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Gage (Men of Honor #1)

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Gage Sievers is a man very much in love with his wife. As a man who ticks all the boxes for every woman’s ideal, he’s had his share of admirers, but none more forceful than the widow whose finances he was in charge of after her elderly husband’s death. Gage had no interest in the woman and thought that like the others before her she’d take a hint and move it along, but he didn’t bank on her persistence. Now he finds himself in the precarious position of having to protect his more timid wife and marriage from the man eating vixen who seems obsessed with him.
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Men of Honor Series by Jordan Silver

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* * *

My wife is a very delicate woman. She’s soft-spoken, demure, and extremely shy. You know, delicate, just like I said. She also has the stature to go right along with that disposition, she tops off at just over five foot two to my six one.

She’s my little doll. With big cornflower blue eyes, a heart shaped mouth that looks like it should be in magazine ads, slightly rounded cheeks and straight as a pin white blonde hair that took me a while to believe didn’t come out of a bottle in a high priced salon somewhere.

She’s one of those beauties that looks like she still belongs in the classroom. We get a lot of looks because of that let me tell you. Her shy reticence always gives people the wrong idea, not to mention the way she clings to me when we’re out and about in public. Along with this, she also has self-esteem issues.

No matter how much I try talking to her nothing works. It’s like all my praise and reassurance goes in one ear and out the other. I’ve since accepted that telling someone they’re worthy, isn’t as affective as showing them. So I try to show her by example. I always do little things to let her know that she’s my precious girl.

On the other hand, this all works to my benefit, the fact that she’s shy and unassuming. Because I’m one of those men that need to be in control at all times. I need to control everything and everyone around me.

Who don’t like that about me, can do one of three things. Fuck off, go fuck themselves, or get fucked. Which is what I usually say to anyone who talks about my arrogance and blah, blah- blah. I’m not arrogant, I just know what the fuck I like and when people try forcing their shit on me, it don’t fly, so they catch attitude. Fuck them!

Anyway, back to my wife. She’s somehow got it into her head that she’s not good enough for me, that I could do better and would if she wasn’t in the picture. But nothing could be further from the truth. I think she’s just about the closest thing to perfect as she can get, just perfect for me anyway.

I don’t get how she can’t see just how well we mesh. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have worked this well with anyone else, that she’s absolutely it for me. Because of her shy, unassuming personality, it has been more than easy for me to mold her, to bring her around to my way of doing things; especially when it comes to fucking.

Like now! I’m straddling her chest with my cock in her mouth while she bobs her head back and forth. Her arms and legs are tied to the four corners of the bed, and she’s blindfolded, while I feed her my cock, little by little.

She’s slobbering and drooling all down her chin because my pre-cum flows like a tsunami every time she puts her mouth on me. She has to crook her neck so that she can suck me off the way I like because it’s not easy getting all eleven inches in from this angle.

Then again she can’t swallow much of me from any angle. I sometimes have to be very careful not to tear her little mouth with my width, but I can’t go a day without her sucking me off so she finds herself in this position quite often.

“Hold.” Her head stopped moving and I grabbed two fistfuls of her hair as I proceeded to face fuck her nice and slow at first before picking up speed. She’s humming and moaning around my cock already, as is to be expected. You see; this is the only time that she comes out of her shell.

All that shy reserve disappears without a trace once I get her flat on her back or up on her knees. All it takes is one look at my hard cock and she becomes damn near mindless, just the way I like it. At least in the sack!

That Ivy League education and all the etiquette classes fall by the wayside and die a quick death as soon as she gets anywhere near my dick on hard. I hissed and went from pulling her hair to caressing her head as she licked and sucked my cock like she was searching for sustenance.

It wasn’t long before I had most of my cock’s length halfway down her throat, “breathe,” I didn’t stop fucking into her mouth because she’d learned months ago how to breathe while my cock was trying to drill holes in her neck.

“That’s it, that’s my good girl!” My praise only made her want to do more to please me and she went to town on my cock, showing me what she could do and how willing she is to please me. I stroked my cock from the base to where it met her mouth, almost jerking off in her mouth while she made hungry feeding noises around my dick.