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Crushing On My Dad's Best Friend

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Flora Ferrari

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How could something that feels so right be so wrong? My Dad’s best friend. I mean. I don’t think it’s wrong, but I don’t know if he feels the same way.
I guess I should start at the beginning…. Before graduation, I thought the funny feelings I got whenever I thought about my Dad’s bestie were just a crush.
Innocent enough and no surprise if you’ve ever seen Brandon. The man’s a god.
Steve’s only daughter graduated from college. My god, how time flies.
I used to bounce her on my knee, but with my growing security business, I moved away from the sleepy little town we both grew up in.
I only saw him and his daughter whenever I wasn’t working, which wasn’t very often, and when we did catch up, May usually stayed with friends.
So when I make a point of being there for her college graduation, for Steve’s and May’s sake, I have to pick my jaw up off the floor.
Little May’s all grown up now. And that dress she wears under her gown shows me that she’s not a kid anymore. It’s like she’s a totally different person.
An adult, even though she is half my age. But Jesus. That figure and that dress.
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Flora Ferrari



Passing the house next to ours, I notice the real estate agent carefully pressing the ‘SOLD’ banner over the for sale sign.

The sign looks almost as weathered as the house by now, and I feel myself frown. My brows are raised with a weird satisfaction that someone’s finally bought the old place.

Letting myself in the front door of our own house, I toss my keys and bag on the table in the hall and open my mouth to call out to my Dad.

I let him know I’m home and tell him what I’ve just seen. But my mouth hangs open, silent.

I’m unable to make a sound once I hear a familiar voice and my Dad’s coming from his home office.

Dad’s on a video call with his best friend, Brandon.

And before I even crane my neck around the door to catch a glimpse of his perfect body filling the big screen I know Dad uses, I feel an equally familiar shiver deep inside me.

See, anything to do with Dad’s bestie, Brandon, drives me wild. The sight or sound of him or the simple mention of his name.

I just turn into a wet freaking puddle.

Like, literally and instantly.

The man’s a god.

Gripping the doorway for support, I swallow hard when I hear Brandon’s deep, confident tone in conversation with my Dad long before I set eyes on him.

Taking a second, I do my best to pull myself together, forcing my mouth into a tight smile. I swing my head into the room and try extra hard to sound normal.

“Hey, Dad. Hey… Brandon,” I squeak, stifling a sigh at the sound of his name on my lips.

So quiet, I’m sure neither of them really hears me. But before my Dad even turns in his seat, Brandon’s eyes have already locked onto me.

Whatever he was in the middle of saying to my Dad is suddenly interrupted by yours truly.

I feel my face getting hot as I flush deep red, Brandon’s dark and penetrating eyes settling on my chest before he grunts a low sound of greeting.

I try to look down out of habit. But it’s like trying not to look at the most beautiful, perfect thing in the whole world.

Jesus, I swear he gets hotter every time I see him.

It’s the same brooding look he gave me the last time I saw him, the day I graduated from college late last year.

And it’s the same look from Brandon that sees my Dad have the same reaction he had that day, too.

He does a quick double-take, sidelong glance at his best friend before swinging himself around in his seat.

“Hiya, sweetie, just talking to Brandon,” he begins, but noticing my undeniable reaction, Dad asks me if I’m okay.

“Honey?” he asks me a second time when I get tongue-tied for the third time in as many seconds.

Brandon’s eyes narrow, and his jaw tightens when that seemingly endless gaze of his starts to scan me, head to toe.

I feel my fingers scratching at the door frame, watching Brandon’s huge Adam’s apple bob and pulse as he swallows hard, too.

Dad’s nervous chuckle breaks the long silence, and figuring I must just be in another of my ‘moods,’ he swings back around to Brandon, commenting on his best friend’s expression.

“What is it with you two?” he asks his bestie, forcing a dry laugh.

“Seems like you two gotta dirty secret or something,” Dad adds, his tone shifting from half-joking to serious in a second.

Brandon doesn’t even seem to hear my Dad, and with his eyes still on me, I watch his perfect mouth curl into a smile.

His perfect gleaming white teeth peek through those lips, and that dimple he gets on his stubbled cheek whenever he smiles is still adorable.

His whole expression shifts once he senses my Dad’s suspicion, but I still can’t join the dots myself about how or even why Brandon’s been giving me the look since graduation.

It was supposed to be the most important day of my life because I had finished college.

But with Brandon there, the way he looked at me. And finally, when he hugged me in congratulations….

Well. That day is etched in my mind forever for a whole bunch of other reasons now. And all of them put together spell one word.


He’s a huge guy and all muscle. At the time, I thought him grabbing me so hard after I got my diploma was just him being caught up in the moment.

But when I felt his whole hard body pressing right into mine as he leaned down, I knew it wasn’t your regular type of hug.

“I’m so proud of you, May,” he whispered in my ear. And although I didn’t hear what he said next as clearly, I’m certain he said something else that day.

“…You feel so fucking good….”

At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself he said.