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Layla Payne
Tattoo artist, Ares Hood. He always had the kind of name that was meant for the bedroom. Yet, I wasn’t the type of woman to make it easy for a man. Some might call me a tease, but I like to think I’m just a fast learner when it comes to everything in life … Except him. Ares and his crazy cousins have these naughty days they celebrate, so when I need his help, I’m almost convinced we can be more. As kids, I was infatuated with him. As young adults, I kind of loathed him. Now we’re grown and I’ve got little room for games, especially his kind.

Ares Hood
Interior designer, Layla Payne. Her last name should have been all the hint I needed. Keeping a complication like her in my life is bad for health … And my rep. Funny thing is, I’ve always enjoyed a good chase, and there was none more elusive than Layla. She thinks she has me pegged, but she can’t handle the real me. As kids, I loved her. As young adults, I sort of hated her. Now we’re grown and I’ve got some confessions to get off of my chest.

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Grown Folks Confession #1: When you’re young, it’s all about sex. When you’re older, it’s still about sex, just throw in some WD40 and a cigar afterwards and you’re good to go.


“Cuzzo, why the fuck are you so late?” my cousin, Midas, asked rhetorically. “We never get to mack on the good hunnies ’cause you take too goddamn long on your fit.”

“Mack on the hunnies?” Laughing, I waved him off as I smoothed out my black velour tracksuit. “You’ve been listening to Unc talk too damn much. Starting to sound just like him.”

“I mean that shit,” he said, ushering me to the back door of where the entrance to tonight’s house party was at and shaking his head as he popped the collar of my jacket. “And why the hell are you wearing these hot ass clothes?”

“Because I waited in line too damn long to get this Sean John fit to let it go to waste until the winter. It’s only sixty out, so I’m good.”

He snorted. “Yo ass is ’bout to be sweatin’ in seconds at this damn party. Er’body in the city is here tonight.”

Midas was exaggerating like he always did. Detroit was buzzing, but there were hella house parties going on this weekend. Today was the last day of school and officially marked the start of my junior year of high school.

I’d also lied though, because the real reason I was late wasn’t because of picking out my clothes. It was because I’d gotten into an argument with my dad, per usual. Since Midas was my cousin, I didn’t need him in my business, especially when my brothers, Theseus and Eros, hadn’t understood when I tried to explain it to them. Theseus had been about to head out with Constantine, Midas' older brother, so he wasn’t listening to shit I was saying. And Eros was being … Eros. Moody and to himself.

Ever since I was old enough to take the bus by myself, I’d worked at The Palace, home of the Detroit Pistons, while my brothers had worked with my dad at his auto shop. After the biggest fight in NBA history against the Pistons and the Indiana Pacers, it seemed every dude I knew had been trying to work there, yet I was one of the lucky fuckers who already had a job at The Palace, having started when I hit double digits by helping one of my uncles clean the stadiums.

It hadn’t mattered to my dad that I picked a different job, probably because he wanted me out of his hair anyway and had liked that I at least worked with a family member. But, lately, with The Palace cutting back employee hours and my uncle losing his job, my dad had been on my ass about quitting and working with him and my brothers.

Truth was, except for my mom, no one in my family really understood me, and lately, shit was just feeling different. Like I didn’t belong in the family of the people who’d known me my entire life. They were good people, but that was just it.

They were respectable human beings.

And my ass couldn’t help but get into trouble.

“Ares, you comin’ in or what?”

I lightly shook my head to clear my thoughts. “Yeah, but you’re right, I’m already hot as hell.”

We were both laughing as I removed my jacket, leaving me in a white tee as we entered the overcrowded house party, all eyes on the two of us. I was used to the attention. So was Midas. Hell, most of my family turned heads whenever we showed up someplace.

We were Hoods, and in Detroit, us Hoods were legendary whether for reasons we wanted to be known for, or for shit we would rather take to our graves. All of our Greek names were pretty damn unforgettable, too. Legend had it, great-great-great-great-grandpa was a pirate out of St. Thomas Virgin Islands in the early 18th century whose African family had arrived there shortly after he was born. Back then, St Thomas was one of the most feared pirate lairs led by a pirate-friendly governor who often offered refuge to some of the most notorious pirates in our history.