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Hiding his true form while living among humans on Earth is not easy, but for thirteen years, Axil Monroe and his four brothers have done it. That is until an enticing, infuriating female moves in next door.
All Vanessa Bradford wants is to become a successful actress, or successful enough to pay the rent on her tiny L.A. apartment. When she receives another rejection, she wonders why she’s still trying, and a call from her sister only makes things worse. Her dear Aunt Franny has passed away, and she has to travel to her humble hometown in New Hampshire––a place she hoped to never see again.
Trauma from her past catches up immediately, forcing her to face pain and injustice she has yet to process. When she discovers she has inherited Aunt Franny’s house, and the obnoxiously loud man who lives next door with his brothers, she feels utterly defeated.
Now she’s stuck in a place she hates with a house she doesn’t want that is in need of repairs she can’t afford. Then she finds a series of letters Aunt Franny left her, scattered around the property, sending her on a treasure hunt for a pile of cash.
The only problem? She needs Axil’s help to solve the riddles that take her to the next clue, and he’s the last person she wants to be around.
As Axil and Vanessa spend time together, Vanessa begins to question the direction her life is heading, and what true happiness for her would look like. Will she find everything she’s been missing in the boy next door?

*Her Alien Neighbor is the first installment in the Stranded on Earth series, featuring a plus size, 37-year-old woman running from her painful past. But when a death in the family forces her to return home, the one place she never wants to see again, she realizes it’s time to confront her pain. And the cute guy next door is very eager to help.
If you like huge, sexy aliens, enemies to lovers, steamy love scenes, and happily ever afters, you’ll love this series!




The women who buy themselves fresh flowers every week have their shit together. I am not one of them, but that doesn’t stop me from perusing the flower section of the grocery store, searching for an affordable bouquet that isn’t already wilting. I’m desperate to become the kind of woman who is financially stable enough to have a cart full of ingredients for healthy meals, with a bright bouquet delicately placed on its side in the upper part of the cart.

Some women rock matching sports bras and yoga pants, and some are in full Important Businesswomen attire, but all have an air about them that screams “I work hard, and I have earned this beautiful trophy cut fresh from the earth.”

I, on the other hand, have a heavy basket with handles digging into the crook of my elbow filled with boxes of pasta and jars of sauce because it’s the easiest meal to cook, and somehow, I’m still not sick of it. After a decade of eating it four nights a week, you’d think I’d detest this food, but it’s also the cheapest, which, as a struggling thirty-eight-year-old actress living in Los Angeles, is exactly what I need. I certainly work just as hard as the women with flowers, spending my days memorizing lines and my nights mixing drinks at the dive bar down the street, but I have yet to reap the benefits.

I reach for a flimsy bouquet of baby’s breath, eyeing the four-dollar price tag. I could get it if I put the jar of tomato basil sauce back, but will that get me through the week? Or will I need to eat plain pasta with butter one night? Would that be worth it? My phone vibrates in my purse, and I decide to put the flowers back. Maybe next time.

My nerves rise as they do whenever my phone rings, and I let out a sigh as “Tia - Agent” flashes across the screen. “Okay, I’m ready. Just give me the bad news. No dancing around it this time, Tia.” No one ever calls with good news. If it’s good news, I’d get a text filled with emojis and exclamation points.

She sighs heavily, and my heart sinks. “They decided to go another way. I’m so sorry, Vanessa.”

Placing the basket at my feet, I immediately walk out of the store as tears fill my eyes. I can’t go through the checkout line with this much pasta while sobbing. It’s too pitiful.

“So what was the reason?” I ask Tia the moment I step outside. There’s a zero percent chance the answer she gives me won’t crush my spirit, but I need to hear it anyway. I wanted this part so badly. They called me in for two more rounds of auditions after the first one, and I thought I had it nailed. I was wrong.