Primal Lust (To Be Claimed #3) Read Online W. Winters, Willow Winters

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From USA Today best-selling author, Willow Winters, comes a tempting tale of fated love, lust-filled secrets and the beginnings of an epic war.

Never in my life could I have prepared for what fate had in store for me. Or for any of us.

Our tales are intertwined and destiny saw fit to give me to a beast of a man who would die for me. He longs for me and I for him, but my past is riddled with a darkness and our present with deception and the whispers of war.

Everything warns me that my life will change forever. That the world will crumble and burn. I don’t know what will happen or what will become of us. All I know is that, in his eyes, I belong to him.

This is book 3 of the To Be Claimed Saga. Wounded Kiss is book 1 and should be read first.

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My palms and knees roughly scrape back and forth against the grass, my nails digging into the dirt as my body pushes forward with every pleasure-filled thrust. Every nerve ending in my body is sensitized and even the moans that slip from my lips seem to add to my insatiable desire. My head hangs low, then rises with a desperate need to cry out as I take the punishing fuck. Devin’s grip on the curves of my ass is so powerful that I wouldn’t be surprised to find bruises later. His sharp fangs graze the tender skin on my neck, causing my blood to heat and rush through my veins with intense need. Arching my neck for him, I give him easy access to bite me, to claim me as his.

Every move is achingly natural and primitive; dark and seductive under the full moon.

“More,” I say, whimpering my plea. His hips pound against mine as his pace quickens. Devin’s thick girth stretches me fully, giving a hint of pain to the waves of pleasure crashing through me. It’s instantly forgotten as overwhelming heat builds in my core. It spreads slowly through my body as my toes numb. Yes, yes!

As he slams into me, the force of his powerful thrusts pushes my body forward, nearly knocking me to the ground. Strangled moans escape me as he continues to pound into me without holding back, the beast in him taking over, fueled by the full moon. It’s all so intense and my head thrashes as I fight the urge to pull away.

Too much. Too much.

I almost cry out for him to stop but I hold myself back, clenching my teeth and submitting to the overwhelming and all-consuming haze of passion, loving his fierce desire to claim my body with his.

Devin gently kisses my back, a move that’s at odds with his forceful motions. Again his fangs glide across the skin of my neck, threatening to pierce me, to mark me and scar me forever as his. I groan in approval at the thought. I desperately want to be his. I need to be his. I moan my pleasure into the chill of the air, knowing I’m his to claim.

He owns me: my body, my heart, my future.

The unrelenting heat threatens to burn me as he pistons his hips harder and faster. I whisper the words “I can’t,” as he nips my ear, sending a fresh wave of pleasure to my throbbing core. Refusing to slow his pace, a low growl rumbles in his chest. I gasp for air as my body gives out and he slams into me to the hilt. His fangs finally give me what I’ve been wanting. They pierce into my sensitive skin, and I let out a scream at the agonizing sensation.

A sharp pain attacks my body, making every inch of me shake violently. Fire courses through my veins, blistering my skin and threatening to choke me. Just as I register the pain, a soothing wave of unmatched pleasure rocks through me, easing the burn and forcing me to tremble with sated desire.

“Mine.” Devin licks the deep marks on my neck. Devin’s hot tongue soothes the claiming bite. The intensity subsides as the cool wind caresses my exposed skin. “Mine.”

“Yours. I’m yours.” I say the words quickly as I try to catch my breath. His long, warm exhale against my skin causes goosebumps to flow down my shoulders as he licks his mark again and then nuzzles into the crook of my neck. His strong arms pull my feverish body into his muscular chest.

“I love you, Devin.” My eyes refuse to open as I nestle into his embrace and sigh with contentment. I am his mate. Feeling overwhelmed with the emotion consuming my every thought, I leave kisses on his chest, his neck—every inch of him. I don’t know how it’s possible to feel this kind of love so quickly, so assuredly.