Forgive Me My Sins (Augustine Brothers #1) Read Online Natasha Knight

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I’m not supposed to fall in love with my husband. It’s not part of my plan.

Forgive me.

Those were the first words Santos Augustine spoke to me before we sealed an unbreakable oath. A contract signed in blood binding me to him as payment for my father’s sins.

Wearing the mask of legitimacy, this powerful crime family has returned to Avarice to punish those who have wronged them and take what they’ve always been denied, a place among the elite.

Forced to marry my enemy, I’m thrust into his world of secrets and betrayals.

My husband is a dangerous man. And he has dangerous enemies. But it’s when I’m attacked that his fury is unleashed.

It’s then I see what it means to belong to Santos Augustine.

And although I know the safest place for me is in his bed, I can’t let myself fall in love with my husband.

*Please note this age-gap, arranged marriage mafia romance contains references to past self-harm.

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Present Day

* * *

“Forgive me.”

They were the first words he spoke to me. I can still hear them, still see the look in his eyes as he took my hand and said them. I couldn’t turn away from him.

Not until I saw the flash of the blade he produced out of nowhere.

I blink, and the room comes into focus. I open my hand to trace the thin scar across my palm, the raised flesh bumpy. Does his match mine?

The surprise of it had shocked me at first, then the pain. The latter should have been familiar, but strangely, it wasn’t. It depends on who’s holding the knife, I guess.

A key turning in the lock on my door disrupts my thoughts and draws me into the present. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror, dark hair around a too-pale face and eyes lined heavily with black. Little Kitty, he calls me. It sounds almost tender, but it’s not. It’s his mockery of me.

I don’t have time to think about it as Sister Catherine opens the door, the key dangling from a chain at her belt. She never has bothered to knock. I brush my hair and watch her in the mirror as she surveys the room. My bags are packed, and I’m sure she can’t wait to be rid of me.

Behind her, Mr. Abbot, the groundskeeper, stands in the doorway.

“Take it all down,” she tells him sharply. “Load it into the car.”

My heart thuds against my chest because it’s time. This is it.

“Not that one,” I say, pointing to the oversized, still-unzipped tote on the bed. It’s the one with the things I actually care about.

Mr. Abbot looks to Sister Catherine, who shrugs and approaches me. She takes the brush from my hand and stands directly behind me at the vanity. I watch Mr. Abbot sling my duffel bag over his shoulder and lift the two suitcases. They have wheels, but he carries them anyway.

“Goodbye, Mr. Abbot,” I call out. He pauses at the door and glances at Sister Catherine, who tugs too hard on my hair. He gives me a small but warm smile.

He was always kind to me.

The door closes, and I look up at Sister Catherine’s pursed face. It’s not quite resting bitch face—more of a forever-constipated face. I mentioned once they have things you can buy over the counter for that. She did not appreciate it. Remembering the moment makes me smile.

“We should have had this cut,” she says, tugging the brush through.

“Too late,” I say with a smirk. She’s made sure I knew exactly what a burden I was from day one. Exactly what she thought of my kind, as she put it, and I always reminded her how easily she took money from my kind.

My kind being my fiancé, the heir to a crime family. This was where the Augustine protection had come in handy. She had limited power over me. I could say what I wanted to say, and all she could do was lock me in my room and deprive me of dinner as punishment. Yes, she’d made the last two years of my life as hellish as she could, but she couldn’t really touch me. I’ve survived worse than her.

I wince as she tugs and pulls, but I bear it. My eyes fill up, but I don’t let a single tear fall.

“You’ll do well to remember to keep your mouth shut with your husband.”

“He’s not my husband yet,” I say, earning another tug. I turn the diamond ring on my finger, trying to keep my face neutral, trying not to show how anxious I feel—how much I dread what’s to come. Because it’s only a matter of time until he is my husband, and there’s no way out of it.

She puts the brush down and sets her hands at her back.“Stand up.”

I glimpse the thin leather strap that hangs from her belt, which is another thing I was protected from. I’ve seen what she’s capable of doing with that strap.

I stand, turning to face her. I’m taller than her, and she doesn’t much like it.

She looks me over, and I want to ask her why she hates me. Why she hasn’t helped me once or offered even the smallest comfort. It’s not like I chose this, or like I can stop it.

No one can.

Because five years ago, I was promised to Santos Augustine. We signed the contract in blood, mine and his, while our families watched.

I touch my thumb to the scar as Sister Catherine’s hard gaze meets mine. I press my fingernail into it, the pain grounding me.

She looks me over, likely making sure I’m wearing the dress I’ve been told to wear. I am. She nods and turns to walk out. “Come.”

I put my brush into the bag on the bed and zip it, slinging it over my shoulder then following her out of the room that’s been my prison and my sanctuary for the last two years. I don’t look back. I can’t.