Masked Kisses – Love is in the Air Read Online ChaShiree M, M.K. Moore

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Scarlet wants love. Scarlet craves that deep emotional connection with another person. The problem is she has no time for it when she is stuck at work all hours of the night, dealing with her grumpy, growly, overly inquisitive boss.
Then she receives an invitation she can’t refuse. It leads to a night she won’t ever forget.
What will she do when she finds out it was planned? Orchestrated. By the one man, she can’t seem to get away from?
Fall in love of course.
Duh. It’s written by us, silly!
Sit back and enjoy.

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“What did you guys do?” I am staring at the most gorgeous, obscenely expensive, so unlike me, dress I have ever seen.

“We did something we knew you wouldn't do?” Hope says, yawning on the other end.

“Are you not sleeping?” I ask her, wondering why she is so tired. She says nothing at first before smiling.

“I’m pregnant.” She blurts out, smiling as wide as the milky way. Ayerton pops up on the screen, waves at us, and kisses her cheek, so damn proud of himself.

“Oh my God!” We all shout various versions of the same thing. She laughs at the in unison outburst and then giggles.

“Hope, that is so wonderful.” I tell her, genuinely happy for her. She spent about a week or so running from her feelings for her now fiancé Ayerton when all of us knew from the moment she told us about him that she was head over heels. Thank God he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Thanks guys. Can you believe it?” She asks, shaking her head but still smiling so brightly.

“I can. You were meant to be a mom, Hope.” It is true. She is so caring and nurturing.

“Thanks. But don’t try to change the subject. Do you really like the dress?” I look at it once more, noticing the intricate details of the web-like design on the back, which is the only fabric on the back, if I am being honest. The back of the dress is absolutely bare otherwise, but it gives off this goth meets sultry vibe that I am digging. The front of the bodice is completely covered up sans a heart-shaped keyhole cutout. The truth is I love it. I just never would have bought it for myself. I am too shy and self-conscious.

“I love it. Thank you guys so much. I just..”

“Nope. Not listening to any arguments, missy. We got you a mask to go with it. Put your hair up, do your makeup and enjoy yourself for once. Be someone else for a night. Be the you we know you are on the inside.” Of course, Rose would say something like that. She thinks of everything in terms of characters. She is an independent book author, and in her mind, everyone has another side of them.

“Yeah. I guess you're right. Thank you ladies so much.”

“We love you, Scarlett. We would do anything for you.” Sassy says, munching on caramel popcorn. The rest of the girls echo her words, and then it is time for the call to be over. Biting my lip, I see I have two hours to make this work.

My boss Samuel Rawlins is the grouchiest, most genuinely frustrating man I have ever met. He is complicated, brooding, and smart as heck, and he is difficult to figure out. But he is also a great boss and compassionate. He is known as the ‘Viper’ in the business world, and it shows in his fortune.

The day he hired me, I thought the interview was a bust. He was so stoic the entire time. He didn’t smile, and he barely asked me anything. He simply stared at me like I had something on my face. I was shocked as all get out when he stood, shook my hand, and offered me a job. I took it, of course, needing one desperately that paid enough so I didn’t have to work three jobs anymore like I was.

I have worked for him for almost two years, and this is the first party he has thrown, and a formal masquerade ball at that. On New Year’s Eve. Fancy. The girls in the office are speculating he has a woman in his life he is trying to impress. I don’t know about any of that, but if he does, I hope she makes him happy. Maybe he will smile every once in a while. Oh well. Time to get dressed.

One hour and fifteen minutes later, I am dressed and in an Uber on my way. I had an entire pep talk with myself about how I am going to be someone else for tonight and not overthink everything. I am going to go with the flow, wherever that leads, and just enjoy it. Besides, no one is going to know it is me. I hope.