Captive of Desire (Beautiful Deceit #2) Read Online Felicity Brandon

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One obsessed predator,
One exhausted workaholic,
One mind-blowing collision of souls.

I never saw him coming,
Could never have predicted
The woman he’d push me to become.
Kade Walker changed everything.
He crashed into my life and tore through my defenses.
Should I resist his destructive allure?
Or allow this visceral union to bloom?

Little girl,
What makes you think you have a choice?

Captive Of Desire is the second in the Beautiful Deceit series. Felicity Brandon brings you her signature dark and captivating dark romance.
Devour this gripping series for irresistible desire woven with fast-paced, heart-wrenching drama.



Kade Walker

Growing orchids taught me about the value of patience. If you wanted the flowers to bloom, you had to wait. You had to be diligent, deliver everything the plant needed, nurture its growth, and provide the perfect conditions. You couldn’t rush the process. It couldn’t be accelerated. The orchid blossomed in its own sweet time.

Looking back, I wished I’d cultivated them from a younger age. How many of the women I’d taken and slain would have survived if I had only applied the orchid’s rules? Running my fingertips over Tiffany’s soft skin, I blew out a breath at the litany of terrible, sordid memories. The list of lives I had snuffed out was longer than I wanted to remember.

As a younger man, I’d been heady with power, with little desire to nurture anything except my satisfaction. Tiffany was the first I yearned to look after, the first I’d chosen to flourish at my fingertips.

“It’s okay,” I whispered, relishing her tiny whimpers. “You’re safe.”

Though safety, I realized, was a relative concept. She may well have expected to be safe in her own home, but I had infested it and changed all the rules. Now, Tiffany’s safety relied upon her ability to please me. Now, everything was different.

Wide eyes met my assertion, her lips struggling around the gag I’d shoved into place. Forced onto her belly, her ankles and wrists were bound with the same black ropes I’d used before.

“It’s necessary.” I met her gaze, ensuring she understood before I rose from her easy chair.

“I’ll be back soon. Then we’ll talk more, and you can send your message to your boss.” I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, although I desperately wanted to. Tiffany’s obsession with her career was one fetish I intended to suppress. A woman as wonderful as her deserved a life of sensuality and pleasure, not heavy caseloads and courtrooms. I would give her life the meaning she’d so frantically sought but failed to find.

Her breathing was ragged as I stalked away, heading out to the landing. Following the blood stains, my gaze landed on the place she’d flung the bloodied knife, and my fingers rose to the dressing at my neck. A part of me still couldn’t believe she had attacked me, that she loathed me so intensely, violence with a knife had seemed like a good plan. Glancing back, I caught her despairing expression, my arousal simmering as she squirmed in the ropes. Technically, the spreader bar at her ankles meant she hadn’t needed binding there, but I’d been having too much fun to stop. Instead, I’d wound the rope around every limb, ensuring she was thoroughly fettered and adequately photographed. Even though I had cameras littered all around the place, I intended to keep a thorough record of her struggles with the images captured on my phone, so I could relish Tiffany’s plight whenever the urge struck.

Ignoring my burgeoning need, I headed down the hall to the house’s main bathroom, where Tiffany kept an extensive first aid kit. Away from her distracting mewls, I could give the laceration some proper attention. Finding the kit under the basin, I watched in the mirror as I peeled away the dressing. The bleeding had stopped, but it was vulnerable to infection. God only knew how long she’d kept the blade by her bedside, but its condition had hardly been sterile. I found antiseptic cream and applied a thin layer to the wound before putting on a fresh dressing. Hopefully, that would suffice and keep infection at bay. The last thing I needed was to fall foul of its symptoms. I finally had everything I wanted and refused to permit illness to rain on my parade.

Tidying up, I closed the kit and caught sight of my reflection in the bathroom cabinet. The gray eyes that had haunted me looked brighter in the morning sunshine as if Tiffany had injected them with hope. My lips curled. That was precisely what she had done. She didn’t know it, but the woman had become my reason for living—the very essence of who I was. Having her to cherish had turned my life around, and the bloodlust I used to enjoy was a thing of the past. Hell, I hadn’t even retaliated after she’d cut me. I was a far cry from the monster I once was.