Lavish Corruption – Breaking Belles Read Online Alta Hensley, Stasia Black

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Good girls don’t break rules—but for one night with him, any risk was worth it.

Walker St. Claire is my older brother’s best friend and strictly off limits. Especially while he’s an Initiate during his Trials to gain entrance to the secret society.
But after a lifetime of following the rules and being the good girl everyone expected me to be, I’m ready to break a few. Especially if it means Walker will finally turn his devilish gaze my way.
When he sees me at one of the secret society parties, at first he tries to get me thrown out. Until circumstances and his own needs force us together. I finally get what I’ve always craved—his hands on me. I drop to my knees before him, and finally, he stops seeing me as just his best friend’s pesky little sister.
One taste was never going to be enough. But when I go back for seconds, I’m suddenly caught in a web more dangerous than I ever knew.
Because a girl’s gone missing.
And I’ve been chosen to continue on at Walker’s side as her replacement.

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I took hold of her hair and yanked… hard.

Not for my own pleasure, but for those who were watching.

The belle’s head bobbed up and down dutifully as a belle was expected to do. Her lips tightened, her tongue licked and swirled, and she expertly kept her teeth away. She was doing everything right, kneeling between my legs, and yet… she wasn’t right.

My Trial, essentially an extended hazing process in order to win entrance into the Order of the Silver Ghost, and my 109-day stay in the Oleander Manor was going just as planned. My belle offered no resistance and actually seemed willing to be part of the entire process. With only three weeks left before completing the Initiation for membership to the Order, there were no issues. Unlike my five best friends who’d gone before me, there’d been no drama between me and my belle.

In fact, I had a feeling the Elders were extremely pleased with both me and her. I even saw approval flicker in my father’s eyes, which was a rare thing to see. He wasn’t a man—or an Elder—who could easily be pleased. But I was clearly making him and the St. Claire family legacy proud.

Which meant the outcome was all but assured: my inheritance would be passed to me and my belle would win her prize too. I didn’t know exactly what she’d asked for should she pass these Trials, but the Order were dream-makers. Whatever she’d asked for upon entering two and a half months ago would be hers. And I was happy for her, I really was. I just had no desire to see her after all this was over. She was nice, pretty, plenty lusty… and about as shallow as a puddle.

My belle—Cindy was her name—pulled away from me, wiped at the corners of her mouth, and looked up. “Do you want anything else, Sir?”

She glanced over her shoulder at the Elders watching from a distance and then returned her attention to me with a wicked grin. “We could give them quite the show if you want.”

She was also good at playing the game, I’d give her that.

Gripping her hair tighter and lowering her face back to my cock, I said, “I didn’t say you could stop.”

Did I speak loud enough so my father and the rest of the Elders could hear me and take notice of my dominance? Sure. But the reality was I didn’t want to do anything beyond what this belle was doing. Not if I didn’t have to. Not if it wasn’t required by a Trial. She was naked, sucking me off, and for tonight, that was all that would have to happen.

She dropped back down and took me down her throat.

Thank God I at least managed to stay hard.

Cindy and I had spent more time together than I had with anyone in my life before. I had sex with her multiple times in the kinkiest and most depraved ways due to the Trials. We ate every meal together, slept in the same bed every night, and yet… I had zero connection with this woman. Zero.

That made things easier since the entire goal of the Initiation Trial was to break the belle. Not having any real feelings for the woman made this entire process feel almost out of body. Robotic.

She made her decisions, and I made mine.

Like right now, I was deciding to envision it was Lara Stein from my senior year in high school sucking my dick. Lara hadn’t been nearly as good at giving head as my belle, but at least I could hold a conversation with her.

It was fine; I just had to go through the process and pay my dues. I would become a member of the Order like my father, my grandfather, and my great-grandfather before him. My connection to the Order of the Silver Ghost would guarantee my political future, and eventually the seat as governor of Georgia would be mine.

Then maybe I could actually do some real good.

Just put in the time. Every man who stood in this room earned their right to be here. Dressed in silver robes with tuxedos underneath, every one of them was a member of the Order. They each had to pass a 109-day Initiation that pushed them to the limits to be able to attend the events at the Oleander. This was a ritual dance that our forefathers had been performing for centuries.

The women, however… Besides my belle, I had no idea where they found the women for these parties. I never knew any of the faces. Were they whores from the city? Not even my best friends who’d become members before me knew much. Other than that, occasionally prospective belles who’d been rejected at the Midnight Ball came back for the parties in hopes of catching the eye of a wealthy man and becoming a mistress. Hey, different strokes for different folks.