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Her Secret Baby (Forbidden Fantasies #4)

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Regina: I was hired to be a nanny to Ryan Blythe’s children. The recently-divorced CEO has five kids and needed household help fast. But Mr. Blythe gets under my skin. He’s such a gorgeous a$$hole with those fierce blue eyes and knowing smirk. So why do I want to kiss that hard, demanding mouth?

Ryan: When the agency sent a nanny over, I expected someone homely and plain. I never expected to open the door to the sassy, curvy, and utterly beautiful Regina Frank. But one thing leads to another and soon, she’s not just my nanny … she’s getting a surprise and her belly will be big by the time we’re done.
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Forbidden Fantasies Series by S.E. Law

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S.E. Law



I pull my Honda Civic up to the house and smile at the reflection of my face in the rearview mirror. But then I frown, when an accidental glance at the side mirror shows the rest of my body. I don’t dwell. I never do. Nonetheless, the insecurities are ever-present, like the curves that are the bane of my life. They remind me that no amount of diet or exercise will ever give me the toned, lithe body I’ve wanted for years.

It’s hard, but I am who I am: a curvy girl who will always have generous assets. Good thing that my figure doesn’t impact my job performance. I’m here for a new nanny position, except I’m thirty minutes early. What should I do? Billionaire Ryan Blythe has hired me, but it’s going to be an odd fit. I hear he has five kids, but I know I can handle it. The problem is, can I handle him? He’s allegedly a gorgeous CEO with a rigid, controlling personality. It’s not going to be easy.

Then again, I need the money. I’m down to the last few dollars in my checking account, and this was the only family that had an immediate opening. Ruefully, I brush my curls back while staring at myself in the rearview mirror. The same brown eyes, pert nose, and small chin stare back at me. Light freckles sprinkle my cheeks, and as usual, my curly hair springs out from my head in a halo. I wish I could get it straight and sleek like the models in magazines, but no amount of blowdrying or gel will do that.

Meanwhile, what should I do with myself? I’m way early for my first day, and normally, I’d just sit in my car. But can they see me from the house? Undoubtedly so. There are probably cameras all over this lavish estate. They’re probably wondering who this crazy woman is doing nothing in their driveway.

I lean my head back, trying to think of ideas, when I hear my phone ring. It’s Denise, my best friend since sixth grade. Once again, she’s come to my rescue, and I pick up eagerly.

Denise and I have been besties forever. I’d just moved to Oaktown for middle school, and I was terrified to start class in a new place without knowing anyone. The teacher had, of course, decided the best way to help me get over my shyness was to call on me in front of everyone. A couple of kids had already been particularly mean earlier that day, mocking my size with insults and rude gestures. When one of them began making oinking noises, I felt tears rising and swallowed hard. This was going to be tough.

But then, a voice piped up from right in front of me.

“I see the clown brigade has returned alive and well from a long summer of picking each other’s noses.” The voice belonged to a pretty blonde girl whose rolling eyes matched the sarcasm in her tone. She turned to face my bullies. “Will you guys just shut up? I swear, I can see boogers hanging from your noses already. Ignore them,” she said to me. “Let’s get you away from Tweedledum, Tweedledumber, Tweedledumbest and…” I remember her shrugging for the last one and finally sighing and saying, “and Tweedle-also-dumb!”

I laughed through my tears, and since then, we’ve been inseparable. Now Denise is rescuing me again, this time from my own anxiety as I wait for the minutes to crawl by.

“Hi Denise,” I answer.

“Hey, girl!” she sings. “Whatcha doing?”

“I’m about to start work.”

“For the handsome billionaire you’re going to live with? How exciting! Have you seen your guy’s bedroom yet?”

“I don’t know if I’ll ever see his bedroom,” I say. “Nanny positions aren’t like that. Often, the master of the house has his own suite, which the help never enters.”

“Oh,” says Denise in a deflated voice. “Gotcha.”

I sigh.

“Besides, it’s not like that. I’m taking care of his kids. I have my own room, which is probably clear across the house from the master suite, seeing how big this place is,” I say, eyeing the mansion. “You know I’m just nannying and teaching French to the kids.”