First Down (Beyond the Play #1) Read Online Grace Reilly

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I’m football royalty—and in desperate need of a writing tutor.
When I transfer to McKee University, I have one goal on my mind: win the college national championship ahead of being drafted into the NFL. But before I can take the league by storm, I need to graduate, and that means retaking the writing class I failed during the disastrous junior year that almost cost me my future in football. If I’m going to pass this stupid class and keep my life on track, I’ll need help from Beckett Wood, the other senior stuck taking it with me. So what if she’s gorgeous and stubborn and just my type? This time, I’m avoiding relationships and keeping my eyes on the prize.

I’m the future owner of my mother’s diner—and I’m running out of ways to tell my ex we’re never getting back together.
Thanks to my cheating ex, I don’t mess around with athletes, and at first glance, handsome, self-assured James Callahan is no exception. He wants me to tutor him, but between extra courses to stay on track for graduation and constantly running back home to put out fires at my mom’s diner, not to mention secretly dreaming of a future in photography, I just don’t have the time. But when my ex—James’ new teammate—won’t get the hint that I’ve moved on, I think of a price worthy of private tutoring sessions. If James will pretend to be in a relationship with me in front of his team, I’ll try my best to help him pass.
Tutoring in exchange for a few fake dates won’t lead to anything more… right?
We shouldn’t want each other. He’s going to be a star, and I can’t be the girl of his dreams. Yet with every fake kiss, James pulls me deeper into a place that thrills and terrifies me.
Why does he make me feel alive like no one else has?
And why don’t I want it to end?




I’ve just arrived on campus when my phone starts ringing.

My asshole little brothers made their ringtones match, so whenever either one of them calls, vintage Brittany Spears blares out of the speaker. I’ve got nothing against Brittany, obviously, the woman’s a goddess, but nothing about “Baby One More Time” screams number one nationally ranked college quarterback.

Of course, those fuckers know I don’t know how to change it back to something normal. I may be twenty-one and grew up on my phone like everyone else, but technology has never been my strong suit. And I’d rather strangle myself with my jock strap than ask either of them to help me with it.

And fine, maybe I like it. Just a little. I get out of the car and hum along as I pick up the phone, grateful no one is around. It wouldn’t do for McKee University’s new QB to make a first impression as a 2000s pop lover. I have a reputation from Louisiana State University to uphold.

Cooper’s voice fills my ear, rough and impatient like always, as I walk toward the administrative building. “You here yet?”

“Not near the house. I need to talk to the Dean first, remember?”

He makes an agonized noise that sounds akin to a dying animal. “Dude. We’ve been waiting forever. If you don’t hurry up, I’m taking the owner’s suite.”

“What if I want the owner’s suite?” I hear my other little brother, Sebastian, say in the background.

“That should be for the guy who fucks the most, Sebby,” Coop says. “And you never bring chicks home and James is sworn off the V until he’s in the league, so that leaves me.”

“Age trumps fuckboy status,” I inform him.

“You’re barely older.”

“Irish twins,” I say with a grin, even though Cooper can’t see me. We’re technically not, since we have about two years between us, but our last name’s Callahan and we’re super close, so it’s a joke that’s always stuck around. (Although never in front of our mother, who can make balls shrivel up with a single look.) “Right, baby bro?”

I pull open the door, flashing the receptionist a smile. On the line, Coop and Seb continue to argue. I have it on good authority that my smile makes panties melt away, and this time is no exception. I see the moment the girl—a student worker—flicks her gaze down from my face to my groin.

“Hey, I gotta go. See you soon.” I hang up before Cooper has a chance to try and keep the conversation going. Despite his bluster, I know he won’t pull a move like that without talking to me first. And maybe I will let him have it—he’s right about the fact I’m not letting girls into my life right now. Not if I want to win the national championship and get drafted to the NFL in the first round.

“Hey,” the girl says. “Can I help you?”