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I found my brother, the President of the Exiled Guardians, when I was eighteen. He wanted me safe and sent me away to college.
But now I’m back… and the one man I’ve thought about all these years is still here and I’m pretty sure he’s been waiting for me.

She’s the Exiled Guardian’s President’s younger sister. She’s forbidden… to me and every other brother in the club.
I thought I could fight temptation, especially when she’s sent away. But when she comes back, older and even more beautiful than before, all bets are off.

Dear Reader,
I love to read MC romances. I’ve just always enjoyed reading about the tightness of the MC brothers and the way they love their women. I love it so much that I have always wanted to write one. However, being a short story romance author, it seemed impossible to build an in depth storyline like most MC romance series, but I wanted to give it a try. Therefore, I present to you my version of an MC romance. I’m borrowing the term MC Lite from Frankie Love. It is heavy on the motorcycle club sense of family, it has lots of alpha men and the curvy women that love them. However, it is a little lite on the drama and most violence is handled off page. I sincerely hope you like it.

This is a Steamy, Sweet, Short Story Romance. No Cliffhangers. This is the fifth story in the Exiled Guardians MC Series. If you love short romances with insta love, hot love scenes, and a sweet story, then this one is for you.
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Two Years Ago

“Keeper, make sure none of the guys mess with Lilly. I’ll be back in a few hours.” Sniper, our MC president, gives me a glare and then walks out the door, leaving Lilly and me standing next to each other.

Lilly’s been here for a few weeks. The instant I heard that Sniper found out he had a half-sister and she was coming to visit, I knew she would be off limits. I had no doubt that he wouldn’t want any of us, no matter how good of brothers we are, to mess with his younger sister.

But man is she tempting.

She’s beautiful and her curvy body has most of the men here chomping at the bit to get to her. I don’t think anyone would betray Sniper, or go against his wishes, but by him asking me to watch her, well, maybe he’s not too sure either.

Lilly’s twirling her hair around her finger, staring up at me. Don’t think I haven’t noticed that she bucks Sniper every time he tries to be protective of her. But every time he leaves her with me, she has no complaints. Her face is lit up and automatically I’m thinking about all the things I want to do to her. Her perfect lips turn up, showing me her perfect, straight white teeth. “So, how did you get the name Keeper?”

I turn and walk to the bar and get behind the tall counter. Anything to separate myself from her. I know the wrath of Sniper, and Lilly is just too tempting for me. “Sniper gave it to me. I guess because I tend the bar. I never really asked him.”

She sits down on the high stool and puts her arms on the counter in front of her. She laughs and bangs her tiny fist on the countertop. “Beer, please? Whatever you got on draft will be fine.”

I just smirk at her and shake my head. “You’re eighteen, Lilly. No beer for you.” I grab a bottle of water out of the fridge and set it down in front of her. She doesn’t drink sodas. The only thing I’ve ever seen her with is a water.

She rolls her eyes at me and uncaps the bottle, bringing it up to her cherry stained lips. I watch as her throat moves as she swallows it down and I can feel the heat flowing through my body. I can picture it perfectly. My hand wrapped around her long red hair. Her wide green eyes staring up at me and her perfect full lips circling my cock, taking me all in. My knuckles are white from gripping the edge of the bar. I literally shake myself, trying to get the images out of my head. I take a deep breath and Lilly is still sitting there, smirking at me. She knows exactly what she’s doing to me.

She’s been at my side every second that she hasn't been with Sniper and I don’t know how much longer I can handle it.

“So when do you leave?” I ask her.

Hurt flashes in her eyes. “I leave in two days. I don’t want to. I know I could find a job here, but Sniper is insisting I go to college.”

I grunt at her. That’s how I’ve handled this attraction to her. I figure the less I say the better. I know that Sniper just wants her to have opportunities. He definitely doesn’t want her getting mixed up with the likes of us.

She’s eyeing me then and I can see she’s got something she’s thinking about. She stands up from the stool as one of the prospects walks in and comes over toward us. “You ready, Lilly?”

I don’t even catch myself before I say it. He’s looking at Lilly and I can already imagine what he’s thinking. And Lilly’s looking at me. She’s tense, but there’s a fire inside her eyes.

“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” I ask her.

She puts her hand on her hip. “I’ve been here two weeks and have barely been out of the club. I wanted to see the sights and he offered to take me.”

I glare at the prospect until he puts his hands up toward me. “It’s just a ride, Keeper.”

“No. Get out of here. Find something to do,” I tell him like he’s some child.

Which only pisses off Lilly. “Really, Keeper, I just wanted to see the mountains. It wasn’t a big deal.”

I stare at her and she looks so innocent and hopeful, I know what she wants before she even asks me.

I grab my keys off the hook next to the bar. “C’mon, let’s go.”

She jumps up and down clapping her hands together, and I turn away from her, not wanting her to see the smile on my face.

I open the door and let her walk through it. She starts walking toward my bike and I just shake my head. “No, we’re taking the truck.”