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Your first love is not always the first person you kiss.
It’s the one you compare to everyone else.
The one you can’t forget.
The one you never got over.
Luke Harris left the small Texas town he grew up in fourteen years ago, walking away from the only girl he ever loved.
Now he’s a rock star cardiologist in the heart of L.A.
He has it all;
The money.
The house in the hills.
The fancy car.
The success.
But his world’s about to be rocked when the one who got away drops a bomb in his lap.
Small town girl Sarah Harris never got over him.
She knew she married the wrong brother, but built a simple life for her and her daughter, despite her broken heart.
When Sarah’s forced to reveal her deepest secret, she needs to trust the man who let her down.
Sins from the past always find a way of catching up to us. But sometimes it’s the innocent who pays.

***Heart is a re-release of my Drazen World K!ndle Worlds Novella. New cover, new names and minor details, same title, same steamy hotness!***



I notice her the moment I walk in. She’s quite hard to miss with that sexy-as-fuck, curvy-in-all-the-right-places body of hers. I imagine clutching those long golden locks in my fists as I tip her head back and look into her sweet blue eyes. Her bright smile, her beautiful girl next-door appearance causes everyone to stop and take notice, but it’s her kindness that draws me to her. I’ve known her for a long time, and not once have I seen her judge or be mean to another person.

An infectious smile brightens her face as she throws her head back to laugh at something one of her girlfriends just whispered in her ear. That smile could bring any strong man to his knees. I pause in the doorway, not to scout out the place, but because I need a moment to catch my breath at the sight of her. She’s a perfect fantasy—wrapped up in a package that screams “badass” from her tight blue skinny jeans hugging her body in all the right places, down to the genuine snakeskin cowboy boots. Her full round breasts—the ones I fantasize about every night, are barely contained in the tight little black V-neck T-shirt she’s wearing. Her natural beauty doesn’t require makeup, but she usually wears just a little.

I’m mesmerized as her soft blonde locks fall around her face when she throws back a shot of some fiery liquid. She slams the empty glass on the bar and places the back of her hand over her scrunched up mouth—letting out the cutest giggle. I can’t hear it from where I stand, but I know exactly what it sounds like. What I wouldn’t give to be able to hear that sound every day for the rest of my life.

Her blue eyes sparkle when she lifts her head up and glances across the bar, catching me gawking. She breaks into a slow, sexy grin and waves me over, but my feet feel like they’re cemented to the sawdust-covered floor. My chest tightens, and all the oxygen is sucked from the room when she smiles at me.

Reality smacks me like a slap in the face when someone sidles up behind her, wraps his arms around her tiny waist, and nuzzles his face into her neck. The delusional part of my brain wants to grab the guy and pummel his face into the edge of the bar, but the rational part knows that it wouldn’t be right to do that to my brother, or his girlfriend of three years.

The girl who is off limits to me.

The girl I just spent an inappropriate amount of time drooling over.

I greet a few people as I make my way over to the corner of the bar where Ben and Sarah mingle. Ben slaps me on the back and hands me a shot of whiskey.

“What’s up, baby brother?” he slurs, clearly already three sheets to the wind.

The atmosphere is buzzing, and the whiskey is flowing at The Bar tonight. Yes, that’s the actual name of this establishment here in Jackson, Texas—population:1,819— where I reside.

Not for much longer!

I guess it’s meant to be some ode to Billy Joel, considering all his music memorabilia plastered all over the wood-paneled walls. You’d think it would have a cowboy theme, but the owner, Hank, is originally from New York, so I guess it makes sense to him.

The Bar is the only place in this tiny town to hide away and drown your sorrows on a Friday night. It’s usually what you’d find me doing. Tonight, however, everyone is here to celebrate, and to say goodbye to the Harris brothers.

Ben, my kid brother by two years, is leaving Monday for his first tour of duty in Afghanistan, and I’m beginning the next phase of my education at Stanford School of Medicine.