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Pinning Her Cushion - Christmas Billionaire And Virgin Auction Romance

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Jamie Knight

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This Christmas, I want to pin her to the wall and have my way with her.
When some maniac plows into the delivery truck for my winery, initially, I’m pissed. Until cute, curvy Krystal steps out of the car and immediately starts apologizing.
We work out a deal: in exchange for serving at our massive upcoming holiday party, I’ll forgive her debt for the damages to the truck. It turns out the clever girl has more than waitressing skills up her sleeve, though. She’s a clothing designer and seamstress, so it happens to be the sleeve of an elf costume she designed and sewed herself.
She gives my company the idea to turn our simple business party into a Christmas costume ball, to set us apart from the competition. And a friend of mine offers me another unique proposal: an auction, where willing participants can sell a date, a kiss, or any other gift they want to offer up.
While at first, I’m just planning to get under the cute costumer’s elfin skirts for a night of fun, I soon realize I’m falling for her. The more time I spend with her, the more I want to be around her.
And I want more just than her innocence and a taste of those gorgeous curves. I want her heart, her talents, and her brilliant mind, not just this Christmas but all year long.
Will she shed me along with her costume once the holiday is over?
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Jamie Knight

Chapter One - Krystal

The turn was always quick. There was something about the road that made all of the parking lots on something of an awkward angle. I had to cross two lanes of traffic with no traffic control, almost diagonally. Then it was a hard right to straighten out before I drove right into the lot. Despite how silly and often scary, it could be, I’d gotten good at it over the months and could usually pull it off with little trouble. Unless, of course, I was rushing. A compelling reason to always be on time.

But today, it was like the universe was against me. Everything that could go wrong basically did. All having the cumulative effect of making me fifteen minutes late by the time I left. There was no chance of me getting to work on time. All I could do was reduce the amount by which I was late and hope I was able to avoid a chewing-out from my manager. Danny had gotten to a level of vicious sarcasm that should be registered as a weapon.

The sweep across the lanes went perfectly, both empty at the time. I actually thought everything might be okay. Right before Murphy’s Law reached out and slapped the taste out of my mouth.

The crunch echoed in my ears. I knew it was bad before I looked up. There was nothing that made that kind of sound that ended well. Through slightly blurred vision, I saw what looked very much like a delivery truck parked in the designated spot. Yep, definitely my fault.

Retrieving my glasses from the floor, I checked my head. There was no blood and my legs didn’t feel broken. My neck was a bit wrenched, but that was about it. My physical well-being established, my mind flicked over to more financial concerns. Like how much the accident was going to cost me on my insurance. I needed my car to get to work. Buses were not really a thing in Rock Haven, and the town was also just a bit too big to be walking distance. I would have to get a second job, which would cut into my sewing time. But it was still better than getting sued.

I didn’t notice them until the shouting started. Danny was giving both barrels of his almighty snark to two guys I hadn’t seen before. I assumed they were from the truck. One of the guys seemed equally angry as he looked at the damage to the truck.

The sudden sound of tapping made me jump. A girl I didn’t know was at my window. She was about my age and looked a lot like the guys at the truck. I wondered if they might be related. Preparing myself for a barrage, I rolled down my window.

“Are you okay?” she asked, seeming concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine,’ I said, getting out to meet my fate. “I’m really sorry about all this, I took the turn too fast and couldn’t straighten out in time.”

“Don’t we know it,” the girl smirked. “Try getting a truck in here. I swear the town planners were several sheets to the wind.”

My vision cleared a bit more and I noticed how hot the guys at the truck were. One of them looked like the Mighty Thor with a shave and a haircut. Well over six feet with bright blond hair and icy blue eyes. His eyes were full of anger as he crossed the distance from the truck to me, filling my little heart with both lust and shame.

“You should be more careful,” he snapped.

“You’re right, I am so sorry about that. I’ll pay for any damages, of course.” I said, not mentioning that I had no idea exactly how I would go about it.

“Oh,” he said, seeming a bit surprised, like he’d been expecting a fight out of me.

The other guy, who was definitely the brother of the girl and the Viking god in a suit, ambled over, looking a lot more calm than his sibling.

“I think she’s sorry, Jayden. Accidents happen. If they didn’t, life would be pretty boring. I hit stuff when I’m driving all the time. Not usually other cars, but still.”

“That may well be but - ”

“Please don’t yell, Jay,” said the girl, actually covering her ears. “It was a mistake, and we will work it out.”

Her brothers nodded silently, as though in the presence of a goddess, and the girl turned to me.

“I’m Emma Clavis, and these two silly gooses-geese? Whatever, are my brothers, Jayden and Clarence.”

“Hey,” the big one named Jayden objected.

“We’re the Clavis in the Clavis Winery,” Emma continued.

“I’ve heard of you,” I said. “I’m a server here. The customers often ask for your wine. I’m pretty sure I know your range by heart.”

“Tell you what,” Jayden said, after a long period of what looked a lot like thinking, “I’ll forget about the damage to the truck if you agree to be a server at our Christmas party.”