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Colette Moore is set to inherit one of the biggest studios in Hollywood. She grew up out of the spotlight but now that she’s taken on a new role in the company, she has to learn to deal with the drama. Like mixing business with pleasure.

Tyson Grant is one of the top agents in the business, with a reputation for getting the job done. He’s a Hollywood insider who knows everyone in town. Or that’s what he thought before he finally meets the only person who matters.

Warning: We hope you’re in the mood for an over-the-top hero who has his eye on the prize, and will do whatever it takes—including kidnapping—to acquire her. Because this Hollywood with Alexa Riley story will hold you captive.
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Chapter 1


“This is all going to be yours someday.” My dad smiles as he spreads his arms wide. For the past decade, he’s kept his private life—which only consisted of me—separate from the professional. But after I graduated from college last month, it was as though a switch had been flipped and he couldn’t wait to immerse me in the business he’d been running on his own after my mom died.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were of running around the studio backlot while my mom soothed ruffled feathers on set. She had been the delicate touch that had softened my dad’s rough edges. The perfect partner to help him run the studio. A terrific wife. And the absolute best mom.

With her gone, my dad hired a nanny to take care of me after school. Then another to help on the nights when he had to work late. There was also a driver to take me to and from the private, all-girls school he enrolled me in from seventh grade through high school. And a chef to make sure I had a well-balanced diet. He had to hire an entire team to take care of all of the things my mom used to do for me on a daily basis. She had been just that awesome.

But even with all those people taking care of the day-to-day stuff, I wasn’t a poor little rich girl with a parent who didn’t care. My dad always made time for his little princess. He went to all of my piano recitals, started the standing ovation when I gave the valedictorian speech at high school graduation, and took me on lavish trips during spring breaks. He also hooked me up with coveted internships in New York the past few summers.

The only thing he didn’t do was let me near anything connected to Grier Studios. He kept me out of the limelight. No movie premiers. No stories in the gossip rags. As far as he was concerned, I was untouchable. I always figured it was his way of protecting me because he’d never recovered from the loss of my mom.

But now I am all grown up, with a bachelors degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Even with with a double major in business administration and film studies, I managed to graduate a semester early. I’ve also racked up job offers from all across the country over the past two months, including from a couple of his biggest competitors. My dad won’t hear of me accepting any of them. The thought of me moving away is the kick in the butt my dad needed to lift the ban from me being connected to the family business. He’s quickly warmed to the idea of me working alongside him, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

I drop down onto the leather couch against the wall across from his desk and kick off my heels. He’d taken me on a tour of the entire studio property, which seemed at least twice as big as I remembered. We’d used a cart to drive between buildings on the backlot, but my feet are still killing me. “It’s incredible how big the studio has gotten. You’ve accomplished a lot, Dad.”

“I’m sure what I’ve done will pale in comparison to what you’ll achieve after you take over.” He sits down in the leather club chair facing me. “You got your drive from me, your heart from your mom, and your brains from both of us. I have no doubt you’ll make Grier Studios the biggest studio in the United States.”

“Only because you’ve clawed your way into the top five already. You’ve set me up for success.” My dad had three of the biggest movie releases in the last five years. He’d earned two Best Picture awards. People were already talking about his next blockbuster release coming out this summer. Grier Studios was a big enough name in the game now that A-list actors were knocking on his door to get cast in the leading role for his projects. “And it’ll be a long time before you hand those reins over. By then, you will probably have gotten us there already.”

“With both of us putting a hundred and ten percent into the studio at the same time?” He kicks back in his chair and grins. “I see great things in the near future for Grier Studios.”

I return his smile, but I am more than a little worried by the whole one-hundred-and-ten-percent thing. I don’t have a problem with working hard, but I want more in my life than just business. I want to be successful, but I also want to find someone to love. To build a meaningful relationship with. To become a loving wife and mother, finding the perfect balance like my mom had done.

I’m not sure my dad is ready to hear that since he hasn’t just kept me out of the media’s eyes all these years—he’s also made sure I was so busy that I never had time to date. I’ve lived a very sheltered life, even in college, and now I am ready to spread my wings in more than just my work life. I figure now is as good a time as any to broach the topic of my dating life but am interrupted by a soft rapping sound at the door.