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Flick (King's Descendants MC #2)

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Bella Jewel

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Alarick ‘Flick’ has dealt with an array of things in his life.
His father disappearing. His mother dying. Becoming the President of his club. His world isn’t always easy.
It’s certainly not simple. But he knows how to handle it. There isn’t a single thing he can’t deal with…until now.
Bodies are showing up on his doorstep. People are uncovering lie upon lie. Those he trusts are making him doubt. Danger is lurking every corner.
He’s trapped between wanting to protect those he loves, and wanting to find out the truth. The woman he cares most about in the world is treading on dangerous grounds, and he can do nothing to stop her.
If he doesn’t find a solution soon, more lives will end. The terror will continue.
How the hell is he supposed to fix what’s broken, when he can’t even find the crack? How the hell is he supposed to protect his club, when everything he thought he knew is revealing itself to be a lie?
Alarick knows one thing is for certain, whatever monster is out there… It hasn’t met him yet.
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King's Descendants MC Series by Bella Jewel

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Bella Jewel



I look into my dad’s eyes and my heart thuds against my chest. My ribcage feels like there is no way it’ll be strong enough to hold it. No way it’ll keep me intact. My eyes move over the bloody mess that is the man who raised me, battered and bruised, fingers dripping with blood. He holds my eyes with desperation, a look that pleads with me to understand.

Pleads with me to get it.

“You’re makin’ a mistake, Dad,” I say, my fists clenched by my side. “I’m not fuckin’ ready for this.”

“You are ready,” he growls, his panting suddenly becoming drowned out by the wheezing of his labored breaths. He’s going to pass out soon, I know he is, and when he does, I’m going to have to do the thing I am most afraid of in the world.

Lie to fucking everyone I love.

Lie to the brotherhood that has come to trust me almost as much as him.

“I’m not fuckin’ ready.”

My voice is strained and frustrated. My head is spinning. My life has already been turned upside down, Briella is gone and nothing is making sense to me anymore. Now this. Now him.

“You don’t get a choice,” he growls, then coughs, blood splattering across the sidewalk in front of him. “I’m not givin’ you an option here, Alarick. You’re takin’ over this club, it’s yours now, and you’re goin’ to do what I’m askin’ you to do. This is important to me, more important than you’ll ever begin to understand. I need you to step up.”

“You want me to fuckin’ lie to them all,” I bark, shaking my head in frustration. “You want me to go in there on false grounds and lie. They find out I lied, I’ll never be respected again.”

“Trust me on this, will you, boy?”

I grind my teeth. “You’re not going to give me a choice.”

“I have to do this. Have to fuckin’ do this. You need to understand and respect that. I don’t need you questionin’ me, I just need you to make this real.”

Make it real.

He wants me to make it so fucking real everyone believes it.

He wants me to spin their worlds until they’re so dizzy they don’t look through the gaps and find the lie.

He wants me to walk in there, take over that club, and move on with my life.

A life that will be lived without him.

He wants me to do the unthinkable.

“I have nobody else,” I say, my voice rough and jagged around the edges, much like him.

My father, King, steps forward and puts his hands on my shoulders. He’s crumpled over, he’s exhausted, and if he does manage to live through this, I’m not going to know about it.

“You’re the best fuckin’ thing in my world, Alarick. You and Sissy are goin’ to be just fine without me. I have to find my answers, this is the only way I can do that. I’m in danger, and I’m not goin’ to put the club in danger because of my actions. If I’m gone, they’re goin’ to back off you. If I’m gone, you start again clean.”

“If you’re gone, I’m fuckin’ alone ...”

He leans forward, pressing his head against mine. I can smell the scent of bitter blood wafting over my face, but I don’t move back.

I can’t fucking move back.

“I’m proud of you, boy. I love you. This club is yours, and I know you’re goin’ to do right by it.”

I step back and look at my father, I take him in, and I pray he’ll fucking walk out of this alive.

Then I turn and walk away from him.

I know what I have to do.

He knows what I have to do.

I just don’t know if I can stand here a second longer.

“I love you, my boy,” he calls out, and then I hear him cough again.

So forcefully I wonder if I turn back, he’ll actually be dead.

On the ground, drowning in his own blood.

I don’t look back.

I put one foot in front of the other and keep walking forward.

I’ll walk all the way into the club and tell them the lie.

The lie that’ll change everything.

I’m going to tell them King is dead.

I’m going to tell them that, I, Alarick, will be the new president.

I’m going to lie to every single one of them.

And pray they never find out.



It has been four weeks since I got Rupert removed from my brain.

Four, long, frustrating weeks.

You could say I’m irritated because for the first two weeks, I couldn’t do anything, and then for the last two weeks, all I could do was think about King. My mind has been a scramble ever since the night he came into the hospital. I’ve wanted to ask so many questions, but he asked me not to tell anyone, so that’s exactly what I’ve done.