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Eden's Sacrifice - The Virgin Call Girls

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What is a girl to do when she is faced with being sold by her father for money? Sell her virginity, of course. My name is Eden Vastiya and my father is a piece of s***. Trying to save my sister and myself from being the collateral in my father’s debt, I found myself faced with two options…be the seller of my own body and profit..or…be the repayment.
When I decided to use my own asset to free us from my fathers hands, I didn’t expect to end up in the same place. With him…Viktor the Conqueror. The leader of the Bratva. I heard he was a monster. A heartless criminal with no soul. So why then does he make me hot and needy? Why is every word out of his mouth an aphrodisiac, meant to drive me insane? Why, when he touches me, does my body comply with his every demand?
This was supposed to be for one night only. Then how come I am still here…locked in his mansion…waiting for him to come to me? Why do I think I love him? He says he paid for a wife…in name only. Then why can’t he keep his hands and body off me? And why do I not want him to?
I was prepared to sacrifice my virginity. I never thought I was sacrificing my heart too.
What am I to do when the very threat I should be running from, becomes the very man I can’t live without?
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ChaShiree M



“Order up.” The two words I despise the most but use most frequently. As the waitress at Roxy’s Hole in the Wall, I say this from sunup to sundown. It’s my job. It’s how I make sure my little sister and I have food in the fridge and that she has a babysitter to get her to and from school. Without this place, I don’t know where we would be.

“Eden, did you grab the plate for the lady at the counter?” Rod, the cook, asks me. Roxy is his wife. She is this wonderful woman who reminds me of a warm aunt that hugs. She hired me when I was sixteen, with no experience and running on empty. She lets me bring my little sister on the weekends, and she never complains. For two years, she has been that aunt to me, and I love her.

“Got it, Rod.” I holler back as I grab the breakfast special and walk out into the dining area. I look and see the only person sitting at the counter is Lilith, with no last name. She comes in here once a week, hair and makeup done like a movie star. She never sits in a booth and always comes alone. I can tell by looking at her she has money and doesn’t have to eat here, but she comes. When she does, she often asks me questions about school, my home life, money...etc.

The first time I thought she was a social worker and panicked. I have been working so hard to make sure no one knows my father is a piece of shit, who neglects his daughters and gambles and drinks his money away. My only thought is of Katya, my beautiful, radiant little sister. I would do anything to keep her with me.

“Well, if it isn’t little Eden. How are you, my dear?”

“Hi, Lilith. I am fine, thanks. What brings you in here on a Sunday?” She usually comes in Tuesdays after her nail appointment.

“I remembered that today is your eighteenth birthday and wanted to bring you this.” she pulls this little blue box out of her pocket, and my breath catches. I may be from the wrong side of the tracks, but every girl knows what that blue box is. “Well, aren’t you going to open it?” she asks, smiling at me. My hands shake as I reach for it and open it.

“L-Lilith...I can’t…” I stammer, trying to find words. Any words.

“You can, and you will. I saw it in the window the other day and thought, this looks like Eden.”

“I don’t know why?” I say, scared to touch the classic Tiffany bracelet. “Nothing about me says, Tiffany.”

“You might feel it at this moment, but you are wrong. You just need the right motivation.” her smile widens as if she has some big secret. “How would you like to get out of your dad’s house, make a ton of money and be able to support your sister?” my ears ring even though I know whatever she is going to say will not be good. “I have been waiting for you to turn eighteen before having this conversation. Do you know what it is I do, Eden?” I shake my head, my mind whirring because I honestly have no clue. I assume she is some sort of professional businesswoman. “I run an escort service. Do you know what that is?” I know my eyes are round and big. Shocked is an understatement.

“Yes. I mean, I know what it is..but I...”

“Calm down, sweet girl. I am asking you to be an escort. I am, however, offering you a chance to be in my Virgins Auction.”

“A what?” I ask her. I am not really interested. I mean...I’m not. Right?

“It’s an auction I hold once or twice a year where powerful and wealthy men bid on virgins. You would be so surprised how many men only want one night with an untouched young woman.” Is this for real? People really do this? “I am offering you a chance to get away from this life. The men bid, I take forty percent, and you walk away with sixty. Some girls walk away with anywhere from fifty to two hundred thousand dollars.” Holy moly. “You see,” she says, rubbing my arm.

“Wow. I mean...that’s great, but it is not for me.” even I can hear the reluctant denial. My mind’s going a mile a minute thinking of everything I could do with that much money. Like, move far away from my dad, get Katya and me a house, and be able to have money put away so I can plan my next move. That money could change our lives, it’s true. But I can’t see myself selling my body for it.

“Listen, I can see your mind spinning. The auction is in two weeks. Think about it. Here is my card.” she pushes back from the counter, and as she walks out, I see the box sitting on the table.