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Enemy's Secret - Love Comes To Town

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Ashlee Price

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She’s the one I broke up with. My first love now turned into a sworn enemy. They say time heals all wounds.
I say it ripped me a new one. I can’t blame her for wanting to tear me and my company to the ground. I deserve her wrath. I was all she ever wanted.
Then I broke her heart into a million pieces in front of all her friends. With those pouty red lips and bedroom voice.
Strutting into the courtroom with more confidence than I can ever remember.
She has the judge eating out of the palm of her hand. Kyra is the kind of woman every man wants.
Beautiful. Smart. An incredible mother. To a daughter that sure does look and act a lot like me.
But I’m no longer that young punk. We deserve a second chance.
This time I’ll make it right.
This time I’ll make her mine.
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Ashlee Price

Chapter 1


They say time heals all wounds, but I'd say it just ripped me a new one. Over a nine-year-old scar.

Kyra Fucking Masterson.

Same inky hair, Snow White skin, same pouting red lips. Is that why I'm getting a hard-on just from a glance?

Granted, her tight little body looks hot as hell in that two-piece grey pinstripe suit, and the hard wooden surface of the stand would be perfect for bending her over and...

Not now, Landon.

But I can't peel my eyes away. Shit, everything about her looks the same, but... better somehow. Different. I can't put my finger on it.

"This is why, your honor, we are here today to discuss the plagiarism charges against Storm Media," Kyra says in that same throaty voice I had grown so used to. Although right now there's a sharp edge to it that will allow nothing but agreement. "Because there's more than enough evidence to warrant it."

My lawyer, Dirk, states some kind of defense, meant to shut this all down. With the shit-show going on around Storm Media already - we're getting audited by the IRS thanks to Dad's shady finances - the last thing we need is Goldtree Inc. getting dirt on us too. With Greyson's latest TV series, we've managed to avoid the red, but another scandal - or worse, a big payout - could put us right back there. Not that Dirk is coming cheap.

Nevertheless, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm actually slightly enjoying this. Seeing Kyra in her element. Sure, I'm focused more on the appealing way those pouty lips are moving than on the actual words coming out of them, but still.

"We will continue to examine the evidence brought before us over the coming weeks," the judge is saying now. "Court dismissed."

Outside the room, in the lobby, I call up Nolan.

"Did we win?" he asks.

"Dude, it was the first day."

"Well." He sniffs. "Maybe we got lucky. I am a lucky person, you know."

"Course I do. You got to be my brother, after all."

Nolan snorts. "Also, just an FYI, your dog shit on my rug."

"It was an ugly rug," I say blandly. "Anyway, you have to listen to this - "

"Hello? Did you not hear me? After I did you the hugely awesome, major favor of babysitting your psycho stray mutt, he goes and lets a big one loose on my sustainably-bred alpaca fur rug! Now, I don't know what could be more important than that, but - "

"I saw Kyra."

"Oh." I can almost see the smile creeping over Nolan's face. "The Kyra?"

"No, one of the many Kyras that inhabit our city. Yes, of course it was the Kyra!"

"Where'd you see her?"

"Get this: she's the lawyer for Goldtree Inc."

Nolan laughs loudly. "Well, you're done for. Remember how much she studied in school? Seemed like every time I saw her she had her nose buried in a book."

"Glad you're so optimistic about our chances," I say drily. "Anyway, book smart does not a good lawyer make."

"Hmm," Nolan says blandly.

"Alright, she's amazing in court," I say. "And hotter than ever."

"Too bad you screwed that thing up," Nolan says meditatively. "Now, I bet all the Storm charm in the world wouldn't make that right. Mind if I step in?"

I know he's just messing with me - not dating each other's exes is one of the basics of twin etiquette - but still, I snap: "I bet I could win her over if I wanted to."

"Nah." Nolan chuckles, and if he were here, he'd be shaking his head. "No way."

"I did it once," I say. "Can't be so hard to do it again. Plus, it would help get the case against Storm Media thrown out."

"Dude," Nolan says. "Last time you saw her, you - "

A tap on my shoulder. I turn around.

"Got to go," I tell Nolan, hanging up as soon as I see who it is.

There she is: dark long-lashed eyes narrowed, pretty lips curled into a sneer, arms crossed over her chest.

"Word to the wise," she says. "Don't talk about someone when they're in the same room."

God she's pretty. Plus, there's this edge about her now that's driving me wild.

"Kyra, hey." I smile. "Imagine running into you here."

She doesn't smile. "I heard you, you know."


"Don't act dumb. 'I bet I could win her over if I wanted to.' God, you haven't changed one bit."

"Listen, it's not what you think - "

A sharp bark of a laugh. "Oh really? So it wasn't Nolan you were bragging to?"

I pause, deflated. "OK, so maybe - "

She heads off. "Forget it. I've got to get home."

"Kyra," I say, following her. "Just hold on - it's been good seeing you, even under the circumstances."

The look she gives me manages to be both bland and hateful at once. "Wish I could say the same." Eyeing me, she shakes her head. "God, you really think we're back in college, don't you? That I still can't resist you."