Ours (Strength & Heat Trilogy #3) Read Online T.O. Smith

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He'll do anything in the world for her...including sharing her with his best friend.

I'm not a good girl.
This town has had it out for me from a young age.

Jessie has done everything in the world for me that he could. And when I got thrown in juvie, he was there every visitation day, calling every week, and writing me every single day.

But now I'm out. And it's time for me to jump back into the real world.

I preferred juvie.

This town still hates me. My mother is still my biggest enemy.

Jessie is doing everything he can to keep me fighting...
But he may not be enough by himself.

Because Lincoln lights a fire in my soul, gives me hope where there wasn't any before.

Jessie may be my rock, but he's going to need Lincoln to make sure I don't continue sinking.

Trigger warnings: postpartum psychosis, postpartum depression, nervous breakdown, pregnancy, age gap, menage (two men sharing one woman)

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Jessie rolled to a stop in front of my old high school. I stared out the window and heaved a sigh at the sight of the red brick building.

I really, really hated school. It was hell before, and I knew it was going to be hell now. Not a goddamn thing was going to change.

Good things didn’t happen to people like me.

Jessie rested his arm on the steering wheel, his other hand on the gear shift as he looked over at me through his Oakleys. “It’s part of your probation, girly,” he reminded me. I made a disgusted sound in the back of my throat that had a sexy smirk tilting his lips. My core clenched at the sight of it. “It’s one hell hole or another. You’ve just got to decide which one is worst.”

I pushed my fingers through my long, dyed red hair. “Yeah, I know,” I grumbled. Didn’t mean I had to like either of the choices though.

Jessie released a soft sigh. I looked over at him, running my eyes over his handsome features. There was a light five o’clock shadow on his face since he hadn’t shaved this morning. Jessie really was gorgeous—just totally out of my league. Jessie was successful with his own garage, his own home, and a numerous number of cars.

Me? I had just gotten out of juvie after being inside for three damn years. I didn’t have a single fucking thing going for me.

“Just remember that you get to spend the rest of the day in the garage when you get out of school.” Trust me, I was grasping that knowledge with both hands. Before getting arrested, Jessie had given me a job at the garage to not only help put my own money into my pocket but to give me an outlet for all my anger and frustration. Without him, I wouldn’t have even been given this opportunity to be free.

Without Jessie though, they probably would have just shipped me off to prison as soon as I turned eighteen.

“You’ve just got to make it through each day. You only have this semester and you’re done, West,” Jessie quietly reminded me.

I nodded at him. One semester. That was it. But I knew it was going to be tough as hell to get through.

With a small sigh, I slid out of the car, snatching my black Jansport bag from the floorboard as I did. I stood on the sidewalk and watched Jessie speed off in his Nissan 350z, switching through his gears smoother than any racer I’d ever known.

And I couldn’t help but wish that he was driving me away from this shit hole.

But it was like he said—I’ve got to decide which one is worst: high school or jail. And I really didn’t want to go to fucking jail or prison. Juvie sucked enough.

I pushed through the entrance of the school, instantly grimacing at the loud noise in the middle of the commons area. Everyone was in their little groups, and it was like no one knew the meaning of inside voices.

A girl with braces and her hair in a ponytail handed me a piece of paper. “Everyone is meeting in the auditorium this morning,” she informed me as she juggled the other papers in her arm.

But as soon as she looked up and her eyes landed on my face, she sneered. I bristled. “And here we thought we were done with the likes of you, Thompson.”

I rolled my eyes, not bothering to respond as I walked around her.

Scratch that. Juvie was already beginning to look like the better option.



“I’d rather go to fucking jail.” I heard a girl’s voice snap as Jessie stepped into the bay that I was working in, a red-haired girl hot on his heels.

And fuck, she was hot as hell.

“You say that now until you get back in there, girly,” Jessie told her as he nodded his head to me in a greeting.

“At least in jail, I can punch a self-righteous bitch in her fucking face!” the girl barked at him, her green eyes sparking with fire.

He tossed her a small bag, and she easily caught it in her hands, her eyes narrowed on my best friend. “Stop whining and get changed. These cars aren’t going to fix themselves,” he told her, ignoring her last statement to him.

She curled her lip up at him, making him smirk at her before she huffed in aggravation and turned on her heel. “Who’s she?” I asked Jessie as soon as she disappeared into the office.

“Remember Loretta Thompson—the slutty, high waitress from Jim’s the other night?” he asked me. I nodded in answer. Jessie shrugged. “That’s her daughter.” I arched an eyebrow at him. I was pretty sure I would have remembered her if I’d ever seen her before, and if her mother lived in town, I should have already known about her. “Girl worked in my garage before she got caught up in a lot of bad shit. I made a deal with the judge that she could stay with me instead of her mother when she got released from juvie and that I’d keep her busy and out of trouble. He agreed, so she’s staying with me.”