It Ends With Violence (Saints View Psychos #3) Read Online Elle Thorpe

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They raided my club. Destroyed everything I own. And stole the man I love.
Now it’s up to us to get him back.
But we aren’t the only ones searching.
From our old lives come new dangers. Knowing who to trust becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse, one that threatens everything I’ve built, and everyone I love.
Nash, War, and I won’t survive if Vincent doesn’t.
In the midst of lies, secrets, and earth-shattering revelations, there’s only one thing we know for certain.
This ends with violence.

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Screams were the first indication that something was wrong.

Screams that drowned out the low, sultry music.

Screams that cut right through my chest with fear and panic.

In an instant, Psychos turned from a room full of lust and sex into a swirling storm of chaos with me at the center.

“Bliss! Get out of here!” Rebel shouted in my face, but then she was gone, lost to the swarm of people rushing for exits in various forms of undress.

I stumbled a foot in her direction, instinct telling me to follow her even though my brain wasn’t cooperating. The crowd pushed me, sweeping me along with a force I was too shocked to fight.

We’d been having a good time.

Nash’s birthday had been everything I’d promised him it would be. Sexy. Fun. A roomful of people ready to party, and a much smaller one with just me and him, no barriers between us.

Until my mom had let it slip about Nash’s past.

About how he’d used women. Pimped them out and made money from them.

I’d given my body up to Nash tonight. Let him have me in a way no other man had. My heart had cracked wide open and let him in.

I thought he’d felt the same.

But he wasn’t the man I thought he was, no matter how much my mother tried to persuade me he wasn’t like her abusive husband, Jerry, who’d sold her to any person willing to pay. Her assurances the women had all liked Nash and he’d treated them well didn’t fly.

It was all too raw. Too wrong and too far away from the life that had become mine when my father had given me a home in Providence.

Gunshots rang out. Piercing blasts of noise, one after the other that froze me to the spot in terror.

“What’s going on?” a man shouted above the din, his eyes wide and flickering erratically.

“It’s the cops!” a woman yelled back. “They’re shooting! They’re shooting everyone!”

Everything stopped.

People I loved were in this club.

One in particular who I’d seen slip from the room and out into the parking lot when Nash’s hands on my body had become too much for him to watch.

I was mad at Scythe. He’d put me in a shitty position with War when he’d admitted to being the one who’d killed his father. Then I’d had the displeasure of meeting his ‘fiancée’ while I was wearing nothing but his T-shirt.

But earlier, Rebel had accused me of being in love with him.

In that instant, I knew it was true.

“Scythe,” I whispered.

He was out there somewhere, in the thick of the shooting and screaming and chaos. All I could think about was getting to him. I launched into action again, pushing toward the gunfire while everybody else ran in the opposite direction.

I sprinted through the coatroom and out the other side, pumping my legs as fast as they would go. Through the open doorway that looked out into the parking lot, pandemonium reigned. Guns popped, motorcycle engines roared, men shouted, women cried.

My gaze collided with his, right as he was tackled to the ground, mere feet in front of me. His head cracked off the concrete with a sickening thud.


A team of burly, uniformed men pinned him down with brutal punches and kicks to every inch of his body.

Prison guards.

It took me a moment to work out why they would be attacking the man I loved. Until I remembered Vincent’s confession of a prison escape, and it all made horrifying, sickening sense.

They’d found him. They were going to drag him back to prison and I’d never see him again. Or worse, they’d kill him right here in front of me. I’d been so worried about War finding out and killing him that I hadn’t even considered Scythe’s past catching up with him. “Stop,” I screamed helplessly. “Please!” I threw myself at them, barely getting a fingertip to one of the guard’s uniforms before strong arms wrapped around me, holding me back.

I fought against them, my heart breaking and tears rolling down my face while they attacked Scythe’s lifeless body.

“Bliss, stop. We have to get out of here.”


I sank back into the warmth and comfort of his embrace but shook my head, unable to tear my eyes off Scythe. “We have to help him!”

“We can’t. Not now. There’s too many of them.”