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Maid for the Hollywood Heartthrob

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Flora Ferrari

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It’s the ultimate Hollywood fantasy: dreamy movie star meets attractive young ingenue. But will this romance have a happy fairytale ending? Ashlee can’t believe her luck. A job cleaning Tony Fontana’s home, the Tony Fontana!
Just being inside her favorite actor’s house would have been enough. She never dreamed she would come face to face with the man himself… in his own bedroom. From the moment she first laid eyes on Tony Fontana in the flesh, Ashlee knew this was the man she was supposed to be with.
Tony Fontana normally wouldn’t have been home while his house was being cleaned, but fate had other plans. A cancelled flight. A missed Paris photoshoot. All divine intervention so he could meet this captivating young woman unlike any other. The attraction is immediate. The passion, undeniable. Tony is determined for this angelic creature to be all his… forever.
But being a Hollywood celebrity comes with its hazards – snooping journalists, most of all. Will secrets from his past and an increasingly intrusive paparazzi tear them apart? Will Tony’s mature worldliness be too much for young, inexperienced Ashlee?
Or will their powerful bond overcome any obstacle that comes their way?
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


“It’s whose house?” I ask, my mouth going dry and a buzzing in my ears ringing. I feel faint and have to steady myself against the wall to stay upright.

“Tony Fontana… Now do you see why I didn’t tell you?” my mom giggles before looking serious again.

After pestering me for a week, with a strange glint in her eye, I finally caved to come help her with her cleaning round on my day off.

She knows how much I love Tony Fontana, he’s an older guy, sure. But he can actually act and is the star of every single one of my favorite movies, even the outdated TV shows he did before he hit the big times.

“Tony… Fontana?” I exclaim again, under my breath as mom pops open the security gate with her pass key.

“Yep. Now, darling, make sure you actually help me here, okay? I need this job and it pays well, so don’t fuck it up for me, sugar. Okay?” she asks again, her big, wide eyes looking nervous, almost like she regrets bringing me, even though I know the house will be empty.

They always are.

It’s not glamorous work, but the Hollywood set pays better than most for a good job and they all know my mom always does a stellar job. And with complete privacy.


I’m already picturing myself dragging my sodden center across Tony’s bed, his clothes… Oooh! His underwear drawer… maybe he walks in and catches me? Eeeeee!

Okay… maybe not quite. But I’m pretty damned excited. Feeling tingles, and shivers I’ve never felt before.

I’ve never even kissed a boy before, let alone…

Oh my god.


The man is a god. I’ve bought and got everything from his face as a screensaver to his prune based cereal that has his face on the box… for my mom, of course.

His chiseled jaw, and those smoldering dark eyes. Those perfect white teeth that highlight his dimpled chin.

Dark hair that has just the slightest hint of silver foxiness to it, and a body that wipes the floor with any twenty something guy who thinks he stands a chance against the original and the best.

Tony Fontana is all man and has chest hair to prove it. I sometimes… okay, often imagine myself curling my fingers into his chest hair as he holds me close. Laying with me after he…

“Ashlee… Ashlee!”

My mom is snapping her fingers in front of my eyes, bringing them back into focus.

“Like I said, kiddo, don’t fuck this up. I almost regret bringing you here already,” she chides me, brushing past me as we stand in the cavernous, slate lined entrance of Tony’s single story bungalow in the Hollywood hills.

Bungalow? It’s a goddamn mansion is what it is.

“Over a dozen rooms kiddo, let’s hustle even though we only have to do six today.” My mom reminds me, scrambling to shut off the alarm with the code she’s memorized.

I still feel giddy, but the smell of his house. The scent of him. It sets me straight in a moment, as if the man himself is right behind me.

It’s almost as if I can feel his eyes on me, even though we’ve never met.

It’s a woody scent, strong, but with some soft musk and something else… something I have an inkling only men like him exude.

Pure sex appeal is what it is, and all rolled up in the smell of real money.

His house is huge, but sparse. Chunky, leather and wood furniture. Lots of art, but stuff I can actually see, not just smears of paint. Real pictures. Real things.

A Japanese garden glows through a huge series of atrium windows, arcing up to a classical style glass dome ceiling.


The art is mostly thick set women, showing more than just their heavy chests, but done so well it truly is art. And all in thick, heavy wooden frames.

Maybe there’s hope for me yet?

Maybe I can see myself in a couple of those old masters renderings? Maybe the classical figure is making a comeback…

Who cares? If Tony likes that sort of thing, I’ve got plenty of-


I take a breath, roll my eyes and hustle to where my mom is, a large walk in closet filled with cleaning equipment at the end of the hall.

“Tony, Mr. Fontana, left for Europe today. We have to do a section of the house today and the rest through the week. He doesn’t like people in the house for more than an hour, so we need to hurry,” she says in her prim, clipped and professional tone, the voice she uses when she chews me out.

The voice she uses when I remind myself she’s my mom and has to tell me what to do sometimes. Even though I’m pushing twenty now.

Half talking to herself, half telling me what I need to do, she tells me to start in the main bedroom, giving me directions to start closest to the front door we just came through.