Punished by the Principal Read Online Alexa Riley

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Being sent to the principal’s office is supposed to be a punishment… but this feels like a reward.

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Chapter One


“If the multiplier is divided by the sum of the remainder, we get the…”

Mrs. Welborne trails off with today’s lesson, but I can’t be bothered. Why is she even starting a new lesson when the end of school is in two days? Leave it to her to try and torture us to the very last second.

What would she do if I got up and walked out? I’m eighteen, so technically I don’t have to be here, but I promised my dad I’d be good. He’s got a special gift for my graduation planned, and he told me that if I got in trouble he wasn’t going to give it to me.

I sigh as I look around the room and see that everyone is either taking notes or playing on their phones where Mrs. Welborne can’t see. I’m in the very back of the room, and the desk beside me is empty. Perfect.

Sometimes when I get bored in class I like to fantasize about dirty things, and it seems to make the time go by faster. My eyes drift to the window that overlooks the courtyard below of my all girls school. The sun is shining, and I wonder what it would be like to lie on the grass topless and have it warm me up in a place I’m supposed to keep hidden. My nipples harden as I think about how the breeze might blow across them right before he was standing over me.

I close my eyes as I imagine him watching me lie there before he kneels down beside me and puts his mouth to my nipple. Would he lick me first or suck on it right away?


My eyes pop open, and I see Mrs. Welborne standing there with a mixture of anger and shock on her face. She looks down at my lap, and it’s then I notice I must have slid my hand between my legs while I was daydreaming.

As quickly and discreetly as I can, I take my hand away and straighten, but it’s no use. She bends down so that no one else can hear her berate me.

“What have I told you about that?” Her tone is filled with disgust and shame as she hisses the words. “Girls are never supposed to do that.”

“I’m sorry,” I say quietly, but she straightens and shakes her head.

“Get up, we’re going to the principal's office.”

“But-” I try to argue, but she’s already grabbing my bag off the floor. Shit, I can’t get in trouble. Not now.

“Let’s go, or you’ll make it worse.”

When I manage to look around the room, there’s only a few people staring at me while the rest of them are taking advantage of Mrs. Welborne’s distraction. Nobody heard what she said to me, and thankfully I don’t think anyone saw me while I was dreaming.

“Mrs. Welborne, please.” I try again once we’re out in the hallway.

“Sadie, I’ve looked the other way for far too long.” She stops and glares at me like I’m some kind of whore. “You might be eighteen now and about to graduate, and maybe I can’t do anything to stop that because you’re a straight A student, but I won’t tolerate such, such-” She can’t seem to think of a word that adequately describes how repulsed she is, so she tries again. “Good girls are not supposed to do that,” she finally says.

I want to argue with her that it’s natural and my dad told me all people do it, but Mrs. Welborne has always hated me. This isn't the first time she’s taken me to the principal's office, but god I hope it’s the last.

Once we’re in the office, we walk past the empty secretary desk, and she goes straight to the principal's door and knocks on it loudly.

“Come in,” Principal Smith calls, and Mrs. Welborne smiles smugly as we go inside.

Mrs. Welborne makes a show of taking my bag and dropping into one of the chairs that face Principal Smith's desk. The two of us stand there as his brows furrow and he takes in what’s before him.

“How can I help you, Mrs. Welborne?”

“Once again, I’m having a problem with Miss Sadie controlling herself.” She crosses her arms over her chest protectively and gives me a sideways glance. “It’s repugnant, and I won’t tolerate it for another moment.”

Principal Smith turns his eyes on me, but his expression gives nothing away.

“I understand,” he says and then stands from his desk. “I’ll make sure she’s dealt with, and you won’t have her in your class for the remainder of the day.”

Mrs. Welborne sighs in relief and then smiles brightly. “Thank you for understanding, Principal Smith. As always, I appreciate your discretion in these delicate matters.” The way she looks at him is what’s truly repugnant. She acts like a lovesick troll who's never seen a man before.