Charming Cruel Boys (Lies & Secrets Duet #1) Read Online Ebony Brewer

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My goal for senior year of high school was easy. Ace all of my classes, keep my head down, and skip town the second I got a chance. I wanted to escape to some college across the country. Away from my hateful father and far away from the boy who broke my heart.
When my dad drags me to dinner one night and announces his surprise engagement, all of those hopes go up in flames.
Looks like my ex-boyfriend and his twin are about to become my stepbrothers.
Suddenly, my life is filled with disarming smiles, cutting words, and a whole lot of tension.
But there’s a secret that threatens to undo us all. A secret that someone killed to keep quiet.
I don’t think I’ll survive until graduation.




Day Before Junior Year

The feeling of his tongue and teeth along my neck has my entire body strung tight, knowing what’s coming. Or rather, who’s coming. Because that’ll be me soon. I’m writhing below him, trying to keep my desperate moans quiet, but the second he sinks two thick fingers into my dripping core, I cry out.

“Shh, baby,” Duke purrs in my ear as he slowly pumps his fingers in and out of me. “I need you to keep quiet, sweet girl. Can you do that for me?”

I nod in silence while I bite down on my lip and roll my hips to match his pace. Another few minutes of this, and I’m liable to combust.

Wrapping my hand around Duke’s erection, I give him a few teasing strokes. “I want to come with you inside me. Please,” I beg, breathless and sweaty and right on the edge.

Duke mutters a curse under his breath, voice a harsh rasp of undiluted need, before attacking my mouth with his. He picks up the tempo between my legs, stroking his thumb over my clit with precision, making me explode without any warning.

I start to pout as soon as I catch my breath. Don’t get me wrong, I love an orgasm as much as the next girl, but we’ve been doing this all summer. I want the real thing. I want to know what sex is like.

Duke’s navy blue eyes shine in the moonlight streaming through my window into my white and pastel pink room. A sexy grin pulls up the corner of his lips as he takes in my expression, and he says, “Don’t worry, Remi, baby. You’re going to get my cock tonight.” He lowers his mouth to mine but stops just short of kissing me. His breath fanning over my lips makes me shiver. “But only if you promise that you can stay quiet,” he whispers seductively.

“I swear,” I rush out, all thoughts of my father sleeping downstairs flying out of my mind. It’s a fairly big house, and he can’t hear much with his white sound machine on. All summer long Duke’s been sneaking into my room, and we’ve never been caught. Maybe I’m being a bit reckless, but I’m also so desperate it hurts at this point. “Please, Duke, fuck me.”

He kisses me softly while he circles my waist with his hands, rough and calloused from years of playing guitar. In a move too sexy for his own good, he flips us over so that I’m straddling his hips. I continue ravishing Duke’s mouth as I grind on him, smearing my wetness all over his silky soft erection.

A low groan slips from Duke’s lips. “Condom,” he mutters after breaking our kiss. “Grab a condom, Remi.”

Good thing I’ve been waiting for this moment and bought a box. I quickly lean over and pluck a foil pack from the drawer in my white nightstand. I start to climb off, but Duke tightens his grip on my waist.

“I don’t want to hurt you, sweet girl. You’re going to ride me. Go as slow as you need to. Use me,” he says while brushing my long brown hair behind my ear.

Releasing a shaky breath, I nod and rip open the condom packet, and Duke helps me roll it down his thick length. Neither of us have done this before, but he’s much more patient with the condom than I am. I only hesitate another moment before rising on my knees, lining up his dick, and slowly sinking down. And I mean, slowly. Because holy fuck, even with all the finger banging he’s done to me over the last several weeks, it hurts.

I stop moving when a white-hot pain shoots through me. Not daring to look down at where we’re connected, I scrunch my eyebrows and blow out a heavy breath. “It’s too much, I can’t... Just, please, you do it, Duke.”

“You’re almost there, Remi. I’m halfway in,” Duke reassures me before he rubs circles over my clit with skilled fingers. “Relax, baby. Breathe.”

Giving myself a few seconds, I focus on the pleasure he’s drawing from my body rather than the pain between my legs. And then I push myself down the rest of the way before I can chicken out.