Rescued by The Secret Wolf (Shifter Wolves Of Pleasant Valley #5) Read Online Serena Meadows

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Ivy was wounded when I found her… physically and mentally.
Her bloody wedding dress was all the explanation I needed.
I gave her shelter and she told me a story she barely believed herself.
Ivy’s father attempted to use her to pay his debt, marrying her to a man that didn’t deserve her in the least.
She witnessed violence, and some men shifting in wolves.
Ivy doesn’t know who I really am.
For her, I’m just the owner of a motel and cabins in my small town.
She would lose her mind if I told her that I was a wolf shifter.
But the truth can only be hidden for so long.
Especially if she’d have to witness me shift to save her.
Ivy doesn’t know what’s in store for her…
More secrets and surprises than she’d shown up with.
Could the danger force us to admit to each other that we’re in love?



The night was dark, with only a sliver of a moon casting its silvery light on the empty countryside of west Texas. A woman in a torn and dirty white dress struggled down a deserted dirt road, the herds of cattle the only witness to her distress. Stumbling as she made her way blindly toward a bright light in the distance, too desperate to care anymore if she got caught and taken back to the horror she’d escaped only a few hours before, she no longer felt the rocks cutting into her feet or the wound on her head.

She’d long ago stopped being afraid of the cattle that milled about in the darkness, occasionally letting out low sounds of distress when she startled them. It was the other things hiding in the brush that still frightened her. Sure, that she was being pursued, sure that one of the monsters would jump out at her any moment, her eyes scanned the open country around her, her brain seeing danger everywhere. Each sound she couldn’t identify was amplified in her mind by the horror of what she’d seen, giving her bursts of energy and pushing her forward to what she hoped was safety.

Chest heaving, body pulsing with pain and exhaustion, blood dripping down her face from the wound on her head, she followed the light to a deserted motel. Disappointment and frustration making her cry out, she nearly collapsed right there, then saw another light and started for it, each step a monumental effort. After crawling up the steps onto a porch, her head so fuzzy she could barely see straight, she collapsed in front of the door after a feeble attempt at knocking and let the soothing darkness take her.



Carter stood looking out the window through the darkness at the sliver of moonlight on the lake, then let his eyes roam over the cabins around it and their cheery porch lights twinkling in the night. Mentally making a checklist of everything he had to do before the weekend, he turned from the window, deciding that wasn’t the source of the restless feeling that had been plaguing him all night. He was more ready than he’d ever been for the town festival and the onslaught of guests that would come with it.

Being a bit short on staff was nothing new. He’d coped with that problem every year, knew that the days of little sleep and hard work would plump up his bank account. He didn’t even mind the throngs of people invading his quiet little world, especially since the next two weeks would pay most of his bills for the rest of the year. When it was all over, life would go back to normal, a few guests here and there, the occasional full weekend during the holidays, and lots of peace and quiet in between.

Forcing himself to sit down in his favorite chair instead of pacing the floor like he’d been doing for the last hour, he grabbed the remote control and turned on the television, hoping to distract himself. A few minutes later, he was still flipping through the channels, unable to settle on anything, when he heard a bang on the front porch of the office. Freezing with the remote still in his hand, he sat holding his breath, listening for another sound, but didn’t hear anything and decided he must have imagined it.

Shaking his head, wondering when he’d become so paranoid, he started flipping channels again, then quickly muted the sound when he thought he heard a moan. This time the sound was repeated almost immediately, and he got to his feet, his senses coming to life as his magic surged through his blood. Pausing until he heard it again, he followed the sound into the office and made his way around the reception desk without turning on the light. Standing at the door, he peered through the glass panels into the darkness at the empty porch and started to turn away when he heard the sound again.