This is not up for discussion. This is why we offered you the right men to show how to put women in their place,” The Boss said. He gripped her father’s shoulder hard.

“Where is her place, Marcus?” he said.

“The bedroom, spreading her legs and producing children. Women have no other use than that. I’ll deal with this,” Marcus said.

Laura cried out as he grabbed her arm, and without anyone stepping forward to stop him, not even her father’s bodyguards, she was pulled from the room.

“Let go of me. Get off me. I hate you. Get off.” They entered the library, but Marcus wasn’t done. He pressed her up against the bookshelves, his hand wrapped around her neck.

This was the closest they’d ever come to physically touching.

She tried to claw at his wrist, but it was no good. He laughed at her.

“Go ahead, darling. Scratch, bite, kick. You think I won’t do it back?”

“I know you will. You’re an asshole, Marcus. I don’t know what kind of game this is, but you can stop even thinking I’m going to play along. I can’t stand you.”

“You think I want this?” Marcus asked, laughing. “Please, I don’t like you at all. In fact, I’d rather kill you, but I can’t. You are far too valuable to me alive.”

She glared at him. “Whatever it is you want, take it.”

“Oh, believe me, I will. I intend to take everything you’ve got, Laura, but first, you’re going to go in there and place nice.”

“Why the hell would I do that? Let go of me.” She tried to push his hand away, but he squeezed her throat a little tighter. She could still breathe, but the threat was there.

“You think you have any power here? All of your life you’ve thought yourself apart from all of this, but in the end, you were always destined to be my bitch. One day, you’ll see that, and there is no getting away from it. You will belong to me, and believe me, Laura—my family, they won’t allow this union to split. You’ll be mine, and I intend to make sure you pay for all the years you thought you had control.”

“I will never belong to you,” she said.

Her heart raced.

Even though her father had mafia connections, she knew he wasn’t directly part of the criminal organization. She’d been present when cops had searched the house, looking for stuff. She never knew what. Never in all the years they’d gone to parties or dinners had she been encouraged to be around the women or girls, all of whom were placid, scared little women. One glance at them always terrified her, because she never wanted to become like them. Her life was her own, but right now, her very existence was crumbling all around her, and she couldn’t stand it.

Marcus laughed. “I find it so cute and funny you think there’s any way around this.”

“No priest will ever marry a woman who denies her husband, who refuses to say the right words. I will never marry you. I will never be yours or your family’s. I’m not one of you.” She had a life planned. She was already attending college, but at her father’s request, she didn’t use a dorm on the campus grounds, but returned home every single day. His driver, Harry, was always waiting, and whenever she wanted to go for a drink, or to hang out with friends, she always had to tell them no.