How the Heart Breaks Read Online Stacey Marie Brown

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He was her secret, her sin, the heart she couldn’t love.

Emery Robert’s life is everything she wanted. Married to the love of her life, with a good job, and plans for a family in the future. But when Emery’s husband dies tragically, she is the one who stops living.
Three years later, at the age of 30, she’s still struggling to move on. Friends are encouraging her to date again, while her in-laws want to keep her in the past, trapping Emery in the middle.
Deciding to move to a new town to start fresh with a new job and house, Emery’s 17-year-old niece, Addison, moves in with her for her final year of high school, where she instantly forms a crush on the popular and mysterious, Mason James.
At 19 years old, Mason has been through far more than most. A past full of tragedy and loss. Being held back a year in school, Mason is mentally years beyond his peers. Not feeling he belongs anywhere, until he meets Addison’s very sexy aunt.
Overwhelmingly drawn to her, he can’t seem to get this older woman out of his head. And no matter how much Emery denies it, he’s the first one who has sparked life in her, making her feel things she shouldn’t.
As much as she fights her forbidden desire, the sparks between them can’t be denied. When reality crashes down, it’s not just the taboo of their age difference that will rip out their hearts. It’s what fate has in store for them that will show them how the heart breaks.

A Navy SEAL home on leave. The girl from his past who’s been kidnapped. A hero willing to do anything to get her back…

Calvin Swenson Junior is going home. But he’s going back on his terms and for the only person who could have convinced him to set foot in his father’s domain again—his grandmother.
She was the one shining light in his childhood. The one who’d kept the home fires burning after his mother’s death. And the last person he’d ever expect to be a conniving, manipulative liar who would actually pretend to be dying just to get him home! But that’s exactly what she’d done.
He could leave. Go back to the team or take a much-needed vacation. It would be what the old woman deserved for scaring him. Or maybe he should stick around. Find out why she was so desperate to get him back there.
The chance to rekindle his relationship with Pru, the girl from his past, is incentive enough to stay awhile… and he’s glad he did stay because when Pru and his grandmother are kidnapped he’s the only one in the position to save them.


Chapter 1



My name rang out from the living room, followed by a frustrated huff. “Have you seen my running shoes?”

“You mean the ones you left at the back door?” I responded, not lifting my gaze to the dirty shoes I already knew were behind me. I continued to slice the juicy tomatoes from our garden, dumping them into the salad I was making.

“Right.” My husband, Ben, strode into the kitchen, his lean body pressing into the back of mine. Ben was only a few inches taller than me, and he was thin but solid muscle. “What would I do without you?” His hands gripped my waist, his lips grazing my neck. “Maybe when I get back, I can get both our heart rates up.” He softly kissed the curve of my shoulder.

“You’re going to make me slice off my finger.” I leaned back into him, a smile playing on my mouth.

“And that’s something new? Probably better if you leave the food prep to my mom.” He lifted the knife from my hands, placing it on the board.

“Shut up.” I elbowed him softly, a laugh puffing out from him. Cooking was not my forte. It wasn’t something I found fun or relaxing. I could make a mean salad, and I enjoyed growing my own vegetables, but not much past that. We had a lot of takeout in the last few years while he was studying for the bar exam.

“Your mother is handling everything else. The least I can do is make a salad.”

“I’m sure she’ll have one of those anyway.”

Yes, his mother was a take-control kind of person. Even if I said I’d be making a salad, she still would bring one, giving me a passive-aggressive response of, “I just wanted to make sure there would be enough, and Ben loves my Caesar salad.” More than yours. She left that part unsaid, but I heard it loud and clear.

Ben’s arms circled my body. “Can’t wait to take you upstairs tonight. Start on our family.”

“Why not start now?” I countered over my shoulder with a wink. I would throw my to-do list out the window if he took me up on my offer. I wanted him to yank my shorts down and take me roughly against the sink because he couldn’t help himself. I loved him more than life, but he wasn’t the most adventurous or spontaneous when it came to sex.