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This Scottish Laird takes care of what’s his. Can he take the woman of his dreams?

As a Laird, it’s my responsibility to take care of my lands and the wildlife that surrounds it.
I’ve had more than one trespasser, try to destroy the peace that I’ve worked so hard to build.
When I find yet another stranger on my property I do the only thing I can. Scare them off.
Only it’s not a poacher or someone trying to ruin my land.
It’s a young woman.
The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.
I need to get to know her. She’s perfect – my ideal.

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I stare out of the window of my hotel room, unable to believe I’m finally here.

I did it.

After years of wishing, I could visit the ancestral homeland that gave my grandmother such a rich accent, the place that she always spoke of with such longing.

Gran passed away two years ago. After graduating college and working every summer in order to save up the cash for the trip, I was finally here.

I was deep in the heart of the Scottish highlands, miles away from any recognizable town. I had to flow into Edinburgh airport and then take a long bus ride which had been none too comfortable with my giant suitcase.

I was only staying for two weeks but I wanted to make the most of this visit. With the price of the plane ticket, this was probably the only time I would ever be able to afford it.

But oh, the view was worth it already.

I stare across the land beyond my window. Rolling hills decorated in heather and grass, low shrubs, and a few visible hiking trails cutting through. Beyond higher peaks carpeted with trees, I knew there was a loch not too far away – I had seen it on Google Maps when I was researching the area.

Beneath a blue summer sky, the wind – more bracing than I was used to – chased the shadows of brief, fluffy white clouds over the land. Birds were wheeling in the sky and over everything without a hint of a building or manmade landmark anywhere to be seen.

It was perfect.

Laughing to myself, I turn and grab my light summer coat from where I hung it a few minutes ago in the hotel closet. There was no time like the present to go exploring, and nothing more worthy of exploring than where I was.

Back down in the hotel lobby, which is really more of a castle than a hotel, there are several leaflets about the local area. I pick some up and flip through them.

There is a hunting experience on the estate to the north, a chance to meet a real-life Laird and learn about the region’s history, and some nearby towns you can take a bus to for shopping and museums.

I pocket the leaflets, thoughtfully checking for some mention of the loch over the next few hills. I don’t see anything about it.

But I have nothing to worry about.

It isn’t far – I checked again and again on my phone on the flight over, dreaming of where I would go and what I would see.

I’ve heard so much about the dreamy lochs of Scotland and how breathtakingly beautiful they can be. I’m not about to miss the chance to see one just because I can’t find a leaflet about it.

I’ll be able to find my way – just straight across the hills and then down.

I look down at my body, checking to ensure I’m prepared. I have on my brand new hiking boots, which I spent a whole week breaking in at home, walking around my bedroom endlessly to make sure they wouldn’t leave blisters.

Thick wooly socks, a pair of wooly leggings, and a white sweater dress that reaches my knees will do just fine against the cold wind. My blonde hair is up in a ponytail so the wind can’t whip it into my face, and I have a backpack filled with all the necessities.

I’m not about to become a headline about some silly American tourist who needed rescuing by the locals, thank you very much.

There is no one behind the lobby desk, so I simply shrug my shoulders, squared them, and set out into the big wide world outside the hotel.

There are many activities set up for guests in the surrounding area and the tennis courts nearby. But I turn my back on all of that. Instead, I walk around the hotel’s side and face the wide-open land.

It’s quiet out here, while the other side is thronged with guests enjoying all the facilities but I’m going to make the most of my time here by seeing some real nature.

I take one last glance back at the hotel, where there seems to be no sign of anyone noticing I’m on my way, and then start to walk.