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Innocent Christmas (Innocence #3)

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Alexa Riley

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It's a Christmas wedding for Daddy William and his little, Haley.
The final chapter in their story is one with a little pink, lots of bows, and lots of Daddy's attention.
Warning: Their happily ever after is filled with full-time DD/lg play as William and Haley embrace their lifestyle with open arms. If being innocent at Christmas is a dream come true, then this is the novella for you!
NOTE: Innocent Christmas can be read as a standalone but might be more enjoyable after reading Owning Her Innocence & Innocent Getaway.
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Innocence Series by Alexa Riley

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Chapter 1


“I don’t care that it looks like Barbie planned this wedding! I love pink, and my Daddy loves seeing me in pink, so everything will be pink!” I half-shout into the phone, not wanting Daddy to hear me down the hall. He’s wrapping up a few things with work, so he’ll be free for the next two weeks and I don’t want to distract him. I can do this. I peek out the door to make sure he didn’t hear me before closing it softly. It’s like the words I’ve been saying to the wedding planner the last few months just don’t sink into her thick skull.

“But pink on pink is…” She pauses for a moment like she’s searching for the right word, but I cut her off because I don’t want to hear it.

“Pink on pink is what I’ll get.” I say through gritted teeth. “This is my wedding, not yours, and I know what we want.” I have to hold myself back from threatening to get William on the phone. This is my fight, and I’m making this wedding perfect for us. I always need Daddy’s help, and I want to show him I can make this day special for us and show him how much this means to me.

A Christmas wedding covered in pink sounds perfect to me. Whoever said Christmas has to be red and green didn’t see me coming. I can do Christmas in pink if I want to. No, scratch that, I’m doing Christmas in pink with a dash of silver sparkles. Period. Wedding planner or not.

“I’ll see what I can do,” she finally says, and I don’t respond. I just sit silently with the phone to my ear because ‘seeing what she can do’ isn’t going to cut it. I still have to get ready for dinner tonight, and I need her to make things happen.

The silence stretches, but I just sit there, tapping my foot, waiting. I look down, admiring my soft pink nail polish as I wait for her to speak again. The silence grows thick before she finally cracks.

“It will be taken care of.

With that, I end the call, tossing my phone onto mine and Daddy’s bed. It’s covered in pink pillows and sheets, but he doesn’t care. As long as I’m happy. “Cheese and crackers,” I mutter, torn between wanting to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head and starting to get ready for dinner.

A little nap sounds yummy right now, but there probably isn't any time. Maybe if I hurry and get ready, Daddy and I will have time to play together before dinner.

I make my way over to the closet and pull out a white baby-doll dress, not caring that it's freezing outside. Daddy loves me in dresses, and I want to give him a sneak peek at what’s to come tomorrow.

This dress isn’t as fancy as the one I'm wearing tomorrow, but the bottom puffs out and stops mid-thigh. The top hugs tight to my chest, with lace covering up my cleavage. Daddy doesn't like when we go out and too much of what’s his hangs out for others to see.

I discard my shirt and slip on the dress, ditching my underwear in the process. I wonder if Daddy will make me put some on. I’m sure it won’t take him long to notice I don’t have any on under my dress.

Sitting down at my vanity, I pull out a lace bow and tie it in my hair, making sure the bow is just perfect before I put on a little make-up.

I can't believe that tomorrow I will become Daddy’s in every sense of the word. I was made to be his, and now we get to celebrate that with everyone.

Our relationship might not be the norm to others, but it’s ours and what we both want. There had been a time when I’d thought I’d be too much for William and that he would grow tired of me. But he only seems to want me more and more every day. Even my quirks, which seem to annoy other people, make his face light up. Instead of being agitated, he gives me a look that tells me Daddy will be spanking me for my antics when we get home. The thought makes me squirm in my chair.

I haven’t gotten a spanking in a few weeks, not since my friend Holly threw that bachelorette party for me. It was just supposed to be dinner, then on to some painting party class, but the painting class never happened. We ended up at some club that let in girls aged eighteen and up, and we spent about twenty minutes dancing before I felt Daddy’s arms around me. He threw me over his shoulder and stormed from the club. We barely made it in the door before he had me naked and bent over the couch as he spanked my ass. I could barely sit the next day. Worse, he flipped me over and waved his cock in front of me not letting him touch him.

Bad girls didn’t get to have Daddy’s cock. He came all over my breasts, then made me scoop his cum up and put it inside me. Because Daddy’s cum is never wasted. He promptly put me in bed all needy for him. He didn’t let me cum for three days! Each day he stripped me down while he worked his own cock and spilled onto me. It was miserable not being able to touch him. I’ll never not tell Daddy where I am again.