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Norah Parker would do anything to prove her brother Jeremy’s innocence. Sentenced to years in prison for robbery and murder, all hope seems lost for Jeremy. But even though Norah’s parents have given up on him, she won’t. And she knows one other person who won’t either–her dearest friend’s brother, Stuart Joliet.
Stuart has spent the last two years blaming himself for his friend’s turn onto the wrong path. But although Jeremy made some poor choices, Stuart has a hard time believing what the judge said about him. When Norah approaches Stuart for help in proving Jeremy was wrongly accused, he can’t say no.

Working together brings Norah and Stuart closer together, but their newfound love–and their lives–are in danger when the wrong people find out what they’re doing

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Chapter One

CAÑON CITY, COLORADO — September 1882

Norah Parker nearly stepped on the gift this time.

The little parcel—wrapped in plain brown paper with string—had been left on the first step just below the porch.

“Oh!” Norah hopped sideways over it, grabbing hold of the wrought iron handrail to keep from losing her balance.

The door flew open, and Norah’s mother stepped outside. “Are you all right?” she asked.

“I believe so.” Norah placed a hand to her chest. “Someone has left a package on the steps.”

“That’s curious.” Mama retrieved the parcel, examined it, and held it out to Norah. “It bears your name.”

Norah took one look at the handwriting on the paper and sighed. It was from Mr. Beck.


She slipped the string off and gently tore open the paper, wondering what sort of everyday item he’d sent her this time. His past gifts had included a chicken, a collection of previously used glass jars, and a broom, and so many other items over the past year and a half—none of which Norah could ever imagine a man choosing for a lady he wished to court.

This time, she extracted a pair of spectacles.

“Mr. Beck?” Mama said, trying and failing to hold back a smile.

“Who else?” Norah bit her lip, but giggles escaped despite her best efforts as she held out the “gift” to her mother.

Mama held up the spectacles and shook her head. “He’s a dear old man. Did you speak with him again?”

“Yes, and I’d hoped that seven times might be enough. But apparently he’s not easily dissuaded.” Mr. Beck was older than her father—and for reasons unknown to Norah—was entirely taken with her.

“At this point, I believe only your marriage to someone else will convince him to end his pursuit.”

“I don’t know. He’d likely continue, hoping to be first in line in the event I’m widowed.”

Mama laughed. “Go on. Give Ruthann my love. I’ll see if your father can’t make use of these spectacles.”

Norah gave her a grateful smile and hurried down the stairs. The dull gifts from Mr. Beck did bring a smile to her face, even as she wished the man would turn his attention to the widowed ladies of his own age. After all, it wasn’t as if any other man was paying her any attentions. Of course, it might help if she wasn’t so preoccupied at social occasions that she could speak more than two words to potential suitors.

Thoughts of beaux flitted quickly from her mind as she walked the short distance to Harper’s Photographic Studio, where her dearest friend, Ruthann Harper, lived in the rooms above the studio with her new husband. Ruthann was the only person who understood what consumed Norah’s mind most of the time. She was the only one with whom Norah felt as if she didn’t need to affix a smile to her face and speak of banal topics like hats and weather. Even as Norah suspected her parents and her eldest brother Charles went around pretending most of the time too, she didn’t dare speak of her brother Jeremy to them. Not after they’d made it clear he was no longer part of their family.

But Norah couldn’t forget so easily. Particularly when she didn’t believe most of what people said about Jeremy—that judge included.

And after over two years of worrying and wondering, it was high time she spoke with him herself to find out the truth.

Inside the studio, she greeted Nate, Ruthann’s husband and one of Jeremy’s closest childhood friends. He was arranging some of his equipment, so Norah hurried along to the second floor. As she climbed the stairs, she wondered what Nate’s thoughts were about her brother. Ruthann had told her that Nate asked about him once and had indicated that he’d like to see Jeremy, but hadn’t mentioned it since.

Did he know what Ruthann had planned for today?

At the top of the steps, Norah adjusted her hat, smoothed down her skirts, and knocked. The door opened to reveal Norah’s dearest friend. Ruthann gave her a broad smile and stepped back to allow her to come inside.