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Choose Us - The Archer Brothers

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Heidi McLaughlin

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Nate Archer’s life hasn’t been easy. He lost his brother, fell in love with his brother’s fiancée, and then had his world rocked when his brother returned, very much alive.

Special Agent Cara Hughes is married to her job. That is until she gets involved in a case that puts her side by side with her significant other, Nate Archer.

Together, Nate and Cara traverse the rugged terrain of their lives and relationship while one is forced to come to terms with a life-changing decision—one that could ultimately destroy them both.
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Heidi McLaughlin



I’m so proud of EJ for standing up in front of everyone and giving his speech. I asked him a few times after he was tasked with the best man duties if he needed help, but he said he had it. I don’t know when the shift happened between us, but it did. After Evan came back, I encouraged him to form a bond with his dad—as much as it pained me—it was necessary. Not only for Evan, as EJ’s dad, but for my relationship with my brother.

Our relationship is strained, and I suspect it will be for some time. I don’t know how anyone—especially a brother—can ever get over the fact that their sibling slept with their fiancée. In the beginning, I used to say, “In my defense,” but now that I’m looking at life differently; I should’ve known better.

Still, as EJ stands up here and finally calls Evan “dad”, I feel a surge of pride for my nephew and my brother. This is an important moment for them and one which Evan has been waiting for since his return.

Cara comes to stand next to me and slips her hand in mine. “Everything okay?” I ask her. She’s working a tough case, sex trafficking in Las Vegas. I hate her job and wish she would switch departments, but she’s good at what she does and is needed there. It’s hard for me to watch from the outside, though, knowing what I know about Evan’s mission. I had no idea how corrupt people could be. I mean, I did, but never thought it would be the magnitude that it is.

“Yes, just checking in. I had some emails and missed calls. I put them off as long as I could.”

“Ryley and Evan understand. They know you’re working.” Always working. I shouldn’t be upset because I knew what her job was and the hours it would entail going into this relationship with Cara. It’s not like she will give it up because we’re dating. Although being on a year-long sabbatical has been nice, I haven't given up mine. I return to active duty shortly, and honestly, I’m not looking forward to it. Although, I do miss my team.

“What did I miss?” she asks, nodding toward Evan and EJ.

“EJ gave his speech,” I tell her. “Jensen has it on video. You can watch it. It was perfect. Moving. He called Evan ‘dad’.”

“That’s amazing. They all look so happy.”

I glance at Cara. We dated in high school, and I suppose we can call each other high school sweethearts even though we weren’t as serious then as we are now. Now, we live together, or at least we do when she’s in town, which seems to be less and less as time goes on. We were in love then and have fallen in love again. I want to marry her and start a family, but I’m unsure where she stands with all of this. Her career is important, and I don’t imagine there aren’t a lot of mothers working for the FBI as special agents. But then, I could be wrong and won’t know unless I ask her. I’ve intended to ask her what she sees for our future, but there’s always a case or something she must tend to, and the moment never seems right. The more I think about it, the more I realize I hate her job.

“They’re happy. They deserve it, especially Evan.”

Cara sighs, and I know why. Every day, we thank God that Evan is alive and came back. I lived six years without my brother, and it hurt. Physically and mentally. Losing your sibling is one thing, but to lose your twin it’s a whole other ballgame. The day I came back and found out he was alive... and pissed the fuck off at me… my life changed. Everything became about protecting Ryley and EJ, rebuilding the trust Evan and I had before he deployed, and finding out what the fuck happened to him and his team.

“Do you want to dance?”

Cara nods and tugs at my hand, leading us to the dance floor. The DJ plays some slow, sappy song. It’s not something either of us knows the words to, but Claire—McCoy’s daughter––seems to love it. She’s dancing with EJ, which I think is cute, but when I look over Cara’s shoulder, I see Grace standing on the edge of the dance floor with her arms crossed. I lean into Cara whisper, “Young love and jealousy is not a good combo,” and spin her so she can see Grace.


“I know. I don’t remember being their age and feeling like this.”

“Boys are different,” Cara says. “You’re into sports, getting dirty, and making sure you get a snack after school. Girls are nurturing, and our bodies are changing. Girls have it much harder than boys do. Not only at this age, but throughout life.”