Hard for You (Poison Wolves MC #1) Read Online Sam Crescent

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No one will ever face the Poison Wolves MC and live...

Amelia isn’t liked by her pack. As a vegan, animal lover, and completely against violence, she doesn’t fit in with her fellow wolves. They’ve been trying to get her removed from the pack, but the Poison Wolves MC won’t allow it.
Wolfe has wanted Amelia for some time. There’s just something about the sexy, curvy wolf that he can’t get out of his head. When hunters come close, it’s their job to protect. And after Amelia finds someone lurking near her home, the MC puts a protection detail on her.

It’s Wolfe’s opportunity to finally have her to himself. But she’s a virgin. He’s never been with a virgin, and now, he considers it his job to make it right, to show her every carnal desire.

As the days go by without sightings, Wolfe has to wonder if she lied about seeing something in the woods. Is her life in danger? Or did she just want the attention?

Amelia has never sought out the pack’s attention, and she didn’t lie about the threat. Danger awaits, but will it be too late for Wolfe to save her?

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Chapter One

It wasn’t unusual to see the Poison Wolves President angry. Alpha was pissed off because, once again, the beta team fucked up. The man securing the left side of their land had been too preoccupied with getting his dick sucked by a biker groupie, and now, they had a team of humans hunting on their land. There was nothing Alpha hated more than humans. He couldn’t stand them.

Wolfe watched as Alpha slammed his fist into the beta’s face. The man was completely out of his depth.

When the man requested to join the second-level support beta team, Wolfe knew it was a mistake. Josh was always messing up. He was known for hunting for pussy. Being part of the Poison Wolves had been his primary target, but he didn’t have the alpha trait inside him. Not like all the guys who were part of the primary MC club.

Not like him, Alpha, Draco, Enzo, Boyan, and the list could go on and on. The Poison Wolves MC kept control of the pack. Alpha was their leader, and they answered to him. His word was law within the pack.

It had helped them to survive and to ward off any chance of extinction from their enemies, and they had plenty of them.

They didn’t have time for this. The pack had been put on alert, which meant everyone was sent home while they dealt with the problem. Wolfe was pissed off. He’d just gotten off a three-day ride. No sleep, no food, and he was hungry, dirty, and in need of a shower and food, lots and lots of food.

Instead, he had to deal with another guy’s incompetence. Another reason to be totally angry today.

If Alpha asked him to deal with Josh, the bastard wasn’t making it home alive.

Being the VP, he could hurt, hunt, and kill. Right now, snapping the little shit’s neck felt like a good idea. He wanted to. Oh, boy, did he want to.

Hunters on their land was serious business. None of them found this funny, or even remotely entertaining. A few years ago, hunters had been on their land, and a couple who had recently mated were out enjoying the heat—Draco and his mate.

The human hunter shot the female wolf. She died within minutes as he’d gotten her in the neck, one of the few areas they were vulnerable. Then they had to deal with the carnage that ensued. Alpha had no choice but to keep Draco close. It had taken months of chaining him up, trying to keep his rage under control. At one point, Alpha had to consider killing him.

That was a bad day.

Instead, Draco showed his worth to the pack. He got his savagery under control and now served as one of them. Of course, when it came to humans, Draco wasn’t … he wasn’t a big fan. Kind of like Alpha. Neither of them could stand humans.

If the hunters didn’t leave soon, another bloodbath was going to happen.

Not only would he have three days of dirt to wash off, it would also be more blood. Yay. Blood was harder to get out of his clothes and his flesh.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. She was there and her mouth, fuck me, Alpha, you’ve got to test her out. Her mouth is a fucking dream. The best dick-sucking a guy could ask for.”

Josh was not helping himself.

Another fist to the face, and this time, it knocked him clean out.

“Take him to the cages. He doesn’t get food until I say so,” Alpha said.

Rocco and Gray grabbed Josh, lifting his body and dragging him away.

“Wolfe, Draco, you’re with me.” Alpha shook his fingers, and now they were on the hunt.

Why couldn’t he have picked one of the other guys? Why did it have to be him?

Instead of showering and eating, he was heading deep into the forest. It was dark, and none of them spoke as they hunted.

Their senses were a hundred times better than any human. He breathed in the air and knew a couple of bunnies were running around a few feet away. A few deer were sipping at the lake. There was a fox in the distance. The forest was alive.

And … he heard the hunters as well. They were not too far from the town, which fucking sucked. He wasn’t in the mood to kill.

Anger raced down his spine as he listened. They were attempting to hunt deer, and that pissed Wolfe off. No one hunted on their land but them, and deer were protected.

Thinking of the deer reminded him of Amelia Stokes. The town’s only vegan. Yes, a female wolf vegan who had gotten the town to sign a petition that stopped them hunting fucking deer.

Not that he had enjoyed eating living flesh or knowing that he had. He’d been turning into a wolf for so long, he knew everything he did. He felt his wolf deep in his soul, and they had standards. Providing it was completely cooked through, he’d eat it. He hated medium rare or rare—fucking gross.