Reap What You Sow (Renegade Reapers MC #2) Read Online Katya Ensmore

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The Renegade Reapers’ reputation is on the line.
Someone is trying to ruin everything we’ve worked so hard for.
Get this: that’s not even scratching the surface of my current problems.
The one guy I want is trying to avoid me like I have the plague. The other one I shouldn’t want is willing to put aside everything he stands for to be with me. I wonder what they’ll both do when another suitor comes calling? One from the past, the present and the future. Will they learn to share, or tear me in three just to keep me?
Do I even have the right to ask that they try?
By the time we learn the truth of you reap what you sow, we might not have anywhere to go.
Because what we’re all about to face could be the biggest challenge of our lives, but with help from unlikely sources, we might just get out of here alive.
Or at least take one or two of our enemies with us on the way down.




We lowered our guns, engaging the safety at the same time. With Kujo’s attention on me, I tilted my head in the direction of the corpse laden jukebox.

“We’ve got a problem.”

“No shit,” was his response.

Gunner and the silicone twins were still oblivious to everything going down around them. By the scowl on my brother’s face, it wouldn’t be too long before we apprised them of the gravity of this situation. Kujo shook his head, put away his gun, and walked toward me. Without a word, he came around the bar and picked up two clear plastic pitchers.

“A little late for a drink, don’t you think?” I teased.

“Never too late for a beer, but that’s not what this is.” He dumped a couple scoops of ice into the pitchers and then filled them to the brim with water from the tap.

I watched as he calmly sauntered over to the pool table and upended both pitchers of ice water on the half-naked chicks. Gunner’s lady friends came to with a start, coughing and sputtering from the onslaught of ice water. From my perch behind the bar, I chuckled at the sight of them shrieking obscenities at Kujo, then laughed even more when they wailed at the sight of the Corpsicle Jerry as they lost their ever-loving minds.

I should have felt sorry for them, but I didn’t because both of the girls liked to pick on April all the time. They wanted to sink their claws into my brother, but he wasn’t interested in anything they had to offer. So they made her life difficult, hoping she’d break up with him and stop hanging around. With her gone, they’d waste no time moving in on him, just like flies on shit.

Which was likely why Kujo acted like he had.

Gunner came to a moment later, rolling off the table and stumbling to his feet, ready to take on an assailant. His reaction was likely spurred on by the escalation of hysterics. It took a lot to wake him, but even in his drunk state, he was completely with it. Knowing him, he could probably drop a couple even while he was ten sheets to the wind.

“Ladies,” Kujo called over the sobbing. He repeated the word three more times.

When they didn’t stop the theatrics, I made my way over to the pool table. I knew Kujo would only try one more time, then I would toss them out like yesterday’s news. Gunner leaned against the pool table, trying to sort out his equilibrium while we dealt with the noise makers.

Sure enough, Kujo waited only a moment longer, then inhaled deeply and turned to the women again. “Ladies, I think it’s time for you to go home,” Kujo commanded. “Grab your clothes and get outta here.”

They stood there, half naked, holding each other like their lives depended on it. Little did they know it did. I would give them until the count of ten before I ushered them out with their tits swinging in the breeze.

Kujo, annoyed at their antics, yelled, “Get the fuck out of here before we bury you in the pine box next to him.”

Both of them jumped a foot in the air, then scrambled in search of their poorly discarded clothing. Once everything was retrieved, they didn’t even pause to get dressed before heading to the door with their clothes in front of their breasts.

“And you didn’t see anything,” I reminded them as they scampered out the door.

“You sure know how to pick em.” Kujo barked out a laugh and slapped Gunner on the shoulder.

“All I wanted was a couple of warm holes, brother,” Gunner responded.

“Sounds like you,” he replied.

“Guys,” I interrupted their bro-down. “What are we gonna do about Jerry?” I asked them both as I pointed in his direction.

“Shit,” Gunner swore as he just clued into the extra body in the room. “What the fuck is this asshole doing back in town?”