Offsides (Atlanta Rising Football Club #3) Read Online Claire Hastings

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Giving her exclusive access was just to the team…not to his heart…

Britt “Cowboy” Callahan’s favorite response for the media? No comment. He’s seen how they can ruin lives and tear families apart. All for “the truth.” Too bad the stunning brunette stealing his attention at press conferences is one of them. And her quest for the truth just landed him on a date, with no way out. But the more he gets to know her, the more he starts to wonder if he wants one.
Theo Kappas is smart, tenacious and doesn’t let Britt’s prickly demeanor or continued no’s keep her from what she wants. And what she wants is exclusive access to the team that everyone is talking about. The Atlanta Rising Football Club. The fact that she has to outwit her long term crush is irrelevant, even if it does make her heart beat faster. She’s determined to not let her attraction get in the way—she’s a reporter first, a woman second.
After Cowboy reluctantly gives Theo the access she wants, the two are forced to work side by side, and realize there’s more to the other than they thought. But can a reporter and a man who hates them be on the same team?


Chapter One

“It’s Saturday afternoon in the city of our Lord, Atlanta, Georgia. The sun is shining, the gang’s all here, and no matter what is going on out there—in here there is only one thing that matters. It’s match day, y’all!” Britt “Cowboy” Callahan declared as he walked into the owner’s suite at Pemberton Stadium.

Excitement rushed through his veins as he glanced around the luxury suite in the brand-new stadium. Every surface inside the suite seemed to shine, polished and ready for the event ahead. Cowboy loved matchday. Actually, he loved everything about the sport of football—or soccer as his fellow Americans called it. To him, there was no better feeling than being in the presence of the beautiful game.

“You’re still saying that, huh?” Keaton Alexander, former teammate from the US Men’s National Team and current Atlanta Rising guest asked with a laugh.

“You don’t fix what ain’t broken.”

“It’s only weird if it doesn’t work, right?”

“Exactly,” Cowboy agreed, walking over to the window and looking out over the pitch. There was nothing quite like the view from the owner’s box. Except for maybe the one from the pitch. Midfield to be exact.

Inhaling deeply, Cowboy smiled as the ref blew the whistle, signaling the start of the game. The roar of the crowd surrounded him like a warm, welcoming blanket. If there was a heaven, Cowboy was pretty sure this what it sounded like. As technical director for the hottest sports team in town—the Atlanta Rising Football Club—Cowboy was living the dream. He’d spent four years playing for Liverpool FC, before returning to the US to play another five seasons in San Diego. With seventy-six caps to the US Men’s National Team and a spot in the Hall of Fame, he had more than enough to be proud of. But even after retiring from playing, he knew he wanted to stay involved with the game. When the call came from the Atlanta Rising, it was like the skies had opened up and delivered the perfect life on a silver platter. The fact that one of his best friends, Gunnar Gracin, was the head coach made that dream even sweeter.

“So, tell me, like what you see?” Cowboy asked Keaton, pretty sure he already knew the answer.

“Clearly you know just how impressive this club is,” Keaton answered, gesturing toward the pitch. The two had known each other for a long time, and when Cowboy heard that Keaton’s name was being tossed around for the open role of team president, he had agreed that the man had the potential to be a good fit. Seeing him here, though, made it feel like a good fit too. “State-of-the-art everything— from this stadium to that beautiful training facility. Not to mention the team you’ve fielded. The league has certainly never seen anything quite like this.”

Pride surged through Cowboy at his former teammate’s words. The league hadn’t ever seen anything like the Atlanta Rising—there was no doubt about that. They were only a few months into their inaugural season and had already been labeled the most successful expansion team ever. And that was something he and his counterparts were damn proud of. They had worked hard to build this organization to stand out, and their hard work was paying off.

“That’s been the goal since day one. Felicity is a lot more than just a pretty face,” Cowboy said, nodding over to where Felicity Sutherland, Atlanta Rising’s owner, was standing.

“Although she is certainly a looker.”

“She’s also the biggest ballbuster I know. If you hadn’t already figured it out during this interview process, she’s a tough cookie. She takes no shit from anyone and has no problem putting people in their place. In fact, she’s really good at that last part.”