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Falling For His Captive

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Flora Ferrari

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When you owe Tommy Lucio money, you pay it back – there is no second option. If you can’t pay, we have to take something.
And when Donovan Bianco can’t pay his debt to me I take what he values most. His daughter. I’ve never laid eyes on Carina Bianco before.
But I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time because looking at her now, there’s only one thing that strikes me. I need to make her mine.
This stunning younger curvy goddess. She may have started as my captive but she’s captured my heart.
Her father has one week to pay me back what he owes. But there’s no way I can let her slip away. I will make her mine before the week’s end, forever.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


“We can’t have him thinking we’re weak,” I say, shooting a meaningful look at Ricky and Enzo. “If he can’t pay, we have to take something of his.”

“Something of value, boss?” Ricky asks. “Like a TV or something?”

I smirk. “No. I don’t want to have to find a place to offload his goods. We’re not repossessing. We take something he’ll be desperate to get back. Something he’ll pay us quickly for, and in full.”

Enzo nods slowly. “Yeah, like his oven.”

I resist the urge to slap Enzo over the ear. What is with these guys today? I swear, I can’t get good help. “No, not his oven. How’s a baker going to make enough money to pay us back if he can’t even bake? Don’t be an idiot.”

“Well, what else has he got?” Ricky pipes up. “I mean, we’ve been watching the guy. He’s sold almost everything. He’s just got his car, his house, his daughter, that’s it.”

“Wait,” I say. “What was that?”

“His car?” Enzo says doubtfully. “Boss, if we take his car, he can’t make deliveries either.”

“Not that.” I stroke my chin thoughtfully. “The daughter.”

“Oh, yeah,” Enzo shrugs. “Cute little thing. You want us to bring her in?”

“That’s the kind of thing a man will pay to get back,” I tell him, with a gleam in my eye. “Oh, and send someone else to watch him after you take her. We don’t want him running to the competition. I know he can come up with the cash – he just has to be motivated. He’ll pay within the week.”

Ricky and Enzo hurry out their orders given. I retreat to my study, where I can get some peace while I go over the books. It’s not easy, being the boss of an operation like this. A lot of paperwork. I could get an accountant, but I don’t trust anyone to deal with the money but me.

I get lost in the numbers, putting everything together manually. We can’t have a paper trail, so I have two sets of books, both done by hand so we can’t be traced online. One of them has the figures I present to the taxman, with income from our many legitimate businesses across the city.

The other one has the real figures.

Business is going well this year, but that’s no reason to let a repayment slip. When you owe Tommy Lucio money, you pay it back – there is no second option. And Donovan Bianco is about to find that out.


I hear the yelling from downstairs, floating up through the space above the entrance hall. I walk out onto the balcony and look down, pleased to see that my men have done as I asked. She’s there, a girl dressed all in white, her back to me as she tries to plead with them. She’s not bound. It looks like they were able to take her without much trouble. She has a nice curve to her body, which I can appreciate even from up here – the kind of ass you could use as a pillow.

“I see our guest accepted your invitation,” I say, with a heavy dose of smug sarcasm.

At the sound of my voice, she whips around, staring up at me. My breath catches in my throat. I wasn’t expecting this. Her blonde hair cut to fall down her back but shorter in the front, frames her face perfectly, the locks cradling her jaw. She has huge bright blue eyes, the kind you could get lost in, though they’re currently sharply and angrily boring through me. She’s beautiful – and she has the body to match. Under those doll-like features, the voluptuous curves of her body seem decadent.

For a moment I can’t find my voice to speak. I know Ricky and Enzo are saying something, but I can’t hear their words. She’s stunning – truly stunning. I’ve never laid eyes on Carina Bianco before, and I can’t believe I’ve wasted so much time. Because looking at her now, there’s only one thing that strikes me.

I need to make her mine.

No – this young woman, she’s too much. There’s no way I could let her slip away. That face, that body, the spirit I see in her eyes even in the home of her enemy – I will make her mine.

Chapter Two


I turn at the sound of a voice above me, ready to unleash my anger. How dare they do this to me?

They walked right into my Dad’s bakery and interrupted his morning work, my morning work, and grabbed me, just like that. They told Dad he has a week to pay or he’s not getting me back – as if I believe that. It’s all just scare tactics. And they don’t have the right to manhandle me like that – just because they work for some mafia boss. I’m not afraid of them. If they want me to behave like a good little girl, they’re in for a surprise.