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Dark Angel

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No inhibitions. No fear. No limits. Baby, it's time to submit.
Sweet. Kind. Pure.
Girl thinks she's got it under control. Think she knows best.
But we know better. How could we not? Four alpha male billionaires. Rich in depravity. Owners of debauchery.
She belongs to us now. Every pleasure she can imagine. It's hers for the taking.
When she finally gives in. When she admits she belongs to us. Well...we're going to work her over.
Now and forever.
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Chapter 1


“More drinks, more lotion,” I tell Jane, one of our newest attendants. “And grab the blue glass bottle downstairs, would you?”

“Yes, sir,” she says with a nod.

She’s one of our newest employees, so we’re breaking her in correctly. A three-day trip on our high speed yacht, the Quatre Profonds, from Florida to New York should be enough time and experience to let anyone know what we’re about.

From here, she’ll have a chance to pick up bigger roles on the boat or transfer to one of our locations across the world.

I don’t think she’s a great fit for Hedonism, my own club in Amsterdam, though; she’s a little lacking on the service side of things, I think—at least for my tastes. Spencer will probably end up snatching her up for his resort in Hawaii.

I look up at the bright blue sky and take a deep breath. You can never quite get the same view as when you’re gliding through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, getting a relaxing massage and spending time with great friends.

“How’s this, Sir?” the girl currently working at my shoulders asks.

“A little more pressure. And just a few more minutes. Derek should be parking his boat in the lower dock any minute now.”

He had taken Xane out to show off his new toy, a fun little electric speeder boat with a full rear seating. It’s not exactly practical, but I’ll concede that it’s pretty damn stylish.

Why Derek chose Xane to impress, I’ll never know. That guy is as serious as they come. I guess if it can impress him, it can impress anyone…but I have my doubts that Derek will get the results that he wants.

“Damn, this asshole didn’t even crack a smirk hitting 100 kilometers! Either this fucker is completely soulless, or he’s taking the piss out of me,” Derek shouts as he clops up the stairs. His British accent becomes more distinct when he’s annoyed.

Xane appears behind him, an impassive look on his face.

“Dudes, let’s have a chill, yeah? No need to get worked up,” Spencer says, clasping each one in a tight one-armed hug. “It’s a sweet ride, and he’s a sweet dude. Right, Derek? C’mon, it’s all chill!”

Xane simply shrugs. “It was neat but impractical.”

“It’s not supposed to be bloody practical!” Derek shouts, then heaves a deep sigh while shaking his head. “Practical, he says. Has he seen the damn thing?”

Our guests crack up at the interaction between the two, and a smirk crosses my lips at the sight of their wide grins.

Cameron, Chase, Adam, and their lovely Nicole are all lounging on the deck just below us. Cameron and Chase are both in casual swim trunks, but the former also has on a plain black open button-up flowing lightly in the breeze. Adam, in contrast, is sporting something that I prefer should have left more to the imagination, but hey, I’ve seen worse.

Nicole, on the other hand, has quite a number on. She’s dressed rather scantily in a deep crimson bikini with tantalizing halter bands encircling her fantastic hips and gorgeous tits.

It’s not my style to hit on my friend’s girl, but I can’t help indulging in a harmless fantasy.

Cameron is just as mesmerized—he’s tracing his fingers along her halter lines, adjusting and playing with them before standing in front of her.

“I wonder if I should have picked up the mesh instead,” he says, mostly to himself.

“Oh, come on,” Nicole says as she looks up at him. “You know as well as I do nobody can take their eyes off me right now. This one is perfect.”

He smirks down at her. It’s obvious to everyone what kind of effect Nicole has on us all right now—especially Cameron.

This isn’t lost on Nicole in the slightest. She reaches up and starts to caress his swim trunks.

“Now is the time to relax,” she says gently.

Adam reaches over from her right and slips a hand between them. He quickly yanks one of the cups of her bikini, revealing one of her gorgeous tits to the world.

“It all comes off the same, Cam!” Adam says with a smirk, then drains his champagne flute as he starts to caress Nicole’s nipple.

An assistant quickly steps up to refill his glass without hesitation.

Chase joins the three of them and starts stroking Nicole’s back. He runs his hands down to her ass and grips it tight.

I notice two of his fingers slip under the tight string of her swimsuit, and, after a brief moment, Nicole lets out a yelp and a shiver.

Chase smirks up at us as he pulls the fabric to the side to reveal a bright red glimmer where her asshole should be. It’s hard to tell from a distance, but knowing them, I’d say that’s a real ruby embedded in the plug shoved up her ass.

Chase wastes no time sliding it in and out of her, immediately eliciting loud groans of pleasure as she arches her back to give him a better angle.