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I'm not the sort of man who deserves a happy ending, not after the life I've led. But when I see Eve, I know I’ll need more. She lights up the world for me, like twinkling Christmas lights glinting off fresh snow.

When I hear she's being auctioned off to raise money for charity, I won't allow anyone else to win her. It has to be me, and when I win her, I whisk her away to my cabin and keep her all to myself.

But when my past comes knocking, Eve will have to decide if my sins are too dark for her to ever find her happily ever after in a man like me.

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I take a breath as I stare at Snow Hills Town Hall. This whole town is lit up brighter than any Christmas tree I’ve ever seen in my life. Every year, they win some silly award over it. I know this because I make it a habit to be aware of everything that’s going on in my surroundings. I might live out on the edge of the town of Snow Hills in my secluded cabin, but I keep up on things that happen in town.

It has absolutely nothing to do with my need for control or the mayor’s executive assistant that moved here three years ago. I’m pretty sure she came here just to drive me insane. Eve with her dark silky hair surrounding her heart-shaped face. A face that I know and have memorized every detail of. I’ve never seen eyes as green as hers. Or lips that look so soft and kissable.

I toss that thought from my head. This town is getting to me. Kissable lips? Fuck me. No, fuck her. That’s what I want but deny myself from having because the reality is a girl as beautiful as Eve has dreams and goals in her life.

She’s in politics, for christsake. I’ve offed a few politicians and some judges in my hay day. I have no guilt there. I only started to question my past life because of Eve. What would she think of it? Not that it matters. She’ll never know about any of it.

I’d never be a man she glanced at twice except for the fact that I stand out in a room by mere size. Not to mention the scar that cuts across my face. The town runs with different speculations of how I got it. They’ll never know. The only person who knows is the man who gave it to me, but he didn’t live long afterward. That was my past. Now my life is consumed with Eve.

We have shared a few words over the years. But the mere sight of her does things to me that invoke irrational thoughts and ideas. Emotions.

I don’t care for that one bit. Something about her pulls me back to the hunt, with her being my prey, but I don’t want to harm her. I want to take her for myself.

I came to Snow Hills for peace and quiet five years ago. I was able to drop off the map here. That peace had lasted for all of two years. The day Eve walked into this town, it went out the window. I’ve been unsettled ever since then, no matter how much I try to deny it. Each day, I become a bit more possessive and cross lines I shouldn’t.

It has been somewhat easy to avoid what she does to me since I don’t live in town. But this time, she’s gone too far. My feisty little Eve has lured me out of my cabin and straight to her. In the three years since Eve has been here, she’s become best friends with the mayor's daughter Liza, who runs the town's library. Liza is the reason the town looks like a holiday bomb went off inside of it.

The two of them are always together. Neither of them are known to date. At least I’ve never heard of them dating anyone. If I had, I’m not sure how that would have ended for the other man. Not good. I know that much.

The mere thought of Eve going out with someone boils my blood. If anything, one would guess them to be a couple as much as the two hang out. I know that’s not the case, though. They are somehow oblivious to the lure they hold over the single men of Snow Hills.

Eve and Liza are night and day when it comes to their personalities. Everything about Eve appeals to me. I think her smart mouth and quick wit is what has kept the men of Snow Hills at bay from trying to pursue her. Thank fuck for that.

I hear a few people whisper as they pass by, wondering what I’m doing here. I only ever come to town for supplies. At least that’s what everyone thinks. I’ve been here plenty of times without them knowing. I might be a giant motherfucker, but if I don’t want you to see me, then you won’t. Going unseen has become a bit harder with the newest resident of Snow Hills. Crane Douglas.