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First Love

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Fiona Davenport

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Tucker Carrington knew what true, lasting love looked like. He grew up surrounded by it, but he never expected to feel it for himself when he was only twenty-one. Let alone for Eva Kendall, a girl he’d known since she was born. His best friend’s sister.

Since Eva was too young for him, Tucker had to wait for the right moment to make her his. Heading overseas for his father’s company, the distance didn’t stop him from keeping an eye on Eva. Because she was his first—and forever—love.
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Fiona Davenport



“I’m going to kill Trevor! Ugh!!” Eva yelled as she stomped into the house and slammed the door. I leaned back in my chair and took a sip from my beer, keeping my eyes on the television screen. There was a game on, but I didn’t have a fucking clue what it was or who was playing. My mind had been focused on waiting for Eva to return home from her date. She was home after only a couple of hours. Good.

These days, I wanted to slap myself upside the head for thinking about her so much. Ever since my body started reacting to the womanly curves she’d developed, I tried not to. I was twenty-two, and she was only sixteen, but no matter how much I lectured myself on the fact that I was lusting after a kid—and my best friend’s little sister, no less—my dick still stood at attention every time I saw her full tits, round hips, long legs, or heart-shaped ass.

Speaking of...Eva marched into the den, past where I was sitting, giving me a perfect view of that luscious ass. Shit. I looked at the ceiling and gulped down half my beer while thinking about Trevor in a bikini. Anything disgusting or boring to get my hard on to disappear.

Eva flipped her long, straight blond hair over her shoulder before putting her hands on her hips...hairy legs, spiders, saggy breasts...and stopped in front of her father, Justice. “Where the hell is my jerk of a brother?” she snapped.

“Language, baby girl,” he said with a frown.

She sighed, “Sorry, Daddy. Do you know where my snot-nosed, butthead of a brother is?”

Justice’s lips mashed together, clearly trying to suppress a smile, but the twinkle in his eyes gave away his amusement. “He’s not home, Eva. Why?”

She huffed and threw her arms in the air. “My date was practically shaking in his boots when we left the house! He wouldn’t touch me—he barely even looked at me the whole time we were out! Then he came up with some lame excuse to bring me home right after the movie when we were supposed to go to dinner.”

I couldn’t see her face, but it was clear that Justice’s attempt to hide his glee at this news had failed when she folded her arms and stomped her foot. “Stop it, Daddy! This isn’t funny! If Trevor doesn’t stop scaring my dates, I’m going to die an old maid—and if you say one word about that being okay with you, I’m telling Mom.”

That got him to wipe his expression clean real fast, and I had to fight not to laugh. Justice was one of my dad’s best friends, so our families had spent a lot of time together growing up. Trevor and I found it hilarious that our fathers were completely whipped by their wives. Not that I blamed them. When my mom was mad at me, I went running in the opposite direction. Anything to avoid her wrath or, worse, her disappointment.

“I’ll have a talk with him, baby girl,” Justice promised. “Trevor will leave your dates alone from now on, okay?”

Eva bent down and threw her arms around her dad...for fuck’s sake, Tucker, get your mind and your eyes off this little girl’s ass! After she hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, she stood and spun around. By the look of surprise on her face and the twin spots of pink that bloomed on her cheeks, she obviously hadn’t noticed me before. “Hi, Tucker,” she said softly, smiling sweetly. Her rosebud lips were plump, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t stop picturing them wrapped around my dick.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. It was a really good thing that I was leaving in a month. I needed to get away from temptation before I did something really stupid. It didn’t help that I knew Eva had a crush on me. Unfortunately, my attempts to control myself around her often made me look like a complete asshole. Particularly when I made an effort to treat her like a kid—as a reminder to myself that she was off-limits.

I swallowed hard and managed to smile back without leering. I didn’t want her dad catching on to my lust and kicking my ass from Manhattan to Connecticut. “Hey, Eva-bear.” She gave me a cute little scowl at the use of the nickname I’d given her when she was six.

“I’m sixteen years old, Tucker. Don’t you think it’s time to start treating me like an adult?”

I snorted, earning another glare. “When you start acting like one, maybe I will.”

Eva growled and stomped her foot in frustration. I gestured to the floor and arched a brow. “Kinda proving my point there, Eva-bear.”

She turned her head to look at her dad, probably expecting him to defend her, but he shook his head and smiled regretfully. “Sorry, baby girl. I’d rather you not grow up at all, so I’m not going to encourage it. And perhaps if you stopped dating punk-ass boys who aren’t good enough for you…though I will tell Tucker to stop baiting you if that helps.” Eva didn’t hide her feelings for me very well, and I knew that while Justice hated to see his little girl hurt, he appreciated my attempts to quell her crush.