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Forever (Broken #3)

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The honeymoon period for Nathan and Gwen is over, their babies growing and their careers running full steam ahead. Some would say communication is the key to a successful relationship but for a man that never had to communicate and a woman that needs it too much, how will they succeed? The challenges they face, the little free time they have and the call of their children cause problems in their efforts. Is their love strong enough to face it all or will circumstance and outside forces tear them apart?
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Broken Series by A.E. Murphy

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Chapter One


Something crashes; it sounds like Dillan’s toy train against the door. At least I hope it’s his toy train. The destructive little sod that he is has broken more dishes than we own.

“He’s possessed.” I hear Nathan yell and smile when tiny feet hammer across the wooden floor, followed by the sound of larger ones. Dillan’s little giggle echoes through the large house. Snort. “He’s possessed!”

“I heard you!” I shout down the stairs, stifling my laughter. I gently ease Emily, our gorgeous one-year-old baby girl, out of her cot bed and carry her down the stairs.

“Mama,” she coos softly and rests her head on my shoulder. Her fingers go to her mouth and she sucks on them as we watch Dillan race through the hallway, his little bare butt wriggling as he passes. His laughter is evil. He knows exactly how much trouble he’s causing. He just loves to wind up his daddy.

“I swear on all that is holy…” Nathan stops beside me and we both watch Dillan slam the kitchen door. He sighs and turns me into his arms, squishing Emily between us. She squawks uncomfortably so I place her on the ground and tilt my head back to receive his kiss. “You need to go.”

“I know.” I press my lips to his and smile when I feel his fingers drift over my cheek and into my hair. “Will you be okay?”

“Uh-oh.” Emily sounds and Nathan stiffens.

“You little…!”

I turn and pinch my lips together when I see Dillan holding his top up with his hands, releasing a stream of pee aimed at the wall by the kitchen door.

He takes off running, giggling like the crazy little bugger that he is.

“Dillan.” I chastise. “Now daddy is going to have to bleach everything!”

I grab Emily before she can crawl to the puddle and splash in it. Yes, this has happened before.

“He’ll be potty trained soon. Keep persevering.” I assure Nathan, who has Dillan in his outstretched arms.

Nathan glares at me so I take this as my cue to leave.

“I love you!” I yell at them all before depositing Emily on the floor and rushing from the house.

Today is my First day training to be a chef after leaving Valentine’s only three weeks ago. I’ve only been working part time since Emily became eight months old so I know how challenging this new venture is going to be.

Kerim Dal, the leading chef in the UK is training me. ME! He’s a culinary genius. I’ve tried and tested ninety percent of his recipes and I issue my stamp of approval for everything but one weird minty aubergine creation. I wasn’t a fan of that one but I’m sure if I had the taste buds for it I would have loved it.

If I could happy squeal and clap my hands while driving, I would so do that right now.

It’s not until I’ve pulled up outside the restaurant ‘Little Ambrosia’ that my nerves really begin to kick in. The building is fancy, huge and… did I say fancy? For an untrained chef to start here is unreal. I am extremely fortunate.

My phone vibrates in my pocket and I pull it out, using the moment of distraction to collect myself.

Sasha: You got this.

Mum: Bring me the leftovers.

Nathan: We love you. I love you and I am so proud of you.

Nathan’s is the only one I respond to.

Gwen: Thank you Spongebob. <3

Tucking my phone into my bag, I climb out of my car and make my way to the entrance. According to the instructions I received, an outfit will be waiting for me in the staffroom by the kitchen.

Where’s the kitchen?

The lobby is huge; the walls are little more than glass panel doors with net curtains drawn to the sides. I move to the first set that leads into the large room. It stinks of money. The theme seems very royal and flowery. Heavy-looking chairs surround large round tables that are surrounded by smaller round tables. There are no booths here but there are tables in the corner, partially hidden beyond six-foot-tall dividers that offer a little more privacy.

“No!” I hear bellowed and a pan clatters loudly from the back of the room. I spot the kitchen through a large gap in the wall. Of course the kitchen staff will be open to view. That doesn’t make me more nervous at all. “You don’t put sweet potatoes and parsnips in with lamb. It’s too sweet!”

My teeth find my lower lip and bite down hard. My feet suddenly feel leaden. I’m not sure I can move.

Gwen: This place is legit cool. It’s like… billion-dollar cool.

Sasha: And Nathan hasn’t taken you yet?

I watch as two men in chef’s whites wave frantically at each other and shout in another language as a female in a matching white double breasted coat stirs something in a pan over one of the many stoves. My mouth drops open when the man on the left, who I recognise as Kerim Dal, grabs the guy on the right, who I think is his Executive chef and cousin – thank you Wikipedia – and throws him three feet backwards before throwing another dish at the wall. A dish full of food. Is this how they behave when the restaurant is full?