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Never get naughty with your BFF’s Brother
And make sure that one hot night doesn’t turn into many.
Living next to a smoking hot billionaire is filling a good girl’s nights with naughty dreams.
I would rip the clothes off his grumpy SEAL body but my best friend would literally kill me.
I keep him at arm’s length until he catches me in my birthday suit.
Game on– my chance to knock him down a couple notches.
I tell myself he’s a first-class A-hole,
While we secretly please each other under the table in front of our friends.
Then he offers me a contract for one sizzling hot night,
I surprisingly accept and he awakens a part of me that I never knew existed.
But the deal didn’t include getting busy with him in the shower the next morning.
Next thing I know, I’m falling for Mr. Hot Navy SEAL.
What if my best friend learns the only secret I have ever kept from her?
Our friendship would be ruined for sure.




Lila's car was in the driveway next door, so I headed over. My baby sister had lived there with her friends until she had gotten married and moved in together with Evan Prince—my ex-best friend and Navy SEALs buddy. I was sorry of how things had gone awfully wrong for us. It had started with us fighting over Candiss Wakefield (the blonde goddess who wreaked havoc on both our lives) but had ended with me trying to oust him from the business we owned together. Luckily, Lila and Evan were still talking to me. Now, don’t get me wrong, Lila loved me dearly; however, I may have done some things that made her question if she likes me. The jury was consistently out on that one.

Lila’s friends, Shellene, Darcy, and Remi, still lived there, and I wasn’t sure if they would be counting their lucky stars that I was moving next door or hoping a meteor would drop on my house. Likely the latter, if I had to guess. After the way I had behaved, I knew I deserved nothing better, but I was hoping I could redeem myself by being the best neighbor they’d ever had. Of course, convincing Darcy of that would be my hardest task. Of all of my sister’s friends, oddly, she was the one that mattered the most. Then again, she was the one most likely to snipe me in my sleep—I might have to consider changing all my windows to bullet-proof glass.

I reached the front door, knocked, and waited. No answer. I stood there for a few minutes before knocking again. What the hell? Why is no one coming to the door? My sister's car was right here. Could they be out back and no one heard me?

Suddenly, a blood-curling scream sounded from somewhere in the house. It was faint, but it was perfectly audible. Scared out of my mind that someone was hurt or worse, I reached in my jacket pocket for my set of keys. I had never been happier to own this piece of property. When Lila had wanted to move out of our parents’ house, I had suggested this place as it was my nicest property and right on the beach in Miami, Florida. I wanted my sister to be comfortable and I knew she would love it here. My only demand was she pay for the utilities. Since it was a little too much for her to handle alone, she had asked her friends to move in with her. It was a perfect solution for everyone.

I slid the key into the keyhole and opened the door looking all around to see if I could identify where that scream had come from.

As I entered, my mind was racing. Where the hell is everyone? And what the fuck am I doing? Isn’t this an invasion of privacy? Didn’t I learn anything from my recent blunders. Respecting other’s boundaries? Not trying to ruin my friends’ life?

But that scream…

Being in Evan’s shadow for so many years really screwed with my moral compass. I was betrayed so many times, it was almost justified to do something about it.

I did regret it, though, the lying, the scheming, trying to ruin him. Especially after learning this was all based on a misunderstanding. I thought Evan had stolen Candiss from me. She had been my first and only love. I was shocked to discover she was playing Evan and me against each other all along.

I had only started to realize how bad I had become. I always had to be on top of others to be the best. I was obsessed with success no matter who got in my way. However, it was not an excuse to treat other badly, but I hadn't been able to help it.

The panic subsided as blaring heavy metal music pulled me from myself. Well, that explained both the scream and why no one had come to the door. I chuckled at the familiar “The Devil You Know” tune by Anthrax that was now playing. I went into the kitchen, expecting to find someone there, but it was empty.