Dr. Bear’s Mate (Bears of Angel Fire #4) Read Online Aline Ash

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Tanith Ravenna stands out in the small community—for all the right reasons, in her mind anyway. Not only does she run her dream gallery, but she has lived a life full of rich experiences, even if her bank account can’t say the same.
Beloved by many for her warm spirit and confidence, Tanith’s prized jewel on her crown of success is her beautiful eight-year-old daughter, Hayley.
All seems right in Tanith’s world—except for her love life. She just can’t seem to find a man who can keep up with her.
Until she locks eyes with a gorgeous stranger at Ivo and Alani Ames’s wedding. There’s a spark. Instant chemistry.

Blake Byrd, newly arrived doctor and professor, might just be the one to round out Tanith’s perfect, though hectic, life. Little does she know, the good doctor has a secret life of his own.
Unfortunately, while fate may have thrust the two lovebirds together, a gang of vandalizing cougars hellbent on revenge may just keep them apart—for good.


Chapter 1

“If you think for one second I’m letting go of this, you’re dreaming.”

“Let go. Immediately.”

“Not on your life, bitch.”


“You heard me!”

This was certainly becoming a bit of a scene. Tanith Ravenna downed the rest of her champagne in a single gulp, then set it down on the table. She had honestly never understood the allure of catching a bouquet at a wedding, which was probably why she was over thirty and still unmarried. She could grasp the concept of the tradition—the woman who caught the bouquet would be the next to get married—but she didn’t think the silly thing was worth all the hair pulling and cattiness.

Rolling her eyes, she pushed through the gathering crowd, determined not to let these two women, who were just dates of a few of the groom’s acquaintances, not even close to the couple who actually got married today, ruin what had been an extremely lovely ceremony.

“Ladies,” she said, sliding between them smoothly with a hand on each of their shoulders. “There’s really no need for such a display.”

Two sets of eyes turned her way like she’d just insulted their mothers. Whatever. At least they had stop trying to rip each other’s little tube-dresses off. Neither were dressed appropriately for the occasion. They had both taken advantage of the open bar. It was time to stop this before things spiraled out of control.

“How about this?” Using their distraction to her advantage, Tanith yanked the bouquet out from both their hands, then got to work on splitting it in two. Before the women had a chance to rip her hair out, she gave them each back half of what they were so desperately clamoring over thirty seconds prior. “There we are. Now it’s like you both caught it.”

They stared at each other, a blonde and a brunette, then pinned Tanith—sporting rose gold hair for the late spring ceremony rather than her traditional green or purple—two equally malicious glares.

“Hers is better,” they said in almost perfect unison.

Tanith threw her hands up, ignoring the sniggers from the men watching at a safe distance. “If you two don’t cut it out, you’re going to be escorted out of this wedding reception,” she informed them, keeping a calm yet firm tone. “Do I make myself clear?”

The blonde scoffed. “And who’s going to do that? You?”

Eyebrows lifted, Tanith rolled up the sleeves of her black 1940’s inspired cocktail dress, revealing forearms covered with a mishmash of tattoos.

“I think I can hold my own, if that’s what you’re asking,” she said, smirking. The pair glanced at each other, then stalked off the dance floor. Once they left, Tanith motioned for the DJ to resume the music, and soon enough, the tension faded and people eased back onto the floor to enjoy themselves again.

“Did you just flash your tattoos,” a deep voice rumbled behind her, “which, I might add, are basically just a laundry list of art supplies, at two drunk girls?”

She whirled around to find the groom, Ivo Ames, grinning at her. Much to her surprise, he was stone-cold sober, and she suspected he hadn’t dealt with the troublemakers himself because he was helping his new bride get their twin daughters into the car with his new mother-in-law: it was way past their bedtime.

“I might have,” she admitted, shrugging, then peered around Ivo’s hulking frame. “Alani didn’t see, did she? I knew it would upset her if there was the faintest whiff of violence on her wedding day.”

“She’s still saying goodbye to the girls,” Ivo told her. “I heard the shrieking, though, and figured I’d come see what’s happening.”

“Not to worry.” She nudged his arm. “Tanith Ravenna’s got it under control.”

“Thank God I had the instinct to invite my half-therapist, half-bouncer friend to this shindig,” Ivo joked. He had always had such a charming smile, though his behavior in the past had made the charm lose its smile somewhat. In all honesty, Ivo Ames was probably the last person Tanith expected to get married anytime in the next century, yet here she was, enjoying his perfectly stunning outdoor wedding on the outskirts of Angel Fire, their sleepy village home in the New Mexico valley. The breathtaking mountain range loomed overhead in the distance, the Ruiz Family Resort playing host to the reception.