But He’s a Cop (Rancho Lobos #1) Read Online Kenrick D. Turlock

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M/M romance involving a recently divorced letter carrier, Justin, whose best friend, Grayson, is robbed at gunpoint by a hookup he arranged. One of the responding officers takes a liking to Justin, but soon after, Justin’s informed he’s inherited property from his estranged father. Will the abrupt separation ruin their chances together? Added to that is the straight manager of the ranch who may pose more than one problem for Justin if he decides to keep the ranch.

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Chapter One

J ustin Flemming shook his head as he turned off of Wilshire Boulevard onto Serrano Street. Koreatown was nearby, and many of the residents were older, having come from Korea two or more generations ago. What he was shaking his head about was the diminutive Asian woman waving him down, as if he had a choice whether or not to stop.

“Annyeonghaseyo!” she screamed, waving at the post office truck, then… wait for it… “You ‘Just-in’ time, again! Hahahhahahaha!”

“Good morning, Mrs. Kim! Annyeonghaseyo to you!”

Mrs. Kim had taught him the traditional Korean greeting for “hello” years ago. Occasionally, she’d tried to teach him other words like nalang gyeolhonhaejullae, which meant, “Will you marry me?” This not-so-subtle lesson was to be used the next time he saw Hye Lim, Mrs. Kim’s unmarried granddaughter.

Justin wasn’t interested in learning that particular phrase, frequently telling the Korean woman it was just too difficult for him to learn.

“Then you could tell her in English!” Mrs. Kim helpfully suggested.

Justin just smiled at her as he gathered up her mail for the day. It wasn’t that Hye Lim wasn’t stunning—she was. The problem was he wasn’t exactly sure how Mrs. Kim would feel about him asking if Hye Lim might just have an equally hot-looking brother. Justin once looked up what Google Translate said to let her know he was gay, but he then thought better of it. Why spoil it for her?

Justin handed the mail to her, smiled, and waved goodbye to her as he chugged onto the next house. As he was driving away, he noticed how slowly she was moving back to her home. She was almost skipping down the driveway when he arrived. His work delivering mail was probably the highlight of her day.

A few months before, Mrs. Kim was nowhere to be seen. Justin had turned off his truck and walked up to the front door of the Kim home. Hye Lim greeted him warmly, but he could see something was wrong. The family had called 911 over the weekend, and her grandmother was in the hospital. He got the name of the hospital and Mrs. Kim’s room number, then stopped by with flowers after his shift. It was then that he realized how reassuring it was to see her every day when he delivered her mail.

Justin was keenly aware that for many elderly people in the neighborhoods, their letter carriers—what people used to call postmen—were their only contact throughout the week. The unimaginable occurred more times than the U.S. Postal Service wanted to count. It was the letter carrier who was the first to see someone who lived alone was ill. They were the person who saw the effects of spousal or elder abuse, and in severe cases, the person who discovered someone who lived by themselves has passed away... alone.

As a newly single person himself, he wondered if in twenty or thirty years he’d be found alone and dead… that is if the USPS was even around by then. Justin had finished his route early as was his custom, being that he’d been doing the job for nearly three decades. Normally, he would have checked in with his supervisor after he was done to see if there were any uncovered routes he could take for the overtime. Not today.

It was Saturday, and he desperately wanted to get home, have a beer, shower, and make dinner. Today was not the day for working another shift. Justin was looking forward to his plans for a quiet evening as he left the post office. The thought did occur to him that he could take his best friend’s advice and do a different type of “ordering in.” Whenever possible, Grayson’s idea of ordering in was to find someone on Grindr or Scruff who was willing to come over, fuck him, and leave. No muss, no fuss, and better yet, Gray never had to get dressed to find his hookups.

That thought was certainly a possibility, though fleeting at most. Justin knew better than to take what he considered to be the easy way out. His husband, Troy, had filed for divorce after twenty years together. Troy allowed himself to be swept off his feet by a young hunk at the gym near their house… a hottie damn near twenty-five years younger than him, who was closer to sixty than fifty. Justin and Troy had been married for only five years, but they moved in together shortly after they met. The divorce wasn’t messy, per se, but it was a whole hellava lot of work. Justin kept the house, which he’d now had to himself for over a month. Troy got the vacation cabin in Big Bear Lake, up in the San Bernardino National Forest.