Oops Phoenix (Accidental Mates #11) Read Online Anitra Lynn McLeod

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Camping in the Colorado wilderness, bartender Josh Winters wanted peace and quiet. What he got was a fireball that brought the most vibrant and intriguing man he’d ever met into his life. When the Phoenix claims to be his mate, Josh is thrilled, but before they can be together, they’ll have to survive a deadly group intent on using his mate’s blood to gain immortality.

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Chapter One

Josh Winters had traded in a loud and smoky bar for the great outdoors. When the night got too cold, he started a fire and then turned his back to it so he could keep warm while stargazing. A recent rain, cool night air, and a great distance from the nearest city gave clarity to the night sky that dazzled his eyes. Picking out the major constellations was actually more difficult out here, mainly because all the stars shone brighter. Not that he minded. The names didn’t matter so much when the flickering lights made him remember all those long ago dreams.

At one point, he was going to grow up to be a science fiction writer.

Josh wanted to write stories about intriguing aliens with cool hardware. And he had. Only for himself, but still, he’d enjoyed every moment and thought someday his tales would be good enough to show to someone else.

Somewhere around the middle of high school he’d started writing about gay aliens interacting with humans. It hadn’t taken long for him to figure out why. Only, he’d resisted the idea all through high school and into his first year of college. When he finally found the courage to come out, he quickly found himself cast out.

In one fell swoop, he lost his family, his friends, and, eventually, his sense of self.

He’d regained everything by writing.

College had been a struggle too, but it was for everyone. When it was over, he took his degree and moved to Colorado. Unable to find work in his field of study, he spent his nights slinging beers and shots, and spent his mornings sipping coffee and writing stories. He’d never sold a single one, but he kept writing them all the same.

Tonight, for the first time, he admitted that he wanted an audience. He didn’t need the adulation of millions of readers. Just one. That was all he needed to keep his faith in what he was doing.

“Ouch!” Josh slapped at his neck, killing another mosquito. Either the things didn’t care about the cold air or the fire was attracting them.

Getting to his feet, he pulled his secret weapon out of the back of his truck. The guy at the camping store had called it a fire bomb. Said it was just like a bath bomb, only for fires. He said it would keep insects at bay for hours and give a little light show too. Intrigued, Josh had bought one. For the fourteen-dollar price tag, the thing had damn well better do something interesting.

He tossed the cantaloupe-sized ball into the center of the fire and then stepped back. After waiting for five minutes, he felt like a damn fool when nothing happened. The guy probably figured most tourists wouldn’t come back to complain and demand a refund. Then again, unless he could fish the thing out of the flames, he’d have nothing to return.

Annoyed that he’d been scammed, Josh returned to his chair and peered upward. The Milky Way made a bright star-cloud streak across the sky, reminding him how small he was compared to the vast universe.

Would he live long enough to meet an alien? That would be cool. Even if the alien wasn’t gay and didn’t sex him up the way he’d always fantasied about, it would still be epic.

He heard a crackling pop and smelled sage and pine. Intrigued, he turned around and watched as small sparks, like little chunks of sparklers, flared briefly to life around the outer shell of the fire bomb. Seemed all it needed was some time to get going. When the sparks got bigger, he moved his chair back, thankful he’d set up the fire ring on a clear patch of ground.

Multicolored puffs of smoke rose along with the smell of more herbs, most of which he couldn’t identify, but he thought they smelled good all the same. Just when he thought the fire bomb had done all it was going to do, a huge whoosh pulled all the air around the campsite toward the fire while a tower of flames shot into the night sky.

“Fucking-A!” Josh staggered back. Guess the guy wasn’t lying that it put on one hell of a show.

When the curls of smoke spread to the sides like wings then burst into flames, he thought he was hallucinating. For the life of him, the thing floating above his campsite looked like a fire angel. Massive flaming wings held the creature aloft then lowered him until his feet touched the ground. The wings folded around his body then disappeared until a grown man—a very human one at that—walked right out of the fire.