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Lyon's Crew (The Lyon #1)

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Colton Lyon is the tattooed, pierced leader of a bike crew, but there's a twist. Lyon comes from money, loads of it, so although he's a badass he does it with style. He plays hard and loves harder until the thirty two year old heart throb meets the young wounded friend of one of his crew members and the sparks begin to fly.
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The Lyon Series by Jordan Silver

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I wasn't expecting her, I guess that's why she blind sided me, totally unexpected at a time when I had all but thrown in my hat and said fuck it.

I'd been playing the field for a while now, was tired of it, I was looking for something more, something was missing. I'd come close once but thank God I escaped that nightmare, turns out she was more interested in status and all that other superficial bullshit.

So I'd taken a step back, taken myself out of the game, there just wasn't anyone in my circle that came close to what I was looking for, so I'd decided unofficially to hang it up.

I was thirty two and I guess my biological clock was ticking, if such a thing even existed for a man.

That's when she sidled into my life, no big splash, no fanfare, that wasn't her style, and maybe that's how she did it, how she wrapped herself around my heart so effortlessly.

She was a complete enigma, totally opposite from every woman or girl I'd ever been with before. Shy, quiet and sweet as fuck.

Chapter 1

My boy Jared had been going on for weeks about his childhood friend, some chick named Kat that was moving here from Arizona, why the hell anyone would want to move here was beyond me, but her dad was here supposedly and she was coming to live with him.The way Jared talked I imagined some timid little thing afraid of her own shadow, the way he made it seem like he'd spent their summers together protecting her from everything.I didn't really have time for that type, they usually just got on my fucking nerves with their simpering asses. Always afraid to try new things.

Jared was dying to bring her to meet the crew when she landed, I wasn't too jazzed about it, but it was his deal so, whatever.

"So Colton I was thinking."

"What were you thinking Jared?" I tightened the front wheel of the beauty I was working on. A chopper for some Hollywood hot shot who would probably total the shit in less than a week. Shit, it was his seventy five thousand down the drain why should I care?

I looked back at Jared when he didn't answer right away.

I had a cool relationship with my guys, not only were they part of my riding crew, but most of them worked for me building top of the line bikes.

I knew enough to keep one separate from the other, I took a lot of pride in the product that left my showroom, if someone wasn't pulling their weight they were gone, luckily that wasn't a frequent occurrence but it has been known to happen.

"Why don't you give Kat the job as receptionist, you haven't found anyone to fill the position so far and I think she would be perfect."

"I don't know man, the way you talk, I'm not sure she would fit in here."

"You won't know until you try, come on, what'll it hurt?"

"Let me think about it okay, I'm not making any promises." I wiped the oil off my hands as I looked over my handy work.

"Good enough, thanks man, I just know she would be perfect."

"You got the hots for this chick?"

"Who Kat, nah, she's like my sister man, I just feel I have to look out for her ya know."

"Okay, I hear you, when's she coming again?"

"She'll be here in a couple days, I'll bring her around either way for you guys to meet her."

"Sure Jared, I'll get back to you before then, if anything I can always give her a trial run."

He trotted off with a grin, I'm pretty sure he thought it was a done deal, we'll see, like I said, I don't have time for timid little girls.

My crew was a rough and rowdy bunch, I'm the only refined motherfucker in the bunch and I'm no prince.

That fucker rode my ass for the next day and a half until I wanted to bitch slap him just to get some peace and quiet.

Yes we needed a receptionist, the last one was trying way too hard to get fucked and I never shit where I eat, so bitch had to go.

If I'd been remotely interested in hitting the skins I might've broken her off a piece before sending her on her way, but nah.

I wasn't too into the ridden hard and put up wet type, unless I was the one doing the riding.

I'm not as fucked up as I sound, at least I tell myself not, I come from a refined family, money, prestige, the whole nine yards, for some reason around year sixteen I decided to break the fuck out.

I said fuck you to the preppy schools and Harvard medical that was glaring me in the face and decided to pursue my own joy.