Monsters & Sunshine (The Lytle Creek Brotherhood #1) Read Online B. Ryan

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The last thing Scarlett needed was a distraction. She was in the process of healing from an abusive relationship when she serendipitously met Callan, the cocky, smirking trainer at her self-defense gym, who also happens to be the President of The Lytle Creek Brotherhood Motorcycle Crew.
There is an undeniable connection between the two, but there is someone in Scarlett’s life who is taking a stand against that connection. A dangerous stand. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes and a dark knight coming in to save what is his, this steamy, love story is a whirlwind of two broken people who fit each other like puzzle pieces: perfectly.
Warning: This book contains several moments based on the inhumane aspects of life. This book isn’t for everyone.

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“Why do you make me do this?” he screams at me, merely inches from my face. I can feel his hot breath spraying all over my cheek.

I am curled in a ball on the floor, unable to breathe, unable to scream, unable to move. William is drunk and, once again, he is convinced I am cheating on him with my best friend, Jackson.

It has always been a sore subject, my being so close to a guy, but it was never like that with Jack. I have always looked at Jack as my big brother. Our friendship is like a sibling relationship, where we ride or die for each other, no questions asked, no strings attached.

William was out this evening with his former frat boys from college (who have yet to grow up) to who knows where, and he came home ready to confront me about my so-called affair with my best friend. It has been over five years since he graduated college, when will he grow up?

I knew from the moment William walked through our front door, tonight was going to be different from the usual arguing. His eyes seem different, transforming from his plain brown to something else entirely. They were barbaric and ready for blood, swirling with rage.

“So how long has this been going on, Scarlett?!” he roars as soon as he slams the door. I’m sitting in the living room on the couch with a glass of wine and my book when he barges in.

“What are you talking about?” I tread lightly. “What happened tonight?” I stay seated on the couch, not wanting to seem defensive that will fan the flames raging inside him.

“Fucking tell me, you whore! Just admit it. You have been fucking Jack for months now! Don’t play me for a fool, you bitch!” He screams at me, his voice cracking with rage and emotion at the end.

I sigh with dread as a big, lead ball forms in the pit of my stomach. This fight reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over. This is my Groundhog Day. I am reliving the same fight over and over again. We have been doing this for about six months now. It started when his former fraternity brother got dumped and later found out the woman was having an affair with his best friend, who she had become close with. That’s all that was needed to plant a seed that would soon sprout into a parasitic sapling, latching on and literally sucking the life and trust out of our relationship because, you know, all women are the same in William’s mind.

“William, I have told you again and again, Jack and I are just friends. He’s practically a brother to me.” This seems to throw him over the edge again. His eyes alight once more and he scoffs at my statement as he moves closer to me, the feral look in his eyes getting more menacing with each step.

“You’re such a fucking liar. You are nothing but a filthy whore! I don’t know why you keep denying it,” he spits at me.

As I start to turn to go to our bedroom, trying to defuse the situation and remove myself from the conflict, he grabs a hold of my ponytail, lifts my head so I am almost at eye level with his storming eyes, and grabs my chin. I can smell the alcohol on his breath, fanning over me like gasoline. “Stop. Fucking. Lying.”

William releases my chin but keeps a hold of my ponytail, pulling me higher on my tiptoes. I don’t back down and look him straight in the eye, trying to gain as much courage as I can.

It is in my peripheral vision that I see his fist cock back and he hits me in the stomach. It feels like a sledgehammer just pummeled into my midsection. All of my breath whooshes out of me, and I crumple to the floor. The tears prick my eyes and the fear sets in. The courage I had mustered up has vanished. I can’t breathe anymore, he quite literally knocked the wind out of me. My fight or flight instincts aren’t kicking in, there is no oxygen getting to my brain, so I lay there, grasping my stomach and trying to will myself to get up and run, fight back, something. Get up, Scarlett! Protect yourself!