Crimson (Ruthless Claws #2) Read Online Maggie Alabaster

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I let myself get distracted.
I lost my focus and with that I lost my freedom. Ben and I are locked away, but at least we have each other. For now.
My enemy holds the key, but he won’t break me, no matter how hard he tries. I know Jake, Cooper and Hutton are looking for us. Will they find us in time?
If they don’t, I’ll get myself and Ben free, and then I’m coming for Alistair Dagen.
Even if I have to do it alone.





Cooper and I stopped around the corner and left my SUV by the side of the road, engine thrumming.

I wanted, needed, to run. My heart thundered. Fear and adrenaline coursed through my body. Too much.

Reluctantly, I put up a trembling hand to keep Cooper at a slow, careful walk. This was exactly when running in blindly could get us killed.

If there was a chance Ivory was still alive…

No. She had to be alive. I wouldn’t accept anything else. She was infuriating as hells at times, but the woman was my whole fucking world. If she was dead, I might as well be too.

I sniffed the air. The scent of her lingered, white wolf and lavender perfume. It was faint. She was long gone. Along with a whole fucking pack of black wolves.

Her white Cobra was parked by the side of the road, the door open.

“What—” Cooper started.

“Shhh.” I sniffed around again. There was no one here. A human or two somewhere nearby, but not Ivory or her bodyguard, Ben, and not Alastair Dagen.

A smear of mostly dried blood was on the road a few metres from her car. Hers. Another smear lay a few metres away. Ben's.

It wasn't enough to indicate that either of them were dead. They were alive when they were taken from here.

I couldn't smell petrol or any sort of accelerant. I also couldn't rule out a bomb rigged to blow if I touched her car. I stepped close enough to peer inside. Her phone and watch lay on the floor, faintly illuminated by the nearby streetlight.

"Her mother's watch," I said softly. I teased her for not wearing a smartwatch, but she preferred the older technology. And the connection with her mother. “She would want us to get it, but not at the risk of our own lives."

"I'll get it," Cooper said.

I raised my eyebrows at him. When he didn’t even flinch, I stood back, hands raised.

"Go for it, Pup." I shouldn’t let him take the chance. Ivory would be pissed when she found out. She’d be equally pissed if there was no bomb and I let her watch get stolen.

He moved closer to the car. "How did you know where to find it anyway?"

"I put a tracker on all of her cars," I said unapologetically. "For just this kind of situation."

"Does she know?" He reached in tentatively.

"I don't know," I said. "Probably. It was always hard to fool her."

Cooper nodded. He snatched up the watch, and her phone for good measure, then leapt back.

The car didn't explode.

"How do we find her?" he asked. I didn’t need to look at his face to know he was as scared as I was. His voice was laced with it and he smelled of worry and fear. A great combination in an enemy, but not so much in a friend. And one of the guys I shared Ivory with. I knew, at some point, Ben would join us in that too. I thanked the gods he was with her. If anyone could protect her until I rescued her, it was him.

"We do what she asked us to do," I said finally.

"But—" He frowned at me.

"We know who took her," I snapped. "The only chance we have of figuring out where, is to do what she asked." I thought for a moment. "How do you feel about driving a Cobra? She won't want it left here."

"Depends. You think it would explode if I turn the engine on?" He looked at it doubtfully.

"Only one way to find out." I grinned and waved my hand toward the driver's seat.

Cooper frowned but climbed in and closed the door behind him. He turned the key over. The engine purred to life.

I nodded, satisfied. "Follow me back to Crimson. Then we need to get to work."



I don't know which hurt more, my leg or my face. It might be a tie.

I dropped my head and watched blood drip out of the teeth marks on my calf and pool on the floor of the car. Whatever, it wasn't my fucking car. Sure, it was my blood, but chances were, I wouldn't need it much longer.

I glanced over to Ben. He had a similar injury to one of his legs, and claw marks on his chest and back. He was clearly in as much pain as I was. Like me, he was a stubborn prick and was trying not to show it. Neither of us wanted to give Dagen the satisfaction of hearing us scream.